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  1. Just posting this because it's a street bike... in a field. Walking back from the local skatepark after getting a snake bite puncture trying to bunny hop the tear-drop cut-out. First puncture in nearly 3 years. Lovely day though!
  2. I feel like this is something I should know about my Console....
  3. .
  4. Hmmmm I don't know. My goto music is EDM. Over the past few years the 90% of the music I've been listening to is a result of a search on Discogs using a word that will link to what someone else previously posted on a forum, and filtered with 'electronic' and 2020/2021! Quite closed minded, but I occasionality remove the 'electronic' filter or the years! I pretty much insulate myself from pop music, have no interest in it at all. I'm not sure what the exception is to this. My 4yo boy has been watching a lot of Danny Macaskill* videos recently, and I like the Proclaimers song it's upbeat... but that's childhood related... They were in the top40 (letter from America) when I was growing up, as was MJ, PSB, most of the House tunes that were in the charts around '88 still like some of that stuff for nostalgia. Never liked metal... Can't stand soft rock or rock ballads. Although death metal (Napalm Death, Obituary, about covers that episode), and grunge/indie (MBV,Nirvana,Curve,Lush about covers that episode, although recently Cherry Glazer). * idea for a childrens trials animation series: Danny Alpaccaskill
  5. Isn't this it I kind of want to watch but haven't really got a spare 3 hours!
  6. My 4yo boy was asking questions about numbers so I happened upon a website to calculate how long it would take a person to count to 1 million. Do you know which (positive integer) number under 1 million has the most syllables? Can't say I'd ever thought about it, but now I know. Based upon the calculations, it would take me, with 3 hours sleep per night (I'd want to commit), 26 days.
  7. Yes I've watched that video (and others) a few times now.... then went out and did that stuff in my video up there instead. I'm just useless at translating instructions for moving my body into actual body movements... an uncoordinated bag of flesh and bones! Will get there eventually, or I won't :shrug:
  8. Thought I got move 3 today, finally, but reading the described techniques above, I did it differently. Basically I did it as shown in the video below, but started with the front wheel on a ledge (rather than on the ground as in the video). The front may have lifted slightly off the ledge (2 pallets), got it cleanly 2nd go, but struggled to repeat. Just curious if any thoughts on doing it this way rather than the techniques described above?
  9. Ah Advent looks interesting. Recently wrote my 9 speed Shimano derailleur off and decided to try singlespeed but not taken with it. Where's a good place to get them?
  10. This amused me, only a BMXer would treat their bike like this: :-D
  11. I'm not sure about this one, but: Don't waste time and energy trying to find perfect balance to initiate the move.... DO THE MOVE!!!!!!!!! Occurred to me over the past couple of days. I often do it, hop from side to side, then pause, and then loose balance, but I've wasted some much energy doing so I then have to rest before trying again, and 85% of the time I'll just do the same again over and over and end up feeling too knackered to actually practice the thing I intended. On the other hand, I'm nearly 3 years in learning trials at an older age and I'm probably a bit stiff and wooden and with balance having never been one of my strengths, perhaps this is just something I need to go through. But then again sometimes I know I defer doing the move for the sake of perfect balance so:DO THE MOVE STOP TRYING TO FIND PERFECT BALANCE!!!!
  12. I've been learning trials 3 years now but only recently started off the bike balance practice. Would recommend. Try standing on one leg for a minute, swap legs, not too difficult.., then repeat but with your eyes shut. Really felt it on the ankles and lower leg. Can't promise it will actually help but maybe will let you know in six months time! Good for when your upper body is suffering. Loads of other balance exercises available on YouTube but that's a good beginning.
  13. They gave me a pamphlet version of this There's a link to mhra gov yellow card website for reporting side effects at the end.
  14. This is a push bikes trials forum.
  15. 10 years ago I'd have probably felt similar. But got kids now, edging toward 50, and long covid sounds seriously shit and plenty of healthy people are now suffering due to that. I felt much more comfortable* risking the AZ x 2 vaccine than Covid. *Actually I felt quite anxious when I went for my first jab. Thankfully I was in & out in under ten minutes. Just some mild start-of-a-cold like symptons and felt fine a day or two later.