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  1. Just a little bike check on my Fourplay
  2. I've been running my channel name on my tyres for a while now and a few people have asked how I got those logos on there, so here's my video for that The thumbnail is so big here, I just noticed a mess up in it, haha.
  3. Smooth lines, bois - hope to see more of these! Riding a rear rim that looks like this is the sign of a badass trials rider, I'd say.
  4. Oh, yes! Weird indeed. Marius was able to figure them out quite well - but I couldn't keep pedalling consistently if my life depended on it.
  5. I don't want my viewers' brains to explode, Ross. Haha.
  6. Cheers guys ^^
  7. I put everything I know about the "trials way" or "Danny MacAskill way" of doing footjam whips and learning them. Hope this helps
  8. A video of you trying would be helpful^^
  9. I was about to include the clip of me taking my foot down on ice and completely smashing onto the floor. But I decided to keep the video short.
  10. Thanks, guys! You're Flipp, aren't you? Kudos for your awesome riding
  11. New video This time it's another weird experiment.
  12. The body position should settle into the right spot with enough practice, just stay relaxed. I think it's rather upright, looking down (at least for learning), head over the stem/bars. I've never focussed on my position, just the balance. For true trackstand mastery, there's more to it than just rolling back and forth - in many actual trials riding situations you're going to shift your body back/forth/left/right in addition to moving the bike, but that's advanced and will come automatically once you've spent some time trackstanding. It took me personally quite a lot of fakie experience until I was able to fakie out of a trackstand. What makes it so hard is that you're going really slowly, where it's hard to balance a fakie, so you need to lean just right to pull it straight, and then you get faster, which changes the body position you need to be in to balance the fakie. I need to make a video about fakies, because they're actually more complex than you'd think.
  13. Thanks George! Anything that you think could make future tutorials more helpful? Or any techniques you think should be in them?