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  1. After complains about the low progression of my Canyon Spectral, I went HT again.
  2. Those cheap shimano skewers do their job pretty well!
  3. That's how I set it up. I was told on pinkbike that I should roll them forward which I did today. Makes a huge difference in takeoffs. I nearly crashed because I was jumping too far. Took some time to get used to but now I feel really comfortable with the setup.
  4. Bike came with these bars or are you referring to them being in line with the head tube?
  5. I have finished. Now it's rideable. YT Dirt Love 2018³ by niconj, auf Flickr YT Dirt Love 2018² by niconj, auf Flickr YT Dirt Love 2018 by niconj, auf Flickr YT Dirt Love 2018⁴ by niconj, auf Flickr
  6. Couldn't resist getting a Hope Pro 4 trials hub for my dirt bike and while I was at it, got a DT Ex471 rim as well. Doesn't get any stronger than this.
  7. Yes + I mounted a 140mm Hope X2 rotor. The tires are different too.
  8. Well... it's very twitchy and it'll take some time to get used to. My Canyon is so much more stable in the air but then again, it doesn't flick around as easy. The Dirt Love is my first Dirt Jump bike and today was the first proper ride. I dunno how to jump yet but I have cleared the first small table already. Here's a video of the bike. A Hope Pro 4 Trials hub is on order already and yes, the front doesn't have a disk mount. And here's a vid of myself doing the first jumps on it.
  9. YT Dirt Love 2018 by niconj, auf Flickr
  10. Not here yet but it will be delivered in April. Until then the Canyon has to suffer the dirt jumps.
  11. What are you talking about. I love street trial riding a lot but at my new home there are only curbs and mountains so there's nowhere I can actually ride. That's why I got the Canyon in the first place. I'll get a dirtjumper sooner or later though.
  12. Thanks. It's my only bike for now as I don't have any spots to ride trials anymore.
  13. Took some cash and upgraded my already very good Spectral. Klick for bigger picture. Canyon Spectral⁸ by niconj, auf Flickr Canyon Spectral⁷ by niconj, auf Flickr Canyon Spectral⁶ by niconj, auf Flickr Canyon Spectral⁴ by niconj, auf Flickr
  14. I don't even know what bitch cranks are (not even after having watched Ali's rules video). What I do know is that this video amazes me and there's nothing about it that I don't like (bitch cranks included).
  15. I find myself riding this beauty more than my trials bike lately. Got the forks tuned (AWK and MST) and am LOVING them. Easton Carbon bars for 45€ are a treat too. Cane Creek Double Barrel shox is on it's way too.