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  1. 38 here, and glad to hear you guys are still enjoying it - hope for me yet!
  2. Thriftwood? Was that the January/Xmas one where you had to team up as a 3? Remember some v icy sleepers....
  3. Cheers for filling me in on that. If anyone ever rode those comps be good to hear from you! Used to be quite a merry band. And cool will sign up to the FB page. I used to be up near clacton but now surrey way and only head that direction a few times a year though will stop by next time I'm passing.
  4. That's sure a great backyard to have. Will check it out. I did wonder if it was the same guy who used to have loads of man made stuff in his back garden/field in Boxted (one trial on the old EBTC circuit...).
  5. Evening all, I used to do these comps in the 90s when Brian Matthews (was it?) et al ran it. Just ticking back into trials now and wondered if it was still around?! I'm figuring not as there doesn't seem to be much trace of it on the internet. Cheers!