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My Hs33

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I am giving my rear HS33 a makeover and am wondering what you guys think.

Zoo lever blade- does it really make your brake that much better.

TNN brake pads. :P

and a new TPA system.

What do you think and will everything fit okay, and share your experience of these lever blades.

Thanks, Elliott

Them lever blades are not the best choice i like my standard magura 2 finger lever

if you really want a new lever get a magura 4 finger lever

i had one there alot better than echo

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If you buy a new lever and tpa. You should only have to remove the old lever and tpa. Fit the tpa in the new lever, fit the lever blade in the lever body. Then bleed. (please correct if wrong)

As for a brake booster, you shouldn't need anything apart from spacers and longer bolts which i imagine it will come with.

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I just got a GU blade lever and it really is sooo much nicer than the old 2 finger maggie. Don't replace the tpa you can stick the one you have in the new lever. the monty hose splitters are a piece of junk, they make your brake not work nearly as well... don't use one of those.

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If you're just replacing the lever you won't need to rebleed the brake - just make sure you keep a bit of pressure on the pushrod to the master piston in the lever body while the lever blade is off just in case the piston pops out. I have one of the Chorrillas TPA adjusters and a GU lever blade and they're OK. The Chorrillas rubs on the lever a bit when I'm adjusting it, but overall it's better than the OEM 2 finger lever anyway thanks to having more of a hook on the end. The tendonitis I was getting in my braking finger has eased a lot since I changed too, though a water bleed is probably a better way to reduce the strain from braking, but I kind of like having no maintenance at all to do on my brakes.

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Hi mate

I have just changed from a zoo lever to a 4fingered magura one.

I found the zoo lever had to many edges and i got some pain from useing it (on my brake finger)

I now have the magura 4 finger lever and its the nuts, fresh grind and a new water bleed, with koxx pads, works the nuts!


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You wont regret TNN Pads.

They are the Bollocks.

I have been thrashing mine at demos, in all weather and surface conditions and they hold like nothing else.

They suffer a bit in the wet, but they still off enough grip to ride, and in the Dry nothing even comes close.

They were out gripping other brand CNC pads and the bite is awsome.

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