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  1. I read this entire thread a few days ago. Now he stops posting!? I feel let down.
  2. Front does look a bit low compared with (taken from Bike Pics thread)
  3. Before I got my first street trails bike recently, I was hoping to be able to get away with general a-to-b riding on it from time to time (specifically an 8 mile round trip commute with fun spots on the way home). After riding it I've pretty much thrown that idea out the window. Coming from MTB too, yes your weight does feel over the front on bunny hops etc but there's like a universe worth of space to move your body position on a trials bike it's not exactly a problem, just need time to adjust. Find it difficult to believe a long low slack enduro 650b MTB is better on pump tracks than a Hex? I thought the recieved wisdom was shorter bikes better there?
  4. From Friday but <various excuses here>. I've whittled 40 clips and 7gb of footage down to these ahem "best bits": Need to find solution to wind noise on Yi 4K camera.
  5. The MT7 brake on my bike gets real squidgy when feathering the lever, such that it doesn't take too long before the lever reaches the bar with continued feathering. Release the lever however and then do a hard grab of the brake and it reverts back to normal. It's not great when feathering on approach to an obstacle to find the power's gone just as you need it. Have you experienced this? Does it just need a good bleed or something else?
  6. Being a beginner.
  7. Some locations mentioned here
  8. My first outing on this tonight, enjoyed very much, owned it for a day now. Taking some getting used to after riding MTBs for the past ten years or so, and the closest thing to it I've ever ridden was BMX somewhere around 25 years ago. Looking forward to making some progress, still on the low level basic stuff.
  9. You see this: More evidence that interstellar object Oumuamua was sent as an Alien Probe - from Havard Astrophysicists.
  10. Found SteezyStern's channel on youtube the other day. He has a bunch of 27 howtos.
  11. Could do with some body tip cues for trackstand. Guessing I should aim for a fairly natural body position... Stand tall rather than bent over? Not too forward or too backward? Slightly bent legs? I mostly practice trackstand on an incline, and would quite like to fakie out of it. Any tips on this?
  12. I've been doing the trails basics for a few weeks and sometimes try with my lead foot backwards instead. On the one hand I think it might help diminish imbalances, on the other I suspect it's just make things more difficult and wasting a bit of time. So when I do try I'm not exactly committed to the idea. Should I be or should I just not worry about that until I'm competent?
  13. Boring riding you say?
  14. Slight language barrier with some of them. YT autotranslated closed captions "hilarious". How does one "Empty set before stopping to stop and frying"? Forgot about Seths Bikes Hacks