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  1. New bike built up for daily commuting. Frame & forks are new, set of wheels from shed (which weren't hardcore enough for my hardtail), and everything else donated from my old 26" commuter. Had a mess about trying trials stuff on it last night, is good fun for practicing stuff on the way home, and nippy for getting about on too Will probably have to sort mudguards for it at some point, but don't want to spoil it for now.
  2. Like the mix of entrants ability in this.
  3. Couldn't find a horse videos thread so is posting it here ok?
  4. Go read the tutorials on and watch all those videos recommended to you in your thread from September again!
  5. You're best off asking on singletrackworld.
  6. I spent most of my life thinking exercise was something other people did, and I didn't need to. Now in my early forties wishing I had been more physically active through my twenties and thirties. I've been trying to find an elusive balance over the past couple of years, cycling on daily commutes (4 miles each way), and trying to gain upper body strength/mobility/flexibility through taking bits and pieces from bodyweight exercise/stretching/yoga. If I do too much cycling, especially off road or attempting basic trials stuff, then I have to cut right back on exercises that involve bending elbows and flexing wrists (ie push ups, inverted rows, pull ups, planks, handstands against wall etc). Likewise if I do too much of those exercises I have to cut back on the off road cycling and trials-like stuff. But then strengthening my upper body is also helpful to my riding. I had a heavy landing over a couple of weeks ago which slammed my left wrist. I was reading a thread on here which recommended Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs). There's videos on Youtube demonstrating so I picked one and have been loosely following that. CARs on the left wrist have to be taken carefully, it's painful in flexion*. It seems to be slowly improving, but taking longer than previous instances. Cycling distance has been cut down, and still doing a few short sections of light off-road. It's frustrating to say the least. * standing with elbows at side, forearms horizontal, hand pointing upwards palm forwards.
  7. It's a shame about the timing, but no worries. If I really like the older version (assuming I'm actually going to get it, lol) then I'll probably get this new one too.
  8. Ahhh. How long has it been out? Come Christmas day, I might have to fake happiness with the previous version :-(
  9. Finally got round to looking at it last night, yes, it's the one that appears to prevent the bearing falling out from the freehub. Agree it doesn't appear to do much. The circlip was the first thing I removed before deciding I should probably look at some howtos and diagrams.
  10. Discovered the hub bearings need replacing so partially dismantled the hub to inspect. The freehub bearings seem ok, but the hub bearings don't turn freely and feel like crap. Decided while waiting for bearings to be delivered to put it back together so I can ride. Got the whole thing back together and wheel in frame, and it was only when tidying up I discovered the internal circlip on the floor. Woops. How important is it? I've been out for a hour long ride this morning and completely forgot about it, so hoping it will be ok for another ride or two until I dismantle and replace the bearings.
  11. Yes giving it a bleed worked.
  12. Rear hub will need to match rear dropouts. Guessing that the '09 Boardman is a standard QR (135x10), whereas modern frames are 142x12 or 148x12 (Boost), with Boost becoming the way things are going.
  13. Think mine is more pdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdl freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewheeeeeeeeeeel pdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdlpdl freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewheeeeeeeeeeel. lol.
  14. An uncanny number.