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    At the mo zoo! python, beast spec, I have had planet x zebdi mark 4 and a coustellier saint blaise in past..
  1. funny you should say that uve been looking at 1.4 meridian and 1.6 306's and there around 2400 to insure comprehensve on my own ploicy at 17
  2. hi getting a car soon and i am not btohered what it is to be honest as long as insurance is cheap dont mind going third party if its a cheap car under a grand, anyone get insured for under 2 grand on thier own policy not thier mums e.t.c?If so can you tell me what car it was on thanks.
  3. Just a few pictures taken on my motorola z8 .......... .
  4. horrid, tuff testing lol montys are weak, deng ***!
  5. extremely nice bike almost as nice as the rider himself like me, not overloaded it with green parts, the best way to go imo. J x
  6. haha
  7. Am i right in thinnking that on the first video his elbow is like popiing out of his arm all twisted? And the tt one you have to give him credit much tougher then on a racetrack.
  8. hahaha Made me laugh all the way through that last bail haha monster, never spotted that line before cant believe u broke that rail u gripper there like solid metal lol. Got 2 weeks off work starting from today so when its good weather il hopefully be out, ace vid! J
  9. horrid style of riding, apualing quality, pethetic editing,bad song, overall i did'nt like it nor you for that matter haha.
  10. something japenese mate, you wont get insured on a old civic or crx 1.6 vtec until your 21 because they have 160bhp stock
  11.;sn=RCL35050 theres the one i'm looking at, all i need extra is a drill bit, but i aint sure what size i need, does anybody know? Anyway found one on ebay now for about £30 posted with drill bit the lot looks a good tool aswell
  12. i'm going to do it myself for what its worth, then i have the kit for future, the helicoils are 25p each, its just the kit thats around £20 , i have found one on a tool shop online for around £25 posted, just wondered if anyone knew somewhere that sells them cheap?
  13. kyle had this problem with a 26" adamant, it wore a hole through the frame, it did'nt snap though...
  14. hi, does anyone know where to get a cheap m5 helicoil repair kit from?
  15. yer not bad neil for bike length, only messing, u f**king monster!