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  1. There’s no street.
  2. 'Or it's like saying "Ill do BMX but because I'm doing something that has some form of trials element so i'll class it as trials"' Why is a mod called a mod?
  3. Just stop. No aids or electronic crap which probably has nicotine in it anyway. If you really want to quit you'll be able to do it otherwise you'll go back to smoking. I spent ages thinking about quitting without mentioning it to anyone and then just stopped one night. If you genuinely want to quit don't make a big deal out of it and don't convince yourself it's hard 'cause it isn't.
  4. Hypothetically, would a rope work if the guy holding it just yanked him back to the safe side before he went all the way over? He'd just fall off the rail then if that's what they did.
  5. Useful bit starts about 11 minutes in but before that is worth watching.