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  1. Hi Adam,

    I read in an old thread that you (well at least I think it was you) had a T-Rex frame many years ago and drilled it out to lighten it. If so, have you got any pictures of it? I've acquired one on eBay as a spare frame and would be interested to see what could be done with it. 



    1. Adam@TartyBikes


      Nope that wasn't me unfortunately! Cheers.

    2. Pea Green Pete

      Pea Green Pete

      Hmm, the search begins!

  2. No worries, I can see how that might happen. I'm now officially a member, so I'll have a browse!
  3. All of the teasers on Instagram lead you over to the Facebook group and then it's a closed group! Would it make more sense for it to be an open group so that it encourages more people to view the content? I'm looking forward to seeing what's over there!
  4. Say it as it is Luke, don't sugar coat it!
  5. I didn't know that Orange were involved in the Ashton products. Going back to the geometry side of things, does anyone know what the wheelbase of the old Cannondales Martyn used to ride were?
  6. On a side note, is there a "bravery prize" for the first person to post their clip?!
  7. Was Ashton's frame quite short or is it just the angle of the photos that make it look that way?
  8. Fair enough. What do they call curbs in Spain?
  9. Thanks for putting these up, they're a lovely trip down memory lane! Although now I really want an old Giant or Cannondale but don't have the space, the money or enough Brownie points with the wife ! Is there any chance you could put the issue/date of the mags when uploading them? I'd be interested to know when these articles were written.
  10. Where in the world are you and what do you call them? (Genuine question, in case that reads incredibly sarcastically!)
  11. I love these "old" bikes and am also a child of the 90s. I've been loving watching back all of the old Martyn & Martin videos etc! Does anyone know if you can still get red walled tyres suitable for trials? Also, the picture in the OP isn't showing up, can anyone else see it?
  12. Are there any trials riders in Leicester or Leicestershire? I've just set up my first trials bike for about twelve years so need a bit of practice and some encouragement!