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  1. I didn't take the trials bike out over the Christmas period, and only went out a couple of times on the MTB (vs the usual daily rides to work & back). Wasn't until around NYE I went out on the trials bike. This time stopped myself from bring the front wheel up as high as I could while rear wheel hopping. It did feel to be an improvement, and felt better immediately after the ride, but the dull pain still sporadically comes and goes over the week that followed. I don't think it's rear hops so much as anything where I made a sudden energetic move, which sometimes is just to pull myself back into stable position on the bike. I thought to try some wrist/forearm stretches which I've used in the past: starting with hands and knees on floor, palms down, fingers spread, rotate both hands outwards until fingers point back to knees. It's a stretch I really need to be careful not to put too much stress on the wrists with, so usually start with my bum back near a more seated position. Then begin to lift my back toward horizontal which gives a good stretch all up my arms toward shoulders around even lats. Abi Carver has a series of yoga videos on her youtube channel meant to be good for mountain bikers, so going to try a few of them. Also starting to learn to swim, so hopefully a non-impact form of exercise will do my shoulders good :-)
  2. If he did go for Pace I wouldn't be upset by a lack of gravel bike videos.
  3. I've been using Faction to add spots in my area, works reasonably well most of the time, but... I made an area when I meant to make a spot, can't delete it (the worst bike park in the world ever - please delete the area). There's some spots where there's literally nothing else around, ie a pump track in the middle of nowhere. Seems pointless making an area for it and then adding a spot, and equally doesn't really qualify as an area.
  4. Looks quite challenging! On Factionapp, there's also Wellington Rocks just down the road which probably might be better for beginner riders like myself. I added a few photos of Margate spots on Factionapp over the Christmas break, and this afternoon rode home from work via Ramsgate cliffs port/harbour/seafront and took more photos of those rocks by the port (posted above previously). Wanted to get more photos today but the weather started getting wet, cold and light was poor so decided to head home instead. The photo I posted (above 21st September 2018) doesn't really do that spot justice, there's bigger stuff in that area. I'm half tempted to say Ramsgate might be the better area than Margate for trials.
  5. Just stuck a few spots in Margate that are viewable via Google Street View on the Faction App. Probably should be preparing for Christmas....
  6. Ashford probably be a good shout travel wise for a group ride as fairly central, as long as someone can show us around. I don't know it, rarely go there.
  7. Sorry, family changed plans, don't think I'll be able to make the 28th now unfortunately. I had a look at Herne bay on streetview earlier, Definitely will be up for a meet up at some point, like a less Christmassy time of year! I've done bits and pieces of more natural riding, and as long as it's not all too big then I'm fine with that, makes a change from street stuff which can get a bit samey.
  8. Yeah 28th would work for me, and have a pass for the car too. Are you based Tunbridge Wells way as per profile?
  9. Would be interested, but I've got too much last minute Christmas shopping and family stuff to do . Yes I'm Margate based. There's a fair amount of spots scattered around Margate I know of. I mainly focus on spots suitable for my beginner skills, but also plenty of aspirational spots I see - I'm unsure whether a more capable rider would find them interesting or not though.
  10. Thanks for taking a look at the video and giving feedback. Definitely agree re stiffness and lack of muscle efficiency, the amount of effort I put into small moves just doesn't scale up to the big moves. Re my body position, I think it's slowly coming along, I do reach the point from time to time where I hold balance for a second or so without hopping, but it takes an amount of focus on what I'm doing, maybe like ticking off everything on a checklist, that I'm still getting used to when riding a bike. Not so keen on the advice to hold off from the backhops for a week, but actually probably pretty sensible. Yes please to the stretching video, it is something I've felt would help.
  11. Not DOMs for instance. Maybe overuse? Sometimes minor twinges raising arms above head. I've been trying to build upper body strength on and off (mostly off) for the past few years and have found it incredibly easy to over do it (or I'm just a wuss). But the feeling recently with rear wheel hops is slightly different so wondered if bad rear hop technique is known for causing strains in the more forward facing part of upper arms/shoulders (I don't know anatomy sorry). As mentioned, it is slowly improving. Re upper body strength one of my goals was to do handstands, and a week ago I decided to do a chest-to-wall handstand (walking my feet up the wall starting in plank position) once every day to see how it goes. I've been doing a warm up (random stuff from youtube) in prep which seems to help overall, and also using it to warm up before trials bike which I think is helping - but a week probably isn't long enough to be sure. Sorry get a bit rambly with this stuff. Yes have seen that Ali C video, should definitely refresh myself with what he says. Re upright position, I recall what he says about not bringing bars to chest, but I kind of feel a bit more balanced that way on top of the bike.
  12. Been practising trials for a year and was wondering today if arm/shoulder strain could be a symptom of bad rear hop technique? I think perhaps I'm not leaning back enough with my body and using my bent arms to try to force the front wheel up as a consequence. Can be seen in this video. Does that sound right? Or is trying to learn trials on top of daily commutes on a rigid MTB just going to do that to someone well past the prime of their youth? This afternoon spent some time practising rear wheel hops off a 1ft kerb and trying to maintain the balance/position to continue with a few more hops after landing (instead of the front wheel landing shortly after rear). This forced me to lean back more than usual which while feeling a bit precarious also felt like a step in the right direction. I've been aiming to do rear hops on a low 1ft wall for a while now, went to do it toward the end of my session today but didn't have the balls/confidence yet.
  13. Just saw this, might interest some on here.
  14. Have you looked at Kenda Nevegal? Used to have a pair (still got in shed actually), pretty tough sidewalls, 900g, under £15 here x 2.35 There's also a 2.1 version but less of a bargain, stick-e,