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  1. yes you do lose at least one stop, and i have not tried it indoors yet. A set of rails is next on my list as it should help with shakes, and will support the adaptor and take the stress of the threads. i think the major downside with diy adaptors is getting used to filming upside down, thats where a flip module on the more expensive adaptors come in handy.
  2. hi, First of all i would like to thank everyone for the comments left on vimeo and the forum I was checking my inbox and found a few people were interested in the adaptor i used to film with so i thought i would post info on here! I am still new to the film making world so this is just info that i have picked up over the last few months. Basically the adaptor is used to atchieve depth of field seen in movies, it is also used to 'pull focus' alot of cameras out there have manual focus but its hard to atchieve a good depth of field usign a bare video camera (but possible!) ( one example Dof adaptors are used is to draw attention away from what happening in the background, if your filming an interview or something.) The basic idea is to use a lens from an slr camera and fit it to the video camera (using the lens to focus) A few companies exist that make such devices (brevis,Letus) most of which are based in america and cost upto and over a £1000 I heard a lot of good reviews about a guy in canada building his own adaptors at a fraction of the cost (quality and build is still very good!) so i purchased from him ( i used static adaptor with achromat) I havnt seen any biketrials filmed with an adaptor as yet but skateboarding and bmx vids occasionally appear on vimeo, this is possibly due to the adaptor being quite hard to use and needs alot of practice in order to get the shot in focus and keep it in focus when filming sports! Photo of adaptor And what is achievable if you know what your doing (unlike me!)
  3. thanks for all the comments As for the music i try to avoid using songs used previous but i havnt watched any vids for a while so there was always a chance that the songs had been used.
  4. hey, Sorry about the late posting of the vid but ive had loads of problems with exporting the vid. I still dont think its right but i give up! As for riding i tried to get as much as i could until my battery died (like most people!) comments always welcome
  5. Shaun and i should be up for this one! its been a while
  6. the song i had trouble finding, in the end i downloaded it off itunes for 79p or somthing i will be out next sunday for a ride you can borrow the stock ryan if you have a fnt brake! but im not sure it will fit in shauns car with the mod yet. ive hosted the video here if that helps anyone failing that i will have to render a lower quality file in order to stick on tsi (200mb limit?)
  7. now trying find a host and upload it mate
  8. there was a lot film from anglia square but most of it i couldnt use . i willl have to start filming again next week!
  9. you are ryan not as much as i wanted though, Stupid lens ment some of your shots didn't come out too well. but i did put your post gap thing in!
  10. Thanks for the comments guys! i didn't try to much fancy stuff with the vid as im still new to the camera and final cut. The next vid will be shorter with better editing and quality the camera is the canon hv20 really good for the money! i paid £600 for it from amazon but i think you can pick it up on there now for around 500. il try and get it on youtube but quality will be gay and also i think there is a 10min limit? i think you have to join vimeo to download the file, however our other computer wouldnt download it il have a look for a hosting site. Il put the full version on disc and give it to you lot the next time im out as its 3.5bg lol! as for riding im not out this weekend it will be one after. my new no. is 07979510541 (btw i lost all my old contacts so if you could pm you no.s id be grateful) one last thing you norwich guys have noticed the deliberate mistake lol!
  11. its finally finished! i managed to put most of the clips i shot into the video with riders from: Felixstowe, woodbridge, norwich, sheringham ipswich and braintree Its around 13mins long so the quality and size had to be reduced. there is also a link on the page to download the file (btw i found the vid played best if left to upload) (Downloadable link) (youtube) Part one Part two
  12. shaun and i should be there, may have to give u a call wen we arrive as it may be a bit later
  13. jessops wanted around £200 more than amazon for the camera i purchased! Just make sure you research a bit try and get some sample footage if possible.
  14. ok then make it 11 at the station, i think most of the ipswich lot are working but hopefully they will prove me wrong and bring my lucozade lol!!!
  15. Should be meeting at the train station around 1030. so far the woodbridge guys, ryan and gary are coming.