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  1. Alright mate, sorry i haven't got back to you until now! yeah i've still got everything for sale and i can post it too! Get back to me and we'll see what we can sort out :) cheers! Matt.

  2. Nice man! keep it up!
  3. Tnn Belaey or coust pads!
  4. wicked, yeah just asked dad, he's gonna get one from work for me! (:
  5. ^^ i second that, monty eagle claws, there brill! i have them front and rear, i did have a kenda 8 block up front which was ok, brill in the dry but shit in the wet
  6. tried that, they just bend, then i have to use selotape to get them back out haha do you recon a bolt would work?
  7. hmm okaay then.
  8. Yes! that is exactly what i need, do you think a 9/10 mm socket will work for the time being? or would that f**k it up? as i have heard some people use things like that and it f**cks up there crank threads. Matt.
  9. Hi there, got my mum to buy me a crank extractor whilst she was out shopping, ends up she comes back with what looks like a square taper one, which now when you tighten it up nothing happens, i have heard people suggest using 1p's tried that but they just bend, what i want to ask is that does anybody know where i can get that little plug from that goes on the end of crank extractor, cheers Matt.
  10. Had a good ride today too! weather was dry, but cold still.. nailed a few up to fronts and pedal ups which i never thought i would get, so good day for me!
  11. ^^ Read That, thats nuts! loved it how that chain saw guy got owned
  12. Nice! Keep it up man!
  13. Nope apart from my brakes freezing, but thats nothing, just me being a dooche and not putting any antifreeze in..
  14. Evening out the weight abit, i have quite a heavy back end
  15. ohh i see, okay then, may have to look at buying them sometime, il probably wait till my set up goes kaput, cheers for the advice!