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  1. So gutted for jack especially after seeing sergi should have fived this in chengdu! Reckon we may are some banners with a still of this printed out at next years rounds. ridiculous.
  2. So anyone know what happened this year? Down to three rounds then?
  3. Could be worth an x-ray. Twice I've done stuff like that, thought it was just muscular, and gone to hospital some time later as pain didn't go away only to find I'd fractured vertebrae. One time it was a stable fracture but one time it was unstable. Quite a shock (and not a nice one at that) both times. Could just be muscle spasms but if in doubt check it out as they say. Particularly if anything is shooting.
  4. Planning and planning appeals especially works largely on precedent. Allow this to go on unchecked for 4 / 10 years and you can apply for certificate of lawful use / development (albeit I don't know if that rule applies in areas subject to green belt policy). That's a v unhelpful precedent to let slip through the net if you are a council. A shame they aren't looking at it with a [positive] pro active viewpoint as diverse uses are a good thing for councils to be nurturing where they give some community benefit (assuming it outweighs any tangible disbenefits). There may be a regeneration, sports or economic development officer in the council who might be more sympathetic and help broker some deal or at least help to achieve a more positive steer with the planners. Twin that up with councillor support then you might get somewhere. Especially councillors who sit on the planning committee. Alternatively move the mobile home around on the land, albeit radical bikes will I suspect still be seen overall as one 'planning unit' in planning terms so that may not help. Sad and painful stuff. Will sign up and wish you good luck.
  5. Hans Rey in an easter 94 I think edition of MBUK plus wearing a VHS of level vibes out subsequently and loving the martins coverage of the time. Everyone on a rigid bike back then pretty much so started abusing my orange clockwork, took the chain rings off to give it more ground clearance and set the cantilevers up so I could one finger back hop. Think i came across Richard Johnson of then muddy fox fame somehow who must have intro'd me to Dave at EBTC in what must have been 95. The clockwork failed to get me through my first trial without breaking but I saw everyone was on a megamo so ended up with a second hand elite 26, via a pigiron triple clamp 80s Monty mod and an ibex for a time. Roll forward and gave up biking in favour of kayaking for a decade or more. What keeps me interested still? Maybe cos you can still muck about in the back garden and it's come back to being a niche. Maybe.
  6. Let's see if this works: This should link you to the event that the BT academy uk fb group have put up. Signing on at 10am Sunday for 11am start. 3 laps of 5 sections, 5 routes, all comers welcome. Looks like the first of a series they are doing there. Longstowe just west of Cambridge.
  7. 38 here, and glad to hear you guys are still enjoying it - hope for me yet!
  8. Thriftwood? Was that the January/Xmas one where you had to team up as a 3? Remember some v icy sleepers....
  9. Cheers for filling me in on that. If anyone ever rode those comps be good to hear from you! Used to be quite a merry band. And cool will sign up to the FB page. I used to be up near clacton but now surrey way and only head that direction a few times a year though will stop by next time I'm passing.
  10. That's sure a great backyard to have. Will check it out. I did wonder if it was the same guy who used to have loads of man made stuff in his back garden/field in Boxted (one trial on the old EBTC circuit...).
  11. Evening all, I used to do these comps in the 90s when Brian Matthews (was it?) et al ran it. Just ticking back into trials now and wondered if it was still around?! I'm figuring not as there doesn't seem to be much trace of it on the internet. Cheers!