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Front Brake?


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I'm with the vee's on the front. I've got SD7 arms with a Speed Dial SL lever, heatsink reds in the CNC backings, grind, love it. Set it up nicely and it'll serve you well I promise.

Depends what you want though, my set up is very grabby, i.e no real modulation if you fancy doing stoppies and what not. If your after a bit of that along with a good bite I'd say go with either the avid or hope mono trial discs.

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Hope discs are shit, get an avid.

Or even better stick with your magura.

Andy b

very wise and constructive words.........

if youve got a disc hub and a mount on your forks stick an avid BB7 on the front, mines awesome.

if you've got some money to spend then go for a hope, prefer the feel of them to my avid, but then they do cost a lot more.

light sharp grind on the rear rim and a set of heatsink reds or snowies and you'll be sorted.

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I have just got a onza t pro

and although the brakes are good

(Magura hs33)

i want to put something different on

any reccomendations?

If the brakes are good why change them for the sake of it? Disregard this if you've so much money you've already got everything else you want :P...

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