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  1. Well I've still been getting this issue recently, it culminated I think when I went to Radical Bikes in August on their re-opening after the worst of lockdown was over. Other than a single ride, haven't ridden the trials bike since. Decided I'd give trials a break for a few months and attempt to improve my upper body strength. Been doing low reps of dips, pull ups, bodyweight rows, push ups etc. Low reps because I'm not strong. Still been getting the strained feeling. Have found to some degree these exercises improve it. Wondered if it's possibly week rotator cuff, but not sure. Found scapular pull ups and push ups actually help. Seems though I find some exercise that helps and a while later need to find something else. Trying to mix it all up more and do more movement based exercise as noticed all sorts of instability in general and shoulder seem a bit lopsided. Seem to hold right shoulder up a bit... wonder if in connection with holding a mouse at a desk for long periods.. Anyway, hope to get back to learning trials at some point but got a lot going on at the moment.
  2. The good news is you'll never have issues with saddle discomfort on a trials bike - guaranteed! The bad news - pedals on trials bikes are even more nasty choppy spike ridden things. Have you thought about a mountain bike?
  3. alright grandads
  4. I got an Inspired Pivotal Lite seat for my Console. Really like it. Not sure how it fairs on the weight-weenie front though. On Tarty's.
  5. Yeah I think 130 would probably do all I need too, but from having the 510 so long I'd probably go with the 520... those colour maps look nicer... There's a few instances where just following a line can be difficult - knowing the scale of what you're looking at, and forks in a trail close together can be difficult to know which you're meant to go down, take a guess and wait until device shows you're off course or not. Speaking of off-course, there's a setting where it repeatedly tells you to turn around while showing you where you should have turned, preventing you from identifying your position in relation to the route and whether you're going in the right direction to join it elsewhere. That's annoying! Having said that, it's got me round 25 - 35 mile routes in the Lakes & centre of France where I've had absolutely no clue where I was I keep wondering what I'd replace my 510 with when it goes kaput, but it just keeps going, 5 years feels a long time for an electronic device these days.
  6. I've been using a Garmin 510 for past 5 years. I use it to record rides, distance, speed, and map where I've been, useful for revisiting areas from group rides etc. Also find it useful for heartrate monitoring. When I first started commuting daily on the bike I just went for it everyday and soon found myself overdoing it. HR monitoring helped me get a guage on how much effort I was putting in. In the beginning I consistently underestimated it. The model I use doesn't have maps, but you can use it to follow the line of a route uploaded onto the device via a GPX file. I've used it a fair bit on the roads and off road in places I don't know. I don't bother with the mobile app for automatically uploading my routes to Garmin Connect, I just copy them onto my PC and upload them to Strava from there. Most people use the Garmin mobile app which syncs with the Garmin devices which can auto upload to strava that way. The app will also provide many other features I've never looked at which interact with the device - such as mobile notifications appearing on the garmin, allowing family members to know in real time where you are (provided there's data signal on mobile) etc.
  7. I was watching Sam Pilgrim and noticed his levers were so far in there was probably only a fingers width overlap between blade and the grip. Might have to experiment with that. Also was on the verge of ordering sugru before realizing I'd adjusted the reach badly.
  8. I was surprised though how much setting the reach right out improved it in my case, but if it's right out already then yours might just need a good bleed I guess.
  9. Yeah I was getting that issue with the blade rubbing against my finger when on the rear wheel, brake felt a bit soft & squidgy not what I expected. Turns out I had been far too conservative adjusting the reach when I initially set them up. Problem solved and fingers didn't have any problems reaching either.
  10. Just went out for a half hour with them. Massive difference especially on the front. Didn't feel doing my usual last minute braking at the bottom of the gaps down between the cliffs was a good idea. And usually everybody turns to see what the massive honking noise was, but these were silent. Did initially notice a big improvement on the rear, but maybe I just adjusted to it far easier, or the existing stock front brakes (+1yr old, ~50 rides, ~36hrs) were contaminated or something - they looked good as new too.
  11. Will give them a go in a few days when I next go out.
  12. Sorry can't help as the pair of EBC Red I have are waiting in my spares box to fit to my Zees on my Inspired Console. Currently running stock pads that came with the brakes.
  13. Think I'm almost starting to look like a trials rider. Feel like my ability to hop up stuff is lagging far behind however. Need to work on that preload and a thousand and one other techniques. Happy with the hops down the big steps though. EDIT: re-uploaded without music as thought it might be a bit much for some people.
  14. Followed by lots of second hand bikes going cheap on ebay!
  15. From a quick scan on CRC, main difference is drivetrain - 2x9 or 1x10. I'd go for a 1x drivetrain these days, and if you want to upgrade to 1x11 or 1x12 in future you might be able to use the existing crankset. The Deore rear derailleur is supposed to be better than the Altus, haven't used the Altus, but have recent 9 speed Deore derailleur on commuter and it's fine. The bottom bracket spec looks wrong on the VRS, says it's square taper, but crankset looks like hollowtech II. Both soldout on CRC! Calibre are another brand which get some good reviews for budget bikes - usually for the Bossnut, but they do hardtails too.