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Why put that gay photo of me up!!??!

it was a awesome ride though! :)

haha yeah Zeromatt come out shame about his hub!

his Pro 2 came a freecoaster

Yer to bad for him he was a mint lad aswell hope he gets his hub fixed bless him

and you know me karl got to put pics up of you to make you silly lol

Lush pictures

I really need to get my arse down Peterborough for a ride one weeknd


Yer man you have to try and make it down on the next one when ever that is lol

You will have to have a word with karl when the next one will be :P:)

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These hubs are getting on my tits now, first one cracks then the replacement hubs ratchet thread strips.

Other than that was a good ride, hadn't rode with Chris or Jake for like 2 years or something.

Another ride soon lads.

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Well went there with mum nd dad, i took my bike but my arms were killing from sunday, but rode clee thursday and friday, also rode skegness and mablethorpe on the way home :)

Check you out riding all theres places!

did you see anyone from Skeggy?

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