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  1. I find the idea hilarious and it comes across as a typical "only in Britain" thing. The effectiveness of it? Questionable. Do I care? No. And I agree, the far left are pretty equal to the far right when it comes to free speech, but they'd never admit it.
  2. Brilliant. Getting that bench flip must've hurt! I appear to have missed "NINJA RIDER 忍者ライダー - Tomomi Nishikubo" earlier this year. That's got some cool stuff in it too.
  3. No, I definitely don't want to do more damage. I'll need to check piston travel and everything first but for that it'd help if I'd get hold of a piston in the first place as that's one of the parts that's absent. I suppose it really depends on how easily I can find a replacement cylinder and how much it'll cost. I will of course also get more opinions but I have the feeling it might not necessarily be very conclusive!
  4. I was hoping to hear something like that! Totally makes sense too, but I was told that it "most likely will need to be replaced". However I think it's definitely worth a try fixing it first.
  5. Off to a good start! What I didn't see on the photos was that I'll need a new cylinder: "needs a hone and the sleeve" - seller Not sure a sleeve will be enough to fix that! And someone nicked the striking forks out of the gearbox and the layshaft is fairly chewed. I started assembling the forks today with my mate and, nearly to my surprise, most of the parts are here, except of course the bearing balls. And that the steering column is bent and is missing the thread is some spots.
  6. Thought I'd put since life into this thread Received a box of parts last Wednesday which contained more boxes and parts: Currently sorting the parts and seeing what's damaged/missing. Should hopefully sometime turn into a 1937 Rudge Special.
  7. Besides weird dudes putting up with that shit my question really is: Why is stabbing someone not allowed to hurt your career? I wouldn't really want a surgeon that stabbed someone in the leg and may or may not still be addicted to drugs and alcohol...
  8. Update: There's no update. Last week next week was 'likely' but judging by me not hearing from them yet I suppose it's become unlikely, like the past eight weeks. They've had it for two months now. In a blink of an eye it'll have been sitting there for a quarter of a year. If I'd have used some dodgy dude on shiply it'd probably be here now or properly lost. But I'd know what's up. I'm just sick of the constant postponing. 'it's looking like next week' 'overnext week is likely'. If they can't be arsed making international deliveries they shall not offer them anymore. And everyone keeps giving asking me if it has bloody arrived. And I'm totally not feeling bad because I can't tell the seller if it arrived safely or not. To add to that my mate that is supposed to help me get the thing together will be moving away early September. If anyone has a van and fancies holidays in Switzerland let me know. fin.
  9. That stem looks a tad crazy! An oldschool build does seem very tempting to be honest..
  10. Brilliant! I've finally edited these photos (4x5s exposures) together after having them lying on my drive for 10 months... I'm never that keen on editing photos sadly. Lightnings Over The Rotonda by Geoffrey's Creations, on Flickr
  11. I'm sure there'll be enough people throwing in a few quid to keep it running for you.
  12. The catch on the wall was really good. My arcade would've pulled me down.
  13. What now?
  14. Afaik you can get decent results with Spaz Stix Mirror chrome. People use it for lexan RC car bodies and scale modelling. But it'll never look like real chrome. How hard is it to get a good result? No clue How long will it hold? No clue.
  15. Bought a motorcycle in parts. Seller shipped in the UK for free. I had two companies to select from to bring it over here, one removal company that does England - Switzerland once a week and a motorcycle transportation service. I went for the latter because I trust them to get the customs documents right and all that. I also told them to "bundle" my pallet/box of parts together with something different for the region, to save on costs. Looks like no one else wants anything currently. I mean, it gives me time to concentrate on my exams in a month, but I'm still a bit fed up with waiting to be honest. Curiously I don't feel like I made the wrong choice. Annoying.