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  1. The link to Ali's website is broken - needs a colon after the https. And I think some of these would look great as prints/posters (ie Past the point of no return, Pulling shapes, and the video thumbnail one). Any plans for that?
  2. Great work on the video and riding both, really enjoyable!
  3. Overall thought it was OK given the theme, almost liked it except for the jarring blank frames!
  4. I'm coming up to a year of owning a trials bike, but think it's a year since I decided to actually make an effort to learn this stuff. I've got a street trials bike but wanting to try a mod/stock bike now. I can't see me doing any spinny-twirly-jumpy stuff any time soon Been making the obligatory beginner trials videos for anyone who's interested (not many ha). I've always been quite self-critical and negative so keeping frustration and comparison in check is quite important to avoid getting too negative about lack of progress. It's a trial, but it shouldn't become a chore, need to stay having fun!
  5. Some of this was part of the reason I was interested in if any trials riders used Strava for trials rides. I was curious about how more experienced trials riders spent their time riding - for example how much resting between attempts of lines, and the sort of intensity of effort put into it (ie how much it pushed their heart rate up if that data was available). I'm starting out trials approaching my mid forties and I'm not yet all that relaxed on the bike, I think it's still a bit of a fight against the bike/gravity/myself at times, which becomes very tiring. All these little moves I attempt can't be as tiring for an experienced rider, but that's getting a bit off-topic. Just to clarify what I said earlier about riding 6 days a week, I meant getting on a bike and riding, not just trials riding. Most weeks I'll only go out on the trials bike twice a week, sometimes 3 times and little bits here and there on a couple of commutes home. I won't do much more than that as my wrists will suffer, and over the past 3 months there can be a tight feeling along the clavicle after trials rides (lasted at least a week after the Bike Academy Weekender). I generally avoid riding trials two days in a row to help recovery. Part of the wrist problem might stem from bad landing technique, though that's slowly improving, but not having as much time for long XC/trail rides also helps. I've got some gymnastic rings which I use sporadically to do really basic stuff on, and my wrists usually feel pretty good after. I went to an indoor skate park last night with my Inspired Console. I'm not very experienced at that either, only the 2nd time I've been there. Only managed an hour before I felt absolutely blasted and went home. Spent 3/4 of the time dripping puddles around my bike. Concluded I must have been making hard work of it for it to feel that tiring.
  6. Approaching my mid 40's and only had a (street) trials bike for almost a year, so can't offer any trials tips! Waited until early 40's to start a family, 2nd one coming up to a year old, and still a regular sleep disruptor, so I try not to get into too much fitness debt from overly intense riding. The distance I ride now has dropped quite significantly. I ride 5 days a week to work and back, only 4 miles each way, though do a few extra miles here and there, and can snatch a few quick basic trials practice sessions on lunch break or home run on the rigid MTB. Often ride six days a week, but only if I have some easy days where I put in as little effort as possible. I monitor my HR; on an easy day I aim to keep my HR on the way to work below 135, and on the way home, below 110. Max HR I've hit recently was 179, a month back.
  7. Yeah everyone's doing wrong-bike-for-the-job vids... but he was so smooth going up those steps (@1:30), and up those rocky sections. My HR would be into the red doing attempting that.
  8. Think 100mm is roughly the length it is now maybe slightly more. Just thought it seemed a bit unnecessary for a seatpost and saddle I only sit on when not riding. It's not a big deal. I watched the new Ben Travis bike build video and it reminded me about it.
  9. A while back it occurred to me that most of the seat post used on my Console was redundant and I could saw most of it off but while window shopping on Tarty bikes I noticed they say a seatpost length less than 100mm invalidated the warranty on Inspired frames. Will my frame collapse if I saw the seatpost down?
  10. Can Danny or Ali do that standing on handles bar thing though? Pretty impressive when he went down those few shallow steps doing it I thought. Also a few moments made me chuckle. I'm a beginner, bad at trials riding, so didn't really notice anything to criticise. Re: Monster - I've not been watching as many Sam Pilgrim videos over the past year, think he's churning them out too much. And I'm sad he doesn't go out on his trials bike much.
  11. Most copyrighted music allows you to use it as long as you take a hit with the ads and aren't monetizing your channel. Never seen an ad thanks to adblockers.
  12. Does that mean I can't suggest you mix it up and ask if brakeless-enduro could be a thing? You could ride up trees etc just to keep your speed in check.
  13. I came across a bunch of Japanese trials how-to videos on youtube, and one about the importance of relaxing interested me where they use a wall to assist with relaxing in a trackstand, something I felt I needed to do more (as I expend more energy in trackstands than I think I should). But of course I didn't remember the video correctly by the time I got out to ride (as what happens with every instructional video I watch). Rather than ride parallel to the wall and then turn toward it into a trackstand, I've been practising (2 lunch times in a row and this evening) riding straight up to a wall or kerb at 90°, front wheel straight, and heaping loads of pressure onto my leading foot to keep front wheel against the wall. There's been a few occasions where I've succeeded in maintaining balance for longer than a couple of seconds. Not sure now after rewatching the video if it's something I should be doing or not! Not sure if it's helping me with balance, though I may have noticed some improvement to my fakies. Also succeeded in increasing the weird looks and comments from passers by.
  14. Subtle isn't it
  15. Got my day ticket now. Still not decided which day to go. Messaged them late night last week on FB but probably waffled on too much or something and they forgot - but probably will just go with whichever day turns out to be the more convenient.