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Help With Back Hopping

Sam Jones

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Try Booning BACKWARDS first.

Booning forwards takes a LONG time to learn and gapping is much much easier.

What you have to do is compress your body ready to jump and then:

Release the brake -> Jump up and pedal kick -> (Propel forwards) -> Rewind your pedals -> Grab the back brake -> Land

Unfortunatly that all happens pretty damn quickly and it takes a while to get the co-ordination/timing perfect. But you really have to persist and it does come.

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Hi, do you mean rear wheel hopping on the spot?

There is a sweet spot in which you would learn to aim your front wheel to.

Once you find that point, try hopping 2-4 times, slowly as you get better you will be able to hop more.

Remember the lower the front wheel, the lower your butt should be.

Once you've found your sweet spot, and sorta master rear wheel hopping, you can den try to hop

forward, backwards and sideways. Hops are useful when you have little space for even the tiniest pedal kicks.

They also give you momentum from the bounce.

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I learned to hop backward first and then I figured out how to push the handlebars forward and jump with my calves and that kept me in the same place instead of always going back and then it wasn't hard to figure out the timing of pedalkicks! just keep practicing... it will get so that its more natural and you don't waste all of your strength in one jump:)

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