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  1. Any of you signed up to storm Area 51 on 20th September?
  2. Nothing exciting, still a beginner:
  3. I find with Zee & standard Zee pads on my 24" Console I have to consciously grab the rear a little harder than the front. But that might just be a beginner getting used to needing lots of brake on the rear. Question: Trialtech Sport or EBC red?
  4. The obvious things really: Ibuprofen after food. Avoid sleeping on belly. Plenty of rest, but also gentle neck/shoulder exercises to avoid stiffness, steering clear from extreme range of motion (pain will probably manage that for you). But probably better off seeing a professional and not taking the advice of some numpty like me on the internet ;-) Stuff like this: For warm ups, look at bodyweight warm ups, and, there's an exercise thread on here that introduced me to CARS exercise which I've found pretty useful for my wrists/elbows/shoulders (but the kind of stuff I'd be too embarrassed to do in public).
  5. At least there isn't any slowmo roosting going on.
  6. Hi. Similar boat to me. Nothing to add other than have fun!
  7. Georgeous weather. Sea looked beautiful. Hadn't knackered myself out before hand so no negativity colouring the ride. Personal best rear hops, 15 in a row.
  8. If I'd have known six months ago that you don't need a street trials bike to do this sort of riding who knows where I'd be by now.
  9. Yeah don't believe that! Started six months ago at 43. Trying to get out a couple of times a week for an hour each time. Due to riding MTB for ten years, I found a few things I'd being doing already that helped, and are fun, but it's the fundamental skill of stability/balance/control that really needs the graft putting into it to get the real rewards. I'm still not there with the fundamental basics, but as above, seeing micro-progress. Patience with yourself to deal with the frustration of not progressing as fast as you want will help! Another difficulty I personally found was to get on the bike and focus on practising just one thing over and over again. I've seen others (on youtube) in a similar position (age/experience) who seem to find that easy, but for me, for instance it's taken over six months until I've actually put any time and effort into practising rear hops!
  10. Found this nice little spot this afternoon. I knew there was a line of rocks along the side of the road from before I started trying to do trials, but never spotted this. There's a line I can almost just ride over (start on rock rear wheel leaning against and heading through the gap toward RH arrow), but beyond my skill level to do it with real trials control.
  11. FWIW: I only really chose to ride street* trials six months ago, am in my early forties. Stopped riding bikes after my teens until I started riding MTB in my 30's, mainly XC, a few small jumps and drops, etc. I moved to a coastal town a few years ago, nearer to work, which meant I could cycle to work easily which was about the only thing I could think of doing to help the environment. Partner still has a car but she needs it most weekends so most of my rides are from the doorstep. Unfortunately my local area is poor for MTB, it lacks real singletrack, and there's only small pockets of woodland by parks. What is does have are lots of stairsets and ledges to practice drops, and other obstacles that I started trying to ride up trying to keep my technical skills fresh. That was the primer for me looking at trials with more interest. The other primer was riders on youtube, with Sam Pilgrim, Fabio Wibmer, Ali Clarkson, really being the people I watched most in the previous couple of years who opened my mind to trials where previously I had been quite dismissive of it. I kind of feel a bit selfish about it, as my second son was born at the start of the year, and they're both hard work so time is limited, but I need to do something, my social life is dead! Other less physical but majorly time consuming hobbies have fallen away over the years, and the physicality of trials means I don't have the energy to spend hours and hours on it. An hour of trials two or three times a week fits in well. Just taking baby steps at it. * I can only say I ride street trials because that's the style of bike I have, my riding skills aren't enough to be categorised.
  12. Are foam trials grips anything like ESI Chunky silicon foam grips? I found the latter an improvement in comfort over lock-ons, but they didn't last me long at all.
  13. Been using the bolts for some time now, having filed the axle down each side slightly. Wasn't really sure how much to torque them, started off probably a bit too high at 18nm for M6. Then decided to grease them a little so didn't go quite so high, maybe 17nm. Noticed that after getting both sides up to around 13~14nm, then going up to say 16nm, one side would just take maybe 1/3rd of a turn, while the other would take over a whole turn! This evening was no different to all the others except the bolt sheered off right around the point it usually reached torque. Bugger. Will it be possible to drill out, then clean with a tap? Anyone had to? Likelihood of getting replacement axle? EDIT: Removed axle from hub (as per aener's instruction) took it to my Dads to use his pillar drill and bolt extractors when he starts poking it with a screwdriver. I tell him that won't work and then do the same myself and it moves. Good job I put all that grease in there. Removed super easy. Wish I tried that before removing it! Lesson learnt. EDIT: Gone back to QR and since a. I was wrong to think QR was the issue, and b. the bike is stored without front wheel on. The last I'm saying on this!
  14. feel like a massive killjoy asking, but central heating on a timer?
  15. I can't stand it any more, where did you find that thing?