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  1. Talking of controversial.... Tricks & Stunts - Honestly I've tried watching it, but I've just never managed more than 15 or 20 minutes. I'm sure it was great in it's time, and it's often touted as some sort of instructional video but it's 2020 now and I'm in my 40s and I haven't got time to sit through that low video quality and fake moustache nonsense. There are actual trials how-to's now (though not enough need more). I'd rather watch top/mainstream contemporary trials riders training sessions/vlogs any day and see what's going on now. Sorry.
  2. Looks like a lame bit of sculpture to me. Oh look a squirrel.
  3. Death spot #1 - up onto high ledge and drop off - I imagine it might be a hook, but quite narrow up there, not convinced it is doable. If it is doable it won't ever be for me. Death spot #2 - probably not that death, just needs a bit of speed and a big hop with enough momentum to keep rolling up. Manual drop off. Certainly not going to tackle it myself anytime soon. Death spot #3 - not death if you can do it, but I can't. Like to think I might be able to one day. Also bigger blocks left background.
  4. Post a picture of a spot that you want to ride but it's just too big for the skills you have. Obviously needs to be a bit more interesting than just a wall. Maybe you see it has potential but you just don't know what could be done with it if only you had the skills to hit it? Is it too death? Could somebody ride it? Just need to get some photos now...
  5. Here's links to some Youtubers who have playlists of tutorials, so should find something here! Ali C Duncan Shaw Jimmy Ertzer (French) Steezy Stern TheUselessTrials ADRY BIEL BIELSA (Spanish) TrashZen (to accompany the book) PAM Bikes (Spanish) Re free hub, one of my bikes has a Shiman XT freehub and it's horrible for trials due to so few engagement points.
  6. They must be bolt through type fit (Not sure of correct terminology, but the fat boi type rather than skinny quick release skewer). 142 x 12
  7. Started spotting walls and ledges while watching TV too
  8. It's been two years since I got the Inspired Console and started learning trials. Seem to be progressing slower than some people, but there you go. For the most part I'm enjoying it and still want to continue. Just something that struck me last night, I seem unable to just go out for a regular bike ride any more. I got my rigid MTB used for commuting back up and running last night, and decided I'd go out for a night ride just riding along at a steady pace. No of course not, turned into an all out street ride riding stair sets, rolling up & over street obstacles, riding low skinny walls, and drops, etc. Difficulty riding in a straight line too, deliberately swerve around all over the place. Probably look like a nob having a mid life crisis LOL. Just me?
  9. I don't think triplex chains are going to catch on in the trials community mate.
  10. These days people drop in with their first video before they've even got any skills. youth oldies People these days!
  11. I guess the other side of what I mentioned is if you do spend more on a shiny new bike you might feel more committed to sticking at trials.
  12. I don't think there's much point buying a nice new expensive trials bike to start learning trials on. You will only scratch and bash it up, either that or you'll fear scratching & bashing it up (especially if you had to stretch your finances to buy it) which will hold you back. Look for a 2nd hand bike you can easily afford and not worry too much about. See also another very recent thread on this very forum.
  13. First saw this guy with his fails video, so had to subscribe. Here's his latest.
  14. I expect trials is difficult whatever bike you choose as a beginner. I got a 2nd hand 24" Inspired. I really want to try a 20" mod. Some people seem to progress fast some progress slow. As you plan on riding in the woods a street trials bike might not be the best choice. 26" should roll easier than 20", but this is trials we're talking about. I guess that might be advantageous to a beginner, but I don't know as I have a low level of experience/skill in trials.
  15. I'd be interested to hear the pointers? It's a move I've put off learning until more confidence on rear wheel, then consequently forgotten to try. See also sidehops. I've seen the advice to keep trying things I find difficult, but... fear... If only we were as flooded with trials coaching videos on youtube spewing out regular contents as there are bodyweight/weight lifting/strength training/rehab coaching videos.