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Bleeding Question

Cahill Trials Kid

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Rite so im bleeding my magura hs33 for the first time, Im using water, and ive done exactly what people have told me to do, but when i press the lever (after finishing the bleed and screwing everything back on) its like theres no fluid in there at all, the pads just stay still.

Ive not actualy got the brake attached to the bike at the minute, could this be affecting it ?

This is what i am doing ...

im filling my syringe with water, i am then attaching to my pipe (that has the bit you screw into the brake init)

Im then undoing the screw on the brake and screwing the screw in the pipe into the brake,

Im then completely un screwing the other bleed screw on the leaver

Im then pushing the syringe slowly untill almost all the water has left and just letting the water drip out of the leaver,

Im then taking all the syringe and pipe ect. off and screwing the screw back into the brake, and then the same with the screw on the leaver.

I have now just read this, and i seem to being doing everything rite, but i have no idea what it means by the first bit about the TPA, what is a TPA ?? wiki

Any help needed,

Thanks Sam :D

EDIT : sorry if you find this hard to understand, im shite at explaining things

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Try putting in the bleed screw where the water comes out before you unscrew the syringe after bleeding, hopefully, this will stop any fluid coming out of anywhere, then just be careful when unscrewing the syringe, and keep everything exactly still while you screw in the other bleed screw

I hope I explained that okay?

If you need any more help, PM me.:)


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If you pump the water in really slowly it can leave bubbles in the system that would be entrained in the fluid and come out if you pumped it through faster. Make sure you're bleeding from the lowest point in the brakes to the highest. The second slave piston is usually where the bubbles end up, so make sure the pipe from the slave to the brake lever is the highest point on that slave piston. On the more recent Maguras I found that bubbles stayed in the lever unless I pumped the lever slowly a few times while filling, so this is worth a try too.

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