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  1. Quality
  2. Hiya mate. Are you interested in the bike? I'm in Peterborough but I'm happy to post as well.

  3. Got a Zoo! Pitbull with a lovely Mavic Rim on XT Hub and a good stem if you're interested. Really want to get rid of the whole bike though - only asking about £120 though.

    Email me on if you're interested!

  4. Hiya mate. Trying to get rid of my Zoo! Pitbull as I don't ride it any more.

    I literally only want £120 for it. Got some pretty good parts on it and it would be great to break down.

    Email me on if interested.

  5. I have asked "Why do Ugandans never think of just moving closer to the well?" No reply yet... and don't think it will have an answer for that one Nathan Sorry everyone, I was being impatient... They have just replied... In reply to "Why do ugandans never just move closer to the well?" It answered... Thee aren't enough wells in uganda for agrarian rural people to all live near one. Only 55% of ugandans rural population have good sanitation Go I love this website Nathan
  6. I happen to be rather talented in this department, which is lucky I suppose, I've just started as maths and further maths, and am hoping for two As for AS and A level... All you need to do is go to lessons, then read about the stuff you don't understand - it is only really difficult if you don't have AT LEAST a B grade GCSE, if you have any lower and haven't learnt the extra stuff, you will struggle... Nathan
  7. I thought they were being chased by pavarotti then he got worn out and died... I only hear bits of the news, so that's how I put it together... Nathan
  8. Facial (not the face mask type)
  9. I used to like really skinny girls, but after going out with a girl who has a larger build, I much prefer it... People say it matters how much someone "weighs" buty I think that's crap... Slightly bigger-built girls have muhc better body shapes, except on the odd occasion.... Also huge boobs look stupid on tiny girls... Nathan
  10. Very nice riding - some big moves and great skill Very good video too, made well for sponsorship purposes - I think you are worthy Good luck Nathan EDIT: It would be really good if English people could speak as good english as Spanish people, then we coudl understand each other as well
  11. Looks mint mate, maybe white bars? Nathan
  12. Don't know what you've donme to that mate, but it looks hideous... Sorry Nathan
  13. I do 'cos he's my dad Only kidding Nathan
  14. You look exactly like a monkey on the stack Good pics mate Nathan
  15. oh my god that's quite incredible... nice one Nathan