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New To Trials


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Hey people , im looking at getting into trials need some advice on whats what and what to buy bikes etc and the types of trials .

Im from the sunny town of Weymouth hopefully theres a few more riders in this area...

Any advice / suggestions would be hugely appreciated

Cheers Guys


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Welcome to trials forum and welcome to trials. Ill say what im sure over members will post stick to the rules and all will be good and im sure we all be able to help if you have any queries first thing you want to do is used the search engine in top right of screen if thats no good then check the wiki still no good then make a post.

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Yeah thanks so far , just checked out tartybikes pretty sweet site ... just need an idea or a direction to go in , suitable starter bikes? and all necessary advice from wise trialist's like yourselves :D

Cheers All


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Hello and welcome to trials forum.

I suppose it all depends on how much money you have to spend.An onza t-pro would be a good bike to start on at a good price. Tartybikes would be a good place to buy from and they also have fantastic customer survice.

There are many diffrent things that you could upgrade your bike with once you have it although if you have an expensive bike you may have alot of the top parts already on the bike.

Magura hs33 rim brakes are undoubtably the best brakes that you can get. They are hydraulic rim brakes, these can be found at tarty bikes.

Other than that i would say that it is all about personal preferance.

Try diffrent makes of products and see what you prefer. Eventually you will have a bike with all the parts that you find are th best.

You could build a bike up yourself starting with a frame and put all the parts that you want on it yourself although this can get very expensive, but you will have a complete bike of your preferance.

Hope this helped

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Are you looking to ride a 20" wheeled(Mod) bike, or a 26" wheeled(stock) bike?

I think that 20" is easier to learn on as they're more "flicky" and easier to throw about due to their lighter weight.

Look on ebay at Onza bikes, mostly look for Onza T-pros, I've heard they are very good starting bikes.


That's also a good site, my shop of choice.

www.trashzen.com is very good tips/techniques website.

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Wow! Cheers for the feedback/advice Fella's ... mod 20" being the smaller bikes? onza T-vee , Pro.. i was thinking either of them ...

One question though - are trials bikes really that light. I've never ridden a trials bike but i have been watchin a few videos this afternoon at people seem to beable to hop a fair height and throw it a around with what seems no or not many problems at all...

Really Appreciate all your advice people ...

Im absorbing it all

Cheers Again


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mod 20" being the smaller bikes? onza T-vee , Pro..

Yeah dude bang on.

And as for your other Q, some are heavier than others,

There are some on here that are less than 9kg,

and some are pretty heavy.

All deoends on the spec, it's important to get the right strength to weight ratio though.


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