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  1. That’s a really interesting thought. I think it is definitely more believable for me that aliens came, graffitied the place, and left the remains for later civilisations to claim as their own. In my defence there’s only been one bit of name calling, and that was only because a previous message had been called a dig when it was just as relevant as what I was replying to. Obviously the words “f**king nuts” are going to be the bit that’s focussed on
  2. I read it. This bit stood out: “It is hypothesized that this impact event brought about the extinction of many species of North American Pleistocene megafauna.[1]These animals included camels, mammoths, the giant short-faced bear,” We have evidence of all those species having existed. Why would we have that evidence, and not the evidence of the civilisation that had all this extra tech that just disappeared?
  3. What sort of natural disaster are we talking about that wipes out a civilisation more completely than a massive meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs considerably longer ago? We’re, or rather you’re, talking about a civilisation presumably more advanced than the dinosaurs. One which spanned the globe and has similar or more advanced tech than we do today. Why, then, don’t we have more evidence of them? In fact, being as we’re at a similar level of tech as you’re hypothesising existed back then, what natural disaster do you see which could leave our current civilisation decimated in such a way that inhabitants of the planet in 12,000 years didn’t know we even existed? When you crack out the “I don’t have all the answers” bullshit in your next reply, think about why you don’t have an answer to these ones. You’re overfitting the square peg of your natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge (both of which are clearly good things) into a round hole of reality.
  4. Here we go again, another deleted topic. You are repeatedly asking questions, being given potential answers, and then just palming them off as if they’re as ridiculous as believing that a higher civilisation existed and then completely erased all evidence of themselves. Here’s the dig: I think you’re f**king nuts.
  5. For shit, of all things! No wonder you’re at home in this thread...
  6. This could well be the first time I’ve wanted to be in a wheelchair.
  7. F1

    The way they went to shit was fun to watch though, just from a “oh, they’re human after all” point of view.
  8. Nice hope the weather holds out, it has its good bits!
  9. Worthing? You poor thing.
  10. Might as well, none of the rest of the armchair experts are putting themselves forwards. Myself included. I didn’t give a f**k who won this, because ultimately everyone’s already lost. Just got a nice comfy seat to watch the world burn from now.
  11. I don’t want anything. You posted the thread, not me.
  12. There were plenty of people showing you support of some, if not all, of your points. I gave a sarcastic reply, which is clearly out of character, and Dannananananackkroyd was a bit blunt but it seemed like everyone else was just stating their side of the debate. I don’t get how that’s being spoken to “like a piece of crap” and not just “not instantly changing incumbent world view” but ok. I think there were a lot of people in that thread who don’t deserve to be under the “you lot” banner that a couple of us probably deserve more, and would have continued the debate with you if you changed tact slightly - like showing evidence rather than asking questions that were thinly veiled versions of “hey, how are you so stupid for NOT believing this?”
  13. For serious though, I think Alan deleted it because he felt it was going round in circles and he was on his own. Shame really. I don’t agree with the fact there’s some extra civilisation that have been removed from history, but it’s interesting to have that belief tested.
  14. Aliens.
  15. F1

    Probably wouldn’t be as good of an excuse in ED, but I pretend that having a fan pointed as me is good wind simulation for extra immersion. I exclusively race closed cockpit cars, though, so clearly I have the windows down. We’re wildly off topic: Soooooo... Rich Energy eh?! I haven’t read anything since yesterday, but last I heard included ousted CEO holding their Twitter account hostage like a child. Amazing stuff.
  16. F1

    My Rift (or whatever I replace it with next) can be prised from my cold dead hands before I think about going back to monitors for racing.
  17. F1

    Although good, no F1 team is jealous of that setup.
  18. Not useless in the eyes of the retarded SEO who decided to launch that bot and place that link. f**king bullshit though.
  19. It was requested, so I thought I’d make it. Post stuff you’ve made. Being as it would feel a bit silly not to partake in the first post, I’ve been making pretty much everything you see in this picture: The walls, extractor hood, control panel, converted kegs, worktops, all part of my brewery project I’ve been working on this year.
  20. It was indeed. Hacked away at some brake mounts as well, and then put it in the shed to rot with the rest of my bikes
  21. I don’t really get what makes it a mix tape, but I like it.
  22. F1

  23. Chris is now the only person that makes me want to ride a bike.
  24. Edit: nah.
  25. F1

    The thing that I learned about him yesterday that I wish I’d learned long before was his involvement into the crash of Lauda Air 004. He essentially called Boeing out to admit fault by saying he’d go up in a plane and do what they were saying was recoverable (and what was suspected to have caused the crash). It was only when he was going to publicly put his life on the line that they said it wouldn’t be such a great idea. Big f**king balls, and a legend of not just F1.