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  1. Following on from Bretts Orange Patriot, I picked up a beast yesterday afternoon, and I’ve fallen in love with it. Always wanted one of these when I was younger, used to see them advertised in the MBUK magazine. Here’s my Orange 223 ...
  2. I used Strava when I did road cycling and it was good to see how competitive all my my mates were when we were in a group to see who cycled the furthest in a week, and who had the highest elevation. Also, I use it now and again for training when I pace myself for 5km runs and see the heart rate zones through my Garmin.
  3. What’s forks are on that?
  4. I love those 26’s with the little seat, proper old school trials bike
  5. Hey all, it’s Mitch. I used to ride trials when I was in my late teens but since having different priorities such as university and family commitments it wasn’t possible to continue riding. However, since moving back up to the North West, I’ve been able to buy myself a half-decent spec Marin XC bike to get myself to work and back. I’ll be looking to get back into trials riding over the next few months and hopefully meet up with some of you off the forum for meets and rides. If any of you are from the Liverpool or Manchester area, feel free to say hello.