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  1. Well, all of the ones on those first two days were without 'pogo mode', and they turned out awfully inconsistent. Throwing myself a bit more onto the bars was the change that let me control the move, and I'd say that's necessary if you want to apply it in actual riding. ;P I don't think the ones I did at the end looked worse than my earlier ones, but I can see what you mean with how steep Tim Pratt did them - it starts to look weird if you overdo it. An in-between probably looks best. That was perfect, I wanted an old looking clip
  2. Bit of a classic trials trick
  3. Quite a rider! Thanks, Ross.
  4. Because I want to include it in one of my videos, I'm searching for an old clip where a trials rider does a crankflip on the rear wheel - preferably from the 90s or early 2000s. Can you point me to one?
  5. I don't get how he can look at his logo-hiding job on the rims and call it a day They were also visible on the official announcement pictures - you'd think he knows how to at least photoshop them out.
  6. And yet billions of people watch football matches, in a lot of which nothing happens for 90 minutes. I agree that competitions could be made more interesting, though.
  7. Nice, maybe it's not as disadvantageous as I thought. That's a smooth barspin as well!
  8. Couldn't he just swap the axle himself to avoid having to un- and rebuild the wheel?
  9. Didn't think it would happen this quickly, but you've uncovered the grand trials conspiracy. If anything, Inspired's sizing chart displays rather wide ranges for each bike to sell to more people, not the opposite. Just look at the Hex reaching all the way down to 160cm and now imagine Yuki Kishi riding one. How many of his usual tricks would he still pull off? To be honest I felt quite rubbish on my 24 over the last year. I wasn't progressing anymore. The e-mail Mark quoted was two or three years ago and that was around the time when I started seeing decreasing results from my practice. And it's logical if you think about it - put two people who are 1.70m and 1.85m tall on the same bike and they're going to have totally different leverages, reach over the axles and positions on there. At some point moves need too much power. I could have gotten a Skye or newer Fourplay for shorter chainstays, but that would have been a small improvement for a lot of money. Now I have a ton of improvement for affordable money. It's been a while since I got this much joy out of every ride. And yes, I received a discount. From Tartybikes, not Inspired. And it was me who approached them with the intention of buying a Flow 22. ;-) Running a 110mm x 30° stem now it feels amazing and nicely adjusted to me. I am indeed on the taller end of the spectrum for this bike, but in my opinion it's suitable for riders up to ≈1.75m, depending on their preferred riding style. I compared the little machine to a couple BMX bikes - if you put them side by side, a lot of things kinda line up - like wheelbase, chainstays and the reach from bottom bracket to grips. So, for streety riding, it's not far off what a BMX bike would feel like even for slightly taller people. And BMXers do insanely big moves on small bikes too, sooo... we will see what Yuki and I can do. :-) The only two things that put me off getting an Alias were that you need to run a really long stem (I think), which is bad for barspins, and that I prefer having a seat. The geometry looks pretty dialled, just the +70mm BB maybe wouldn't be for me, I don't know.
  10. Kind of forgot to post it on the forums, but here is the video of me unboxing the brand new 22-inch Flow and giving it a little test. The discount code for Tarty has already expired now, unfortunately.
  11. It really depends on the kind of riding you want to do. Although you can do pretty much everything on both, the 24" will be a bit easier to spin for example. Edit: I should add that the Flow wouldn't make as big of a difference in spin ability as the Fourplay, Skye or Arcade would, because it doesn't have much shorter chainstays and wheelbase than the Hex.
  12. A little tutorial with "secret" info on fakies
  13. It's not a Pro 4, but the Pro 2 I've had never skipped a single time until it was over five years old. So, I'd also say that's not normal and you should contact Hope.
  14. Hi guys, This is a tutorial I've been thinking up ever since I learned manuals and then found that I could teach them to my friends really quickly by letting them follow certain steps. In the video I'll show you all four steps and explain what's important to focus on. Have fun
  15. Just a little bike check on my Fourplay