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  1. I keep reading "immortal". No, I don't see them more immoral than anybody else in our society really. I do wonder how much of RedBulls income is actually directly from the sale of the drinks? I'm sure they also have other ways to make shedloads of money by now. Even considering how overpriced* those cans are I'm sure it wouldn't be enough for all the events they sponsor, F1 isn't exactly cheap either etc. *I'm not sure why someone would buy a can tbf, simply based off their price compared to a supermarket energy drink costing about 1/5th of the price. If you want to take nature into account RB and the athletes will be immoral, simply because of the events they but on, and then there's the whole can recycling (or not recycling) thing too. But I feel like think the sponsorship things is that much about the drink anymore anyways, sure they have their product placement in videos and all, but I feel like the can itself has become an object to carry advertising of the brand, and not of the product.
  2. Right.. I'm aware of how old this thread is. It made me build my own back in February 2013 and I've been meaning to post it ever since. I've now finally got round to doing V2 of mine. I had my skis bolted in and thing stopping them from moving too freely was the friction between the "hub" and the frame/forks. This wasn't ideal and allowed the skis to flip round in powder or if it lifted off the ground. And they don't work well the wrong way round. The flipping has been addressed with parts from my old mountain bikes rear suspension, the attachment method however has not changed yet... Maybe next year! Thanks to @Ali C for the video on the crank rubbers. Stuffed parts of an old grip into these to stop them from spinning too easily. Way better than the rubber strap (attached to the front now) I used last time, Bunnyhops are a thing now and manuals should be possible too, but it's so damn awkward when you've got a ski and not a wheel! The skis sadly got shagged a bit last year and need some attention. Hope I'll be able to visit a slope soon and make a fun little video with it too.
  3. I still have an account but hardly ever use it anymore so went with 'no'. I only add people from time to time as a backup incase I or they lose a phone number, don't even bother checking my feed anymore, last time I did no one was posting anything anymore either so there's no use really.
  4. Merry Christmas! Not drunk yet but working on it. Surprisingly no one has shouted at anyone yet and even the sun decided to show itself for the first time in weeks!
  5. I in need of some paint advice. Originally I had planned to be using a booth and doing it "properly", but it looks like I won't be able to. After my mate had a ton of trouble doing his tank, his buddy currently is not that enthusiastic to help others out for an entire weekend. I'm a bit lost with paints though. I'd like to go out and get some rustproof & primer, enamel and clear and brush it on, especially for the small parts it shouldn't be an issue, but the selection seems so vast that I don't know what I'm looking at. They can hardly all be decent?.. Plus everything seems to be called enamel now? If there's any paint component I should watch out for or if someone has any other ideas I'm happy to hear them. I don't expect to be doing the mudguards and tank that way too but I might end up having to do that. I did have a vision of having some very dark blue between the pinstripes on the tank and maybe rear mudguard too, but I'm not going to go mixing my own paint and brushing it on if I can't use a booth anywhere.
  6. You forgot that studded shoes would be great for icy conditions too. Really enjoyed the video, brilliant idea, I'd be happy to try something like that out if it were available on the market but maybe more for mountain biking than for trials, I have the feeling the shoe might not grip as well when bailing?
  7. Moved it back into the guest room as I pulled the engine to send the big end to the UK to to have a new conrod and oversised bearings. Found my conrod which I thouth I was sending as exchange lying under some bubble wrap after I sent the parcel.. Should receive carb spares coming tomorrow and more spares by the end of the week. Don't judge the bar angle It's fixed with cableties and string, can't get those BSC screws easily over here. Bit miffed as I drove 400km last weekend to fetch a speedo drive that *should* be correct. Rudge used gears that no one else seems to have used (1:75 ratio, 8-14 cogs) and the chap selling it thought it's correct. Also found a brake pedal in a box which he gave me for £15. Back home I took the speedo drive apart and realised that it had the easy to find 1:1.5 ratio. I luckily hadn't paid yet and told him I'm not ready to pay the price he asked for when I can get a housing off ebay for £80 or something. Now he wants both items back and I did the drive there for nothing at all. Looking into having gears made now, but I've got no clue about anything. A friend of mine could make CAD files but I'm unsure about two things: Material and price. 45° helicals, original they're hardened steel but I'm wondering if nylon gears on a steel spindle would be a suitable replacement? There'd be multiple people interested in one as the 1:75 ratio seems so rare.
  8. Bought a tailboard camera by accident today.. Couldn't pass on it for £35, but will obviously need a lens sometime.. And the holders are warped. Hoping they can be "steamed" and carefully put in a press to dry. The larger three of the black plate holders look to be in working order and can be sold and the two smaller ones will be re-used in my DIY 4x5 camera.
  9. That looks amazing.
  10. Not exactly what I had planned, but I came home with this shot the other evening: Where do you want to go?by Geoffrey's Creations, on Flickr
  11. I shoot and develop. So much more fun than digital for since reason, just the scanning gets on my tits a little.. I use an Ensign Commando with a slightly hazy lens and Rollei Ortho 25 film, just love the look of it combined with my amateurish developing skills..
  12. Anyone here happen to know if the reserve lever of an old enots petrol tap can be disassembled? It appears to be stuck and is in desperate need of a seal. The On-Off part is straightforward but I'm absolutely stumped with the reserve.
  13. Thought I had found a piece I needed for the restoration of my rudge. Bought it off the dude together with a dynamo endplate I need. He threw in an extra piece that was damaged (f**k knows why?). Dynamo endplate drove up the shipping costs by €20, which I now owe him. Damaged part would be the correct one for my model, undamaged one is not the correct one. Could have got the bloody dynamo endplate cheaper elsewhere too. Basically just spent 50quid on nothing.
  14. I'd say use whatever you're more comfortable with really but defo try both. I switched to Capture One a while ago and am happy with that for most things, so can't comment any further on LR or PS.