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  1. Thanks for the encouragement. Will try pumping the rear up a little.
  2. Not practised a lot on gaps as only recently had the setup to do so, and after my last effort the other month, was pleasantly surprised at getting this far today.
  3. Similar situation, grew up in the countryside too, but have been living in a town basement flat for nearly 8 years. Nowhere to properly maintain bikes, no proper workspace, very limited storage for tools/bike-parts/etc so really frustrating. Only outside space large enough to spend time in was the mankiest pigeon shit covered courtyard and a health risk. Then last year we found our first place, but needed some work, ie new kitchen, central heating upstairs, etc. All tradespeople were so busy (which then delayed other jobs) it wasn't until December we finally moved... This weekend due to weather, was the first weekend where we could actually spend time in the garden, really nice and sunny down here. Tidied some of the rubbish up from the work we had done. Built the kids a mud kitchen, rode my bike on some palettes and lumps of concrete etc. Honestly, it was brilliant!
  4. NASA have landed a Rover on Mars after a 300million mile voyage. f**king Hell, the one I drove in the 90s barely used to make it to Sainsbury's.
  5. Got a 2nd monitor and two wall mounts (with some tilt/rotation) delivered today. Had been toying with getting a 2nd 27" screen until I realized there's nowhere near enough space under the stairs. Eventually made the decision to get a 22" screen and rotate 90 degrees. Only requirements were IPS for viewing angles, and minimal frame. Image shows the Arch Linux system shutting down past the point where all the display stuff is running hence lack of rotation on 2nd screen. Now I can see five sixths of my twin HD displays at work while working from home rather than just two thirds of it (guesstimated proportions). I've got 3 RPis, a 2, 3, and a 4. Currently only using the RPI 3 running OSMC/Kodi, accessing media off NAS drive, Plex cloud server, Iplayer, ITV, Prime, etc. Soldered a IR receiver to it (actually to a header) (can pick these bits up for a few quid) and software set up to read an old TV remote control I found laying about otherwise doing nothing. Used to have a HiFiBerry DAC+ sat on top of it but no longer have a HIFI. Once setup DarkIce to stream media from my desktop to it over the LAN to avoid an addition cable from desktop to hifi. Didn't really use it that much though. Toddlers threatened to destroy the HIFI so it went into storage. Annoyed I didn't manage to get the two screens perfectly aligned along that top edge though. I did try!
  6. You're progressing well. I'm jealous of the wheelie hops as I have not cracked them yet (although only recently tried due to fear of looping out). I guess it also pays off having guidance from someone knowledgeable. Last month I dreampt I was riding around doing wheelie hops about the size of that rock without too much trouble, which gave me a little psychological boost and motivation! What's with the big black borders around your recent video's though?
  7. The way you and Tom ride the Alias, and the way they look too, really makes me want one. I have been wanting to try a 20" for ages now but never have. I wouldn't do them justice. I don't know how I'd find them after coming from a 24" Inspired Console. Just want to try a different trials bike to see what they're like. Will be in the dog's house if I get one anytime soon though unless it's cheap as chips. My last bike MTB I did piece by piece.
  8. They recycle well used Rapha Chamois to put under there.
  9. Not an actual riding pic. Been a beginner over 2 years. Maybe too old to start learning new tricks. Found this difficult to clean. Get up to rear on other side of mini palette and hop onto concrete flowerpot. Tried many times and only got it once then my lunch time was over.
  10. More importantly, can you practice manuals on a treadmill?
  11. It's been a long time since I read about the treadmill/plane thing, but flight of a plane is all about speed the wings move through the air nothing to do with the speed that the tread mill would push it's wheels round unless the treadmill is pulling air along with it. I CBA to look. Just tell me if I'm one of those people.
  12. Ok I admit I felt disappointed with my last post in this thread in the could this cause death if tried department, so here's the spots I was more thinking of when titling the thread but have only just got round to photographing. Please excuse terms used to describe spots. Spot#1 I'd like to see Sam Pilgrim ride full send, bomb drop from wall up top. And this trials line at the top in the car park, just take a broom/spade for dog shit and broken glass etc. Spot#2 various death options, from death gaps, death drops, and stairs-to-steep-death-wall/ramp. Final spot, a death gap drop onto skinny wall for the pure trials riders.
  13. I've only just clocked that he's lifting his rear wheel over that plank of wood, so not pointless at all. Not sure why I didn't see that.
  14. His videos are always great to watch. I like that almost pointless thing at 2:50, keeping the front wheel pretty much at the same height throughout from wheelie until hook up.