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Front End Height?

Martin Grainger

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right, so im thinking of buying a new frame.

but i like my front end the height it is...

so if i keep the same bars and stem and forks....will the height change?

if the geo is different will the height rise or fall depending on what the geo is?

not sure what frame to get yet but its just something im considering.

ta, martin.

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The height of your bars could change if you get a frame with a different headset angle. but I think most of them are around 72 degrees, so it would not change by much.

Edit : I worked it out. just as an example lets say your hub to your bars is 800mm. then on a bike with a 72.5 degree head angle the height would be about 763mm and on a bike with a 71.5 degree angle the height would be 759mm. So in my example measured only from the hub, becouse the wheel is the same on both, changing the head 1 degree changes the height 4mm.

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length of the headtube would affect the height of it as well wouldnt it? ashtons are higher than pitbulls for example,

maybe wrong i dont know


Yes , it would, your right. overlooked that :) . if you are running spacers on your current frame or are going to a frame with a shorter headtube you will be good though.

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also BB rise can make the front end feel lower..

example if your BB rise is only 50mm and your front end is 800mm hub to bars (using example above)

you get a new frame BB rise 60mm even though your front end might still be 800mm bars to hub, your stoon 10mm higher on the bike, making bars feel 10mm lower if you get me :P

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if you keep your front end the same height on a different frame then the bike may well just ride shit in comparison to what it could.

basically just change your frame with exactly the same components and see how it rides, if you dont like it, adjust it

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