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  1. Speaking of track days.... Does anyone want a 636 Ninja? I'm doing long miles for work and it's just not comfortable for 200mile round trips!
  2. What's the rear rim there? I'm after a solid all black rim brake rim.
  3. Amazing! Than You.
  4. Hi, trying to remember / find an old video hosting site, hoping it's still alive as I'm after some old vids of mine! Was called something like 'engiodidee' or similar/unpronounceable. I don't suppose any of the older folk here can guide me towards it?
  5. ..until they inevitably snapped!
  6. I use this.... The Sun on your bars! It's been great for me on the pitch black cycle track home from work. A young lad at work uses the less powerful 5000 lumen one for trail ridding through the forest and says it's great. For £20 you can't go wrong!
  7. So a couple of months ago the new GF thought it was ridiculous that I didn't have a car and done my shopping on the motorbike. So I saved some pennies and jumped on the A3 bandwagon, though the NA one...
  8. Opinions please.... Triumph Daytona 675 (not R) or Yamaha R6. I fancy trying a sportbike and I've seen a couple of the above that I like and shall be test riding both, just thought someone here may have some experience of owning either that they may wish to contribute.
  9. Jardo, what the hell do you pay your parking attendants?!
  10. I reckon he let him go because it would be effort to get off/back on the horse. He doesn't look the most agile Police Officer
  11. It's fair, which is the best word to describe it. It is unmodified, original alloys (pitted/oxidised to buggery) and came with a pimp luggage rack.
  12. My brother just bought a Mk1 Eunos. No Joke. It's a proper banger too. Holes in the roof, splintery Nardi wheel, few dents. He got it for £700 which I think is overpriced.
  13. I'm pretty sure you're fine. With mine it asked for my 'estimated' annual mileage. If it's just an estimate they can't hold you to it. Check the policy wording, that'll tell you if there's costs involved with going over the mileage.
  14. You will. I said that. "I'll just do the DAS so that it's out of the way". Ended up with a bike before I'd done my last test. You may think you're having fun on the 125, but you'll be shocked how even a budget mid range bike will dwarf it, so much more fun to be had. Enjoy though.
  15. Recommendations for a vented summer jacket circa £100? The leathers just killing me