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  1. Jeeez we filmed some of these agessss ago , good riding bro!
  2. I'd say it might be abit too small , and a four play or arcade would be better suited, as I'm 6ft and have ridden the old Skye's and they felt small to me
  3. Let's see a whole edit then
  4. It will take awhile to get use too but going back to 24 after tomorrow haha
  5. I basically have a marino with arcade geo and I usually ride 24" but the rear hub cracked so sent it back to hope waiting for a new one before u can build my new wheels, will be borrowing some of a mate for a week or two but for tomorrow I put these on So that's that answered, a 26" arcade (#marino version haha)
  6. Real question is what did he have to do/get her first before she bought you all the bits?
  7. Only 26" street I rode had 22-17 , john Shrewsburys marino, works well for him
  8. Only just seen this, don't know why no one else has commented, if was really good to watch, nice streety riding on a mod, credit to you for that! Liked the editing too. Think you would suit a 24" abit better mind.
  9. I have a set of 203 hope gunmetal rotors, interested in swapping for a pair of shimano if anyone fancied that deal? Shimano don't have to be ice techs, pm me



      i have a red hope saw? brand new red spider

  10. Should be selling my fourplay soon, atomlab wheels ( getting of a mate soon) hope brakes and shimano cranks, small spec, would anyone be interested in that?!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. James.Parr


      Let's just wait until I have it built up nothing overly priced but decent though

    3. Brettoll


      So you want to sell it, but have no price in mind... useful

    4. James.Parr


      I don't know how much it is worth, I'll add everything up when it's built so saying useful is I replicant when I haven't even got it ready yet...

  11. Looks good, how does it ride with that stem with the steep head angle?
  12. I didn't have any influence in the editing it get to see it before it was put up
  13. I wanted to wait until my new rims were built up but here are some pictures until then
  14. 90% of the time the weather is bad , I will post some better pictures later but was waiting until I build my new wheels and that up