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Trials On A Bmx.

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Ok my friend has a mongoose BMX its quite heavy and has crap geo lol. Lets cut to the chase i was trying to do trials on it and it works :o. The brake set up he has is the reguler u/v tegro brake and he has some "Phat stops" or some thing like that its amazing any way. I was doing pedel kicks on it and it dent feel right then i tryed a gap the brakes dent slip :). Any way some of you guys might think this topic is pointless but some one here has tryed it.

Thanks Blake

BTW i dont want a war or any beef on this topic

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But the weight, and geometry would make it hell to try and learn to tricks on.

Its allright once youve allready learnt how to do trials, but must be almost impossible to learn on a bmx.

Sell the bmx buy a cheap stock/mod?

I dunno im sure someone else will have tried this.

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