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  1. Maybe i am not i right person to share thoughts here,because i am a beginner,but i am 47,so i am in this 30+ category.Have i enough MTB skills,so i decided to learn and improve my overall balance and so on,trough observed trials.Well,it is way tough to progress and train in my age,but i found that everyday stretching exercises makes more fit to move freely around bike,yeah,it is not like be at 20,but still works fine.Do some weight exercises too,just to warm my muscle groups.I did have a very bad experience with my shoulders due to training a lot bynnyhop,but i managed to get trough with some good rest and starting in right way again,so this did me think that is very important to get in balance how often,what way and what exactly i have to do and watch to myself is one of these.I am lucky to have two or three days off,so one of them i get rest,on second or third one do training about two-two an a half hours something.That something depends on my mood and how strong i feel that day.Unfortunately,i would not say what is to do training sidehop,up to rear,rolling over stuffs,because i am not in this stage,but maybe it is going to be very tough at this age.I get motivation trough watching M.Ashton,R.Leech and many guys here like AliC,J.Barton,B.Travis etc.,these riders are amazing. Every time i repeat myself LeeMcComack thought,sort of : "If you do something smoothly and easily,then you do it right.If you do not,just stop and training slow to get the things rightly." I would say and listen to your body,you needed it. Have a nice day,everyone.
  2. These HT looks similar shape to DMR V series,to me at least and i am sure that they are good.Four to five years of abuse from experienced rider like you says enough.I am going to take a look at these Crank's as well,looks very thin.Actually,i use nylon ones,cheap ones about 5GBP,recommended by friend(LBS owner) and surprisingly to me,they holds well for now,but i feel some fear that axles might break anytime i do bunnyhop .Steel use them because i learn to bail out when i losing balance point over back wheel on purpose and pins are not big,so i could safely jump backwards. I know that composite ones be supposedly tougher and all it is in my head.Here they are:
  3. Hi there,it is seems that most riders use aluminum flat pedals,some say that composite ones are ok too,but for some reason i do not trusted to put my feet on . Looking for buy some good ones,so what do you think - what brands and models are strong and worthy,both aluminum or composite ones?I have wide feet,so obviously they have to be wide platforms with.Thank you for your time.Be safe.
  4. Smooth lines and style,very nice.What brand and model pedals do you got bike on?Thank you.
  5. Yes,it is true that I9 hydra is double to Hope Pro 4 SS and it is clear that they are not in same price point,but that leads to conclusions,that "Made in UK" does not mean much these days,no offenses to anyone.Reading opinions(not only here),said not so great things about quality and customer services of Hope,which to me, is great factor to put more money on their competitor,despite of the facts that is very expensive.I guess,it will last longer in terms of quality.Anyway,my point was,that Hope supposed to make something about,because this is legendary model and would be sad if differences to others hubs are only on papers and names.Have a good day to anyone.
  6. Might be that,as well,but would be best if they take care about that problem,otherwise what would be the point of that rush about stock quantity if some product have some quality issue?It is seems, that many top riders run I9 Hydra now,so Hope should listen to the customers if there is some problem with their hub.Just thoughts.Have a good time.
  7. Thanks.You are right about errors and mistakes,i have done it many times since i have posted this thread,so i do know how to do it now.It is sounds funny,but what helped me most,were two advises - well paralleled to rim pads are noisy and hold,second one was to watch pros how they do it.Thank you,everybody.
  8. Yes,would be nice,if you is ok with that.
  9. Super,any chance to make some in-depth video how to do front,back pivot and rocking,i mean how to move hips,counterbalance and etc.? Would be nice,i know maybe is beaten to death,but good tutorial will help to many like me. Thank you.
  10. What others issues?I was going to buy Hope Pro 4 SS,but came across this thread and fact that no one have stock,leads me thinking ,that maybe last batches are issued somehow.Who knows?
  11. I heard good stuffs about Hope,but i have read some threads here saying that there are issues on Hope Pro 4 SS and fact that most of the on online shops have no stock,leads me to idea that maybe last batches are not ok,so i would rather wait a few months. Would anyone compared stiffness,engagement differences,etc. of Hope pro 4 vs Hope pro 4 SS/Trails? What is better in my case 10x135 bolt in or 12x135 axle(i am going to use redicer axke 12 to 10 mm Reverce Components)? Thank you.
  12. What about Hope pro 4 or Pro 2 is better choice?
  13. Your manual clip was very helpful for me,especially the looping out section.This one is good one,also.Would you consider to do more?
  14. Hi,there.Would you recommend some 10x135 rear hub/s which i could run six cogs cassette on(my frame is old one)?I currently have some cheap Formula on rear,but it is engagement is very bad and i have to ratcheted the cranks every time when i do wheelie and trackstand,very annoying.It is ok for beginner like me,but i need better one. Thank you in advance.