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  1. I'm running Zee on my Console, stock pads and Magura rotors. I think they could be better but I haven't tried different pads yet or non-Magura rotors with them. Not sure if changing the rotors would make much difference. I've seen other threads on here recommending EBC pads (red or gold?) (can get them for Zee on
  2. Not sure what this move is called, but the attached image illustrates. The 'a' images show bike position before the move, 'b' shows position after the move. The move is static, not from rolling. So I can do versions 1 & 2 from rolling, but not 3, but I'm more interested in tips for performing these moves from a static position. Every so often I attempt version 2 but it always seems like my efforts are way off, lots of exertion to barely even make it happen. I don't usually do version 1 static, but it just happened that way the other day, and discovered it wasn't a one off, and it wasn't until then this clicked together as 3 versions of the same thing. So with the 1st, easiest version, I believe I'm using a pivoting of the bike and myself to assist bringing the rear wheel up onto the obstacle previously occupied by the front wheel. But with the 2nd version pivoting isn't going to help that much, and definitely won't on the 3rd version. Maybe I can almost picture it... Lean forward, jump up, tall, arms pull bike with me? Or is it more, lean forward, crouched, push arms bike forward? Do you have any tips or cues for what I need to be doing?
  3. Was gonna post this in pictures of todays rides, but decided that was a bit cheeky, so here it is instead!
  4. Probably best off asking on Singletrackworld.
  5. From what I understand outdoor exercise is encouraged* provided it's away from other people. We're on holiday in Wales at the moment and visited botanical gardens - open because of the wide spaces allowing people to distance themselves. It might change on s he days time but until it does I'll still be out on my bikes... Might take the option to work from home too so could swap the cycle commutes for trials practice so win win... kinda. *encouraged might be too strong a word.
  6. Hardtails are great! I've got a 2012 xc full susser but prefer my more modern 2017 ht I built up. Get a cheap ht and upgrade what you find you need or want to after riding.
  7. Quite old, probably be alright for XC but might not take too much abuse looking at 32mm forks and QR hubs. Depends how well bearings and shocks serviced.
  8. Won't be able to do the 8th. I'm pretty much resigned to riding alone for the foreseeable anyway, don't think anyone is up for meeting strangers rubbish at trials in shit weather and the looming coronavirus of doom. Went out today, enjoyed it until I got tired and tensed up.
  9. Saw it on PB, thought it would be appreciated here! and... 35 times isn't that many, is it Danny?... but there again, it is a bit of a drop.
  10. Feeling pretty lucky. Was driving to my second spot this afternoon and wondering why the car behind kept flashing me. Ignored them for a while mistaken identity or something. Then noticed this shape in their window, looked pretty similar to my bike wheels, ha! Oh. I remember seeing someone pull out at the same time I did. He must have seen my front wheel, stopped, got out picked it up, and then come after me. Good job I decided not to speed through the long pointless 30 bit as I wasn't familiar driving through that area. Thanked him lots after he handed my front wheel back!
  11. Well I am shit so... ...Can I sell you on the ironic angle? Eventually I've come up with this: T.R.I.K. Trials Riders in Kent. Slack? Whatsapp? TXT? Something else? Will get back to you on that. I'm usually happy to go anywhere an organized ride takes me.
  12. .
  13. Yep the LifeLine X-Tools BB Tool 8 Prong fits nicely. Cleaned it up and refitted to cranks. Reasonably confident it should be ok. Just going to clean the rest up and refit until I sort out replacement chain, chainring, rear-cog. I'm trying to find a replacement chainring, preferably steel for durability, but not sure what BCD is needed. list it as 94mm whereas CRC (unavailable) list it as 104mm, but then the Middleburn 22t 5arm chainring is listed as 58mm.