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Headset Removal


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hey i was just removing a FSA pig from my mod frame and i didnt have the specific tool. imanaged to get it out but i was wondering if there was a simpler way than going at it with a screw driver and hammer?

all advise would help!

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Best thing is a nice sharp edged drift (steel or brass bar about 20mm diameter and 250-300mm long) and tap the cups out of the frame from the inside. The edge of the drift has to be sharp in order to properly seat on the thin edge of the cup where its pressed into the headtube, if its an aluminium headset cup then a brass drift is preferable as its softer and less likely to damage the edge getting it out.

Starting at one point simply tap the cup out alittle at a time, work the drift round the inside of the headtube and give it a couple of taps at each point, this means the cup will come out square. If the cup twists to one side it will be much more difficult to get out, just tap the one side to even the cup out.

You can use a large flat blade screwdriver as a drift but its generally not good practise as it will bugger your screwdriver and the cup :)

If you have an old set of forks you could probably cut the steerer tube off them and use that for a drift.

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thanks alot i never would have thought about using a drift. ill definatly use something other than a screw driver for my new frame.

the headset i removed was nackered so i just got a new FSA pig to repace it. hopefully it will be up and rideable soon as i cant wait to see how it rides

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