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  1. Thank you.I think i am going to try 100/12 stem and Pro FRS 40 mm rise bar that i have.It is 800 mm,but it is going to be cut down to 720-730. I really appreciate your time,because there i have no luck to find what stem (length and degree) Martin Hawyes did use back then,so any help how to build it is welcome,to reference point,at least.Still waiting frame to arrived (i am outside UK)and i will post some pictures when it is ready. Have a good time.
  2. No problems....if i am still alive after this! Any hints about stem length and angle,handlebar’s too?
  3. Thank you.I rather will stick to HS33,i want to try it out.What size front rotor should be?I am thinking to put MT4 with 160 or 180,not sure about,because not very familiar with this Saracen Mad fork.Are they strong enough?
  4. Yes,you are right.It is better not put disk brake on back.I read that is the weakest part of this frame,so i will stick to Magura HS33.Thank you for your suggestion about Ryde rims,but i think that Zac 421 would be better choice,because Magura recommend rim to be not wider than 28 mm (talking about HS33),so there would be 1,5mm gap between each of the both pads.I have ordered Sun Ringle Rhyno Lite 36h,which are for rim brakes and are 27,5mm wide.Did not find any review,but i think they will do the job.I cannot have pictures of the frame,because bought it from ebay and i am outside UK,still waiting for delivery.Will put some pictures here in future,how it is goes. Meanwhile,are these rim hydraulic brakes too noisy?I have only use disk ones,so i have no clue.
  5. I have been told that this frame is not recommended for rear disk brake,but i really wondering why is that,because it is has month holes on the rear.It is too weak for nowadays brake or what?I am a beginner and i am old,so i would not do big stuffs,even if i could,just stuffs like manual,bunny hops,wheelie and try to learn some trial techniques,if i can of course.I looked for rims about HS33 everywhere is tough task,apparently,that is why thinking about disk on back.From other hand i don want to damage the frame....I do not .... Thank you,very much for the help.I will forward for other opinions,as well.
  6. Hi everyone.I bought Giant Martin Hawes Trials Team frame (the black one) recently and i would like to be building it right,so i would need your help and advises. Going to use it for street mainly and i hope so to learn do better some trials move on it,so: 1.Could have some rear cassette (maybe road one or maybe mtb one),because i like to do wheelie - my crank set will be Race Face with bash guard and 22th cogin front.Blast from the past - M.Ashton,M.Hawes and R.Leech. 2.What rear derailleur and shifter about? 3.Brakes- Rear one that is my main concern,i am from mtb ground,so i never used legendary HS33.I know it is iconic,but i have never did ride on with. So i think would put disk on front and what rear on?Is this frame strong enough on the back to utilized,let say Magura M5 or M7 for example,back on? What about the disks,how big they have to be,without putting too much stress on fork and frame?Fork is Saracen Mad,but i am planning to get Echo Urban. 4.Any thoughts about bar length and rise,stem length and angle? 5.Suggestions about headset. I am new to trials and my whole life i just wanted to have such frame,now i have it and want to build it in right way. Any thoughts,advises and help will be appreciated. Cheers and stay healthy.
  7. Hi,thank you for your time.It is very helpful to be explained that way,especially from someone who knows how to do it. Would think over your advice,i am sure that they will help me.I have quit practicing about week now in order to clear my head and start fresh,just stuck.....Very tough sport,indeed,for the mind,also. The most difficult is to teach yourself to do stuffs over and over and over...again. Have a nice day.
  8. Awesome....The reminded me of so many inspiring "old school" riders.Great.
  9. Thank you,i have ordered his book already.Have a nice day.
  10. Hi there,i hope so, all of you doing well.It is a great forum with lot's of information,but i still have a few questions about to developing new skills. I am a 45 years old and i started practicing basic trial stuffs like trackstand,basic rear and front lift,as well as wheelie and manual,in order to improve my mtb skills.I am doing it on my hardtail,i know that is far away from real trials bike,but i think it is good for beginning. Sorry for my English.i am a self taught,so at least i would make your day more funny with. Here are my questions,i hope so not boring you too much with. 1.Trackstand - i have applied both brakes on and off constantly,but i feel safer with both of them on - is that wrong of i should get them off all of the time? I read that Chis Akrigg using front brake on vs his leading foot pressure - is that useful training of ? What about rear on ?How to use this technique when lines get narrower and higher on? 2.Rocking - should i try to learn this one in order to do correction hops (Ryan Leech) of just plain basic rear and front wheels lift?I know that suspension do it worst,but i have done it compressed as hard as possible for this purpose. 3.Correction front and rear small hops (Martyn Ashton)- they are my main pain.LOL.I some how managed to do is with both wheels to the right and to the left,but when i try to them one wheel at time,i loose balance(not every time,but most of).My leading foot is right one,so doing it with front wheel to the left is easier than to the right.Where the power of this movement comes from?How to counter-acting when my front wheel touches ground after a hop? 4.Back wheel hop - I can do basic front wheel lift trough my lead foot,but even founding my balance point,i still cannot understand how to hops?My feet are like glued on the pedals and either or i bail off backwards or bike fall forwards to.Any tips? 5.Bunny-up ,well i can do american bunny hop 25 to 30 cm in height( i know it is not much,but just learned to do it recently) and would like to understand how to do bunny-up to some curb for example,something small?Watching at clips it is seems that there is some bar lifting after bar reaches one abdomen or not? 6.Gap jumps - can be practiced on flat in order for safety?I can do stand tall wheelie,so i thought is possible to make jump in the end of this movement on road ,but there is no gap it is possible? Your answers will help me to delve into to what i try to do,so any help we be appreciated. ..and i know what you would say:Practice,Practice,Practice....... Stay healthy.