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  1. And first post. Spam is getting weirder and weirder these days
  2. Treat it like a tattoo is probably quite good advice. Defo wouldn't go to just anyone and follow people's recommendations. You can't set up shop here without any approved qualifications so I guess it's less of a risk here. Acupressure doesn't need any though, but that also hasn't got the risk of messing you up with needles. Never tried that. Anyway, first time I went was to a Chinese lady, which one usually links as "correct" with acupuncture, and I didn't find it great, then was recommended an Egyptian chap who is the most patient man I've met (he needed to be, I don't enjoy the thought of needles in me that much honestly) and it's been great the times I went, though it doesn't seem "first choice" with it being traditional chinese medicine, if you know what I mean. So yeah, get lots of recommendation from people I'd say.
  3. I've had it a few times and it helped me a lot for various aches and pains, but I think it also really depends on the person you go to, some are simply useless. For some things I only need to go once, for others another once or twice a few weeks later. I'd say it's defo worth a try.
  4. I'll need to check when I'm home, I might have a key left over. If I do you're welcome to it.
  5. Nice riding, enjoyed that! But it does now? Or are you saying that this discussion was pointless? sorry, really couldn't help myself
  6. 15:13 looks like Kriss missed it Brilliant video as always.
  7. Just looked up some reviews, love the little grub screws they've got on the calipers for alignment!
  8. Some absolutely brilliant stuff in there, not quite sure where to start. But the last line made me go "wow". I think I wouldn't even have seen it! Also, did the picnic table survive? And thanks for reminding me that I missed the Eluveitie gig a few months ago haha
  9. Maybe this from three threads down might help: :)
  10. At 1:52 I thought "yeah, but you did that with your bars turned round why show it with them the right way rou.. - oh!" Also, that backwheel hop turndown, very nice! Enjoyable watch
  11. And then you get places like book depository. I ordered 8 books and for some reason they're arriving in 6 separate shipments..
  12. What's the water trick if I may ask?
  13. So, uh, what's up with this brand? Totally flew under my radar until I noticed a ton of people getting the same odd looking carbon frame. Seems like they're suddenly sponsoring people left and right even though then can't do four consecutive back wheel hops. (not having a dig at anyone really - some definitely are very capable riders, far better than me!) Also, how? I can't even seem to access their website currently. Suddenly made me feel quite like an old grumpy man wondering what this newfangled stuff is.
  14. I feel like It'd also be a bit of an odd construction for an air raid shelter really, especially with Anderson's and Morrison shelters available. Maybe it's some kind of ritualistic baby drowing thing or whatnot. The corners seem quite complicated for a simple trough, but what do I know.
  15. First thought was that it was for water/food for animals. Second thought is that I've got no clue. You could get it out and make a nice fountain out of it though. Any idea when all the soil got dumped on it?