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Hey Guys

For my Final Major Project at college I made the choice to go down the route of a mix of Brand ID and Advertiseing.

This is the result of my website basically theres a few things that need changing and updateing but you get the idea.

Few pages might still be abit bear but they will be sorted on.

On the codeing side Never done an awful lot with css anf divs and so on so i use dthem as much as i could but then still used some tables.

I now have a better understanding of css and divs and feel i could probably make the site again without tables as i have made a couple overs without tables since but i was running out of time in the project to redo this.

All the Meta Tags Keywords and so on are to go in really soon.



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yo Kieran!

You know I would always be happy to make you a site man just get all your stuff together and talk to me on msn and we will sort something out will have to give me about 2 / 3 weeks though till i can start as have to put my summer show on in a couple weeks.


Hey Man I didn’t really intend on selling the t-shirts really as was just a college project but I might be carrying it on a trying it out as small project as i really liked the whole design and process.

I could print some up the same way that the Second Layer t-Shirts used to with transfer prints. Or will look into getting them professionally printed if people wanted some but don’t know if it would be worth my while as it will cost lost unless you buy in bulk but i will keep it in mind that people like the designs.

Cheers for all the positive feedback keep it coming

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Hey Thanks for all the interest in the company and the project.

I am glad that so far everyone likes the company and everything that has been produced.

I am sorry to say though i will not be making any of the clothing up at this point in time because of cost and it not feeling its worth it as at this time only the traisl world and my friedns are really aware of the company.

I also dont have the time right now to deal with a printing company to get them printed.


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