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  1. A little tutorial with "secret" info on fakies
  2. It's not a Pro 4, but the Pro 2 I've had never skipped a single time until it was over five years old. So, I'd also say that's not normal and you should contact Hope.
  3. Hi guys, This is a tutorial I've been thinking up ever since I learned manuals and then found that I could teach them to my friends really quickly by letting them follow certain steps. In the video I'll show you all four steps and explain what's important to focus on. Have fun
  4. Just a little bike check on my Fourplay
  5. I've been running my channel name on my tyres for a while now and a few people have asked how I got those logos on there, so here's my video for that The thumbnail is so big here, I just noticed a mess up in it, haha.
  6. Smooth lines, bois - hope to see more of these! Riding a rear rim that looks like this is the sign of a badass trials rider, I'd say.
  7. Oh, yes! Weird indeed. Marius was able to figure them out quite well - but I couldn't keep pedalling consistently if my life depended on it.
  8. I don't want my viewers' brains to explode, Ross. Haha.
  9. Cheers guys ^^
  10. I put everything I know about the "trials way" or "Danny MacAskill way" of doing footjam whips and learning them. Hope this helps
  11. A video of you trying would be helpful^^
  12. I was about to include the clip of me taking my foot down on ice and completely smashing onto the floor. But I decided to keep the video short.
  13. Thanks, guys! You're Flipp, aren't you? Kudos for your awesome riding