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Hey, I havent got time to use the search button because I got work tomorrow and need to get to bed..

But quick question-

I've got a Zebdi, just ordered some new Azonic double walls but I don't know what stem to get with them!

I wanted a Try All one (what I used to have before) but looking on Tartybikes it looks like they only do them in oversized now?

At the moment I got a squarey / CNC'd type one (similar design to an azonic shorty.. pics of my one in the bike section if you don't know what I mean)

But prefer the look of normal type ones (like the Try All ones)

Sorry if I'm not making much sense, but if you know what I mean.. What suggestions would you have? Can't be too expensive either!

Don't want one too long or too high rise.. (About 90mm long with about a 10 degree rise I think would be good)




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ive got an echo control stem...90mm one, pm me if interested; mint condition

If it's the same as this one then it wont fit my Azonic bars, because they aren't the oversized 31.8mm..

If it is normal size clamp then I will most prob buy it..

Bigman and Anal.. If you could have a word with them that'd be cool because that is what I was originally after... I had Koxx stem with Azonic bars on my old zebdi and they were perfect!

Cheers for the replies!

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Ive got the try all one you want £15 posted? Or with a spare pair of used azonic bars (not sure if sw or dw) for £20 posted the lot?

Yeah Prawn has sold his one, so if you wanna sell it for £15 then I'll buy it.. Is it the same length / rise.. And is it black and in good condition?

Don't need bars as I have ordered new ones!

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