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  1. Thanks a lot for your suggestions I've been completely swamped with school stuff so didn't get round to do anything with it yet. The rest of the lathe is okay I think. At least okay enough for what I need it for (acrylics and the odd steel spacer). Being a bar bed the bed could technically be replaced fairly easily too.
  2. Yup. Got hold of a lathe to do up and wanted to tackle the motor but as I turned it on its side I noticed oil suddenly dripping off the cable. Connecters all are soaked and opening it I found the pictured scene. There's a little planetary gearbox that goes on the outside that regularly needs to be filled with oil, but I can't quite see how this much could have got into the motor itself? Suppose the oil isn't conductive I guess it shouldn't be much of an issue? Should I try cleaning it up or let it be? I literally know nothing about electric motors, but enough that they don't usually leak oil. I'd bin the thing but a friends boss gave me a nice frequency converter for free for it and I'd feel a bit bad not using it at all.
  3. That's fine then, ship them over!
  4. A month late but I can't let this slide, we don't want that crowd either! (what did we do!?)
  5. Thanks for the heads up, looks like you can ever stream their stuff now!
  6. I need to make myself a new workbench to accommodate a new lathe, but before I can show you anything I'll best ask a question or two. There's a wardrobe that needs to come away to make room and I thought I'd best got for an L shape resulting in more storage for the things that are in the wardrobe under the workbench, and enough space to expand with more tools etc. I was thinking of box section steel and some kind of wood top, dropped (and bolted) into steel angle. It'd be very nice to have it all welded but I don't think that's possible. Obviously I'd make two rectangular tables, not an L shaped one, but I don't believe it'd be possible to get it down the stairs and round the corner in one bit, and I can pack my things if I try welding anything inside the house. Maybe, just maybe I could get it in with the legs welded onto the top, leaving just the bottom struts/shelf to be bolted on. Or I bolt everything together but I'm not sure if it'd be rigid enough? Has anyone got any other ideas? Measurements are below.
  7. .. Just found out that nothings even been sent yet. What do you reckon are the chances that I accidentally got sent the wrong frame and there are no papers to this one and thus it's not being sent? There's no use losing my patience but I am.
  8. How about combining the three?
  9. Not sure if my motorbikes original log book, v5c got lost in the post on the way to me, the seller didn't send it after all or if it's simply taking ages.. Been waiting for him to finally send it (along with more parts that he found) for months and he told me he'd send the docs seperately. Should have been posted on the 26th. Nothing usually takes this long..
  10. Right, I've used it now. Brushed it on, barely any brush marks visible (and I'm really bad at painting) Can also be put through an airbrush. Feels very nice too, hardly smells. (faq is mostly for use with wood, but if you search 'metal' it'll show stuff too.)
  11. I bought myself 'Le Tonkinois' varnish for the oil tank of my motorbike. Found someone using it on raw bicycle frames and that seems to hold up brilliantly. Haven't used it myself yet though.
  12. Says the one with the most rep on here 
  13. Looks like it's an analphabet that thinks pressing a blue button below a post can cover it all up!
  14. Now you dare not log in anymore for a week!
  15. Sounds like you've got a ghost that really likes the bikes geo. Are you sure you're the only one riding it when you take it for a spin? Any massive improvements riding lately? I've got a kettle that randomly does the sound it makes when it's got the water up to temp, along with the sound of the switch springing back up, though nothing moves or gets hot. I started saying 'enjoy your cuppa' if I happen to be close and mind my own business.