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  1. Using an endo is really a beginners technique which is fine to learn backhops but isn`t going to get you anywhere once you start riding obstacles. A pedalstroke to get on to your backwheel is what you want in the long term. Just keep at it and it wil come. I`m from Alphen aan den Rijn so not really close to Eindhoven. Ryan Leech - Mastering the art of trials might be a nice watch for you.
  2. As for the static hops / padalkicks. Do you initiate going to the rearwheel, to do hops, by a pedalstroke or in a different way? Keep on practising is all I can say. It`s all in the balance and that just takes time. Also checking out video`s of other riders might help you progress. Where in Holland are you located?
  3. Just buy a set of adapters for the fork to fit a normal QR hub.
  4. So basically you are left with a mt4 up front now. I found the pad knock disappears after a couple of weeks on my mt7 as well as mt4.
  5. Bottomline, every rotor will bent when you hit something... ice tech rotors are expensive and don`t offer any bennefits over other rotor`s for trials use imo.
  6. The latest Arcade has been released a couple of months ago... and I don`t think there will be a new console.
  7. I`m selling my mk2 console frameset... pm for more details ;-)
  8. Good excuse to update your front-end a little. Shorter stem and high rise bars will make a huge difference
  9. Haha 3 years isn't bad at all. All bars will brake sooner or later.
  10. Not a fan of the new Arcade colour the be honest. Maybe a picture of one build will change my mind. I also was expecting some geometry changes. Shorter stays and lower bb maybe? The Skye and Fourplay keep evolving while the Arcade remains the same since the introduction.
  11. More please! BCN meet sounds interesting
  12. Two more from yesterday