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Made a massive for sale topic quite recently, easiest way for people to pay is paypal...

After the first couple of transactions I get this -

You are nearing the £1,700.00 GBP annual receiving limit set by international law. When you reach the annual receiving limit, you will no longer be able to withdraw or send money, fund transactions, or close your account until you complete the steps required to remove your limit.

20 May 2008: You have received a total amount of £650.00 GBP or more in payments to your PayPal account in less than a year since you started using your PayPal account.

When you receive a total of £1,700.00 GBP, you will no longer be able to withdraw or send funds any longer until the completion of the required steps. Please complete the steps required to lift your limit.

PayPal is required by law to comply with European Union Anti-Money Laundering regulations by collecting information from customers when they receive more than the set limit in total payments. These steps need to be completed as soon as possible to comply with this regulation.

I go through the required shit, then get to this

Business Type:

Company Number:

(Limited Company only)

Account Holder Date of Birth:

VAT Number:




Average Transaction Price:

Average Monthly Volume:

Sales Venue(s):

Business URL:

Percentage of Annual Revenue From Online Sales:

Date Business Established:

blah blah upgrade to a PayPal Business Account blah blah

It completely assumes that I'm a business, which I'm very not, I'm only 17 so shouldn't be using paypal anyway (supposed to be 18 but I've been using it since I was 14 with no problems). They already changed my account about a year ago into a different type, can't remember what its called, but all it meant was that it charged me even more in fees per transaction. I suspect its going to do the same again, which is f**king gay.

Anybody else had this? And/or know of a sensible way to solve it?

Edit: Just read through it again, its starting to make more sense...

I think what its saying is, in the last 12 months I've received over £650 as of the 20th of may, and when I recieve £1,700 (thats over £1000 more) I need to upgrade my account so I get charged more.

Well they can f**k off, already skinned me on every lot of money that comes in, I'll just make another account with a different card I think.

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It sounds like you don't need to worry unless you're gonna exceed that £1700 limit - and it doesn't sound like you will. It'll just be an automated email just so if you HAD just started a business you'd be aware of the rules. Don't worry about it.

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yea, i had to do this a while back, but it triggers it over a thousand pounds before you hit the limit, and even then it will accept money into your account, it just wont let you get it out of your account.

I had to verify my account via phone(automated touch tone thingy, you enter your number in, they ring you, and at the same time a code comes up on your screen, you type the code in and hang up, job done)

and via my bank details, you get like 2 small amounts took out of your account, and deposited in your paypal account.

and then filled the form out, but i had an option to tick for "personal user"

as mentioned before its to do with EU laws on money laundering, same reason if you go to the bank and withdraw £4999.00 they will do it without asking you any questions generally. (sometimes they enquire what its for, but theres no formality) but try and withdraw £5000.01, and you have to answer security questions, fill in a short form etc, same with paying in money, but ive never had that.

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