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  1. It was requested, so I thought I’d make it. Post stuff you’ve made. Being as it would feel a bit silly not to partake in the first post, I’ve been making pretty much everything you see in this picture: The walls, extractor hood, control panel, converted kegs, worktops, all part of my brewery project I’ve been working on this year.
  2. ...what a bargain I’m only playing. It’s definitely not to my tastes (whatever they are) but clearly it’s to yours and it looks well made. Enjoy!
  3. F1

  4. F1

    Yea the hype died a little by about 6am for me. Good to see people care about the fastest lap, although why LEC wasn’t pitted to get it is beyond me other than Ferrari being Ferrari.
  5. F1

    I’m cautiously hyped. Who else is planning to be up at 3am to catch the pre-show?
  6. F1

    It’s OK. McLaren have heard that sandbagging all the way to Q3 is what the big boys do.
  7. Definitely people out there who will go with 3 years or less. Absolutely best piece of advice I can give is to go with a mortgage advisor (I can put you in touch with the one I used if you want) because they’ll look at your situation and know exactly where you have the best chance of getting the best deal. Mine got done before I’d even received my first payslip at the job I took for some stability, because the guy knew how to structure an application on my behalf that would have never gone through if I’d done it myself.
  8. b*****d things!
  9. We should all know here you just turn the handlebars 90 degrees.
  10. Rolling self renewing LetsEncrypt certs and jam
  11. SSL certificate has expired I expect @Danny
  12. F1

    All of a sudden testing means everything and is absolutely a measure of outright performance now that McLaren ended the day P1. All aboard the hype train. Next stop: huge disappointment.
  13. F1

    Merc have sandbagged harder than anyone else for years during testing. “Ferrari are really quick this year” -> pole in Australia by 6 tenths. I really hope it’s even closer than last year, especially with Alfa taking that concept to its extreme, but I guess we’ll see in the first Q3 session and not before.
  14. F1

    Mclaren to get a podium. You heard it here first. Wishful thinking.
  15. F1

    That Merc...
  16. Even my Phantom 4 is very decent, and that’s a fair bit older than something like the Mavic Pro - I’d have no issues getting one of those if I used the Phantom enough to warrant spending again.
  17. All this talk of Red Bull I’m gonna end up having my first of the year earlier than I thought. Mike, does that make you immoral?
  18. Keeping my marketing hat very firmly off: I think the answer they’d give, quite rightly, is that drinking energy drinks is fine in moderation. I like the odd Red Bull, but by that I probably mean 4 or 5 a year. They’re clearly not great for me, but I quite like the taste and sometimes it’s just a more refreshing caffeine hit when ‘needed’. I don’t think that many if any of the athletes sponsored by Red Bull are sending out a message to drink them every day, so on the whole I don’t see it as immoral. I see it as a way to use a brand as a platform to help get themselves out to a wider audience, and in that sense it’s very much a two way street.
  19. That’s almost all the way around the world, as long as you go the other way.
  20. Starting to look like it might get finished in the next decade or so.
  21. Is that a side effect?
  22. I had to do some pretty active management of the people on my feed and use of the “I don’t want to see this” option for other pages, but it’s ended up alright again these days for me. Biggest improvement was hiding “parts in a lift” posts, that helped a lot.
  23. You’re all twats and I love you.
  24. Just order one from Marino a year ago, then you’ll have it in 6 months or so.