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Karl Butcher

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You'd still be running RHD cranks. You could flip your cranks around, but then your pedals would undo (Trust me, I had to run a RHD crank on the left side for a day and it happened all the time).

Main reasons are that you'd have to totally remake derailleurs (Or more specifically the way they're made), cassettes too, the freehubs, you'd have to have the disc tabs on the right, you'd also need to weld the disc mounts on the right and left side of the frames, as well as having the mech hanger on both sides of the frames - it'd be puuuuuure hassle. BMXs are simple as hell, and have easily swapped drive-trains with no need for double-sided mounts for anything, or anything like that. So yeah, it's just simplicity. There's also virtually no need outside of trials (and even then it's debatable) to have it, so it won't happen...

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Bmxers just do it because of the side they grind on. Best to have the drive on the opposite side to which you grind on.

My mate's just switched to LHD, so he shouldn't be snapping any more chains!

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