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  1. .. Just found out that nothings even been sent yet. What do you reckon are the chances that I accidentally got sent the wrong frame and there are no papers to this one and thus it's not being sent? There's no use losing my patience but I am.
  2. How about combining the three?
  3. Not sure if my motorbikes original log book, v5c got lost in the post on the way to me, the seller didn't send it after all or if it's simply taking ages.. Been waiting for him to finally send it (along with more parts that he found) for months and he told me he'd send the docs seperately. Should have been posted on the 26th. Nothing usually takes this long..
  4. Right, I've used it now. Brushed it on, barely any brush marks visible (and I'm really bad at painting) Can also be put through an airbrush. Feels very nice too, hardly smells. (faq is mostly for use with wood, but if you search 'metal' it'll show stuff too.)
  5. I bought myself 'Le Tonkinois' varnish for the oil tank of my motorbike. Found someone using it on raw bicycle frames and that seems to hold up brilliantly. Haven't used it myself yet though.
  6. Says the one with the most rep on here 
  7. Looks like it's an analphabet that thinks pressing a blue button below a post can cover it all up!
  8. Now you dare not log in anymore for a week!
  9. Sounds like you've got a ghost that really likes the bikes geo. Are you sure you're the only one riding it when you take it for a spin? Any massive improvements riding lately? I've got a kettle that randomly does the sound it makes when it's got the water up to temp, along with the sound of the switch springing back up, though nothing moves or gets hot. I started saying 'enjoy your cuppa' if I happen to be close and mind my own business.
  10. Nice tyre make!
  11. I keep reading "immortal". No, I don't see them more immoral than anybody else in our society really. I do wonder how much of RedBulls income is actually directly from the sale of the drinks? I'm sure they also have other ways to make shedloads of money by now. Even considering how overpriced* those cans are I'm sure it wouldn't be enough for all the events they sponsor, F1 isn't exactly cheap either etc. *I'm not sure why someone would buy a can tbf, simply based off their price compared to a supermarket energy drink costing about 1/5th of the price. If you want to take nature into account RB and the athletes will be immoral, simply because of the events they but on, and then there's the whole can recycling (or not recycling) thing too. But I feel like think the sponsorship things is that much about the drink anymore anyways, sure they have their product placement in videos and all, but I feel like the can itself has become an object to carry advertising of the brand, and not of the product.
  12. Right.. I'm aware of how old this thread is. It made me build my own back in February 2013 and I've been meaning to post it ever since. I've now finally got round to doing V2 of mine. I had my skis bolted in and thing stopping them from moving too freely was the friction between the "hub" and the frame/forks. This wasn't ideal and allowed the skis to flip round in powder or if it lifted off the ground. And they don't work well the wrong way round. The flipping has been addressed with parts from my old mountain bikes rear suspension, the attachment method however has not changed yet... Maybe next year! Thanks to @Ali C for the video on the crank rubbers. Stuffed parts of an old grip into these to stop them from spinning too easily. Way better than the rubber strap (attached to the front now) I used last time, Bunnyhops are a thing now and manuals should be possible too, but it's so damn awkward when you've got a ski and not a wheel! The skis sadly got shagged a bit last year and need some attention. Hope I'll be able to visit a slope soon and make a fun little video with it too.
  13. I still have an account but hardly ever use it anymore so went with 'no'. I only add people from time to time as a backup incase I or they lose a phone number, don't even bother checking my feed anymore, last time I did no one was posting anything anymore either so there's no use really.
  14. Merry Christmas! Not drunk yet but working on it. Surprisingly no one has shouted at anyone yet and even the sun decided to show itself for the first time in weeks!