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  1. It was requested, so I thought I’d make it. Post stuff you’ve made. Being as it would feel a bit silly not to partake in the first post, I’ve been making pretty much everything you see in this picture: The walls, extractor hood, control panel, converted kegs, worktops, all part of my brewery project I’ve been working on this year.
  2. F1

  3. Chris is now the only person that makes me want to ride a bike.
  4. Edit: nah.
  5. F1

    The thing that I learned about him yesterday that I wish I’d learned long before was his involvement into the crash of Lauda Air 004. He essentially called Boeing out to admit fault by saying he’d go up in a plane and do what they were saying was recoverable (and what was suspected to have caused the crash). It was only when he was going to publicly put his life on the line that they said it wouldn’t be such a great idea. Big f**king balls, and a legend of not just F1.
  6. Who could’ve seen that coming?!
  7. here...
  8. Your comments made me watch (because otherwise f**k trailers) and that was definitely cool. Still. f**k trailers, but I’m looking forward to the main thing, so yay trailers.
  9. Quite literally only to you, after all these years.
  10. Hey, owner of this site. When you come to find this link as part of your recovery plans from a manual action from the big G, sign up here and drop me a message.
  11. Jeff Lenosky?
  12. That looks like an absolute handful, and obviously a massive blast! Definitely got better as the laps ticked by, is that tyre temps or just getting yourself settled? Early on it looked like you only had to whisper at it that you were thinking about turning in at some point in the near future and it responded by assuming you’d asked for your years quota of oversteer. Absolute monster, I love it.
  13. That’ll be what did it, yea.
  14. F1

    “Turn in, turn in, turn in. I’m stupid.”
  15. F1

    Just watched it, ouch. Good to see Williams finally getting some bad luck to peg then back a bit... Worst bit about the low-loader issues is that George was setting all personal best sectors before it hit the bridge.
  16. History says that many surnames evolved from the simple “Smith” for those who were blacksmiths, “Baker” for those who were bakers to things like “Hansmith” and “Hanbaker” for reasons unknown.
  17. I spent quite a lot of time petitioning for the cutting in half of stuff to be given a rest, so I think I’ve got quite a lot of mileage in this one yet, and if G has an issue with that he can go cut it into two issues.
  18. What better than a Grand Piano? That’s right ladies and gentlemen: TWO Grand Pianos. You know the drill*, G */angle grinder/saw/whatever
  19. F1

    Yea definitely enjoyed that, but doubt I would have if it was by anyone else!
  20. I’ve managed to get so far from playing guitar that I don’t even notice the ones on my wall anymore.
  21. Angle grinder.
  22. F1

    What a race, what a range of emotions. Absolutely gutted for Leclerc, for a start. Watching Sainz battle with Verstappen early on was incredible, real “now we can fight” moment until the unfortunate ending. But Lando f**king Norris: take a bow. I feel like he’d have got driver of the day if Ferrari hadn’t f**ked themselves over again.
  23. ...what a bargain I’m only playing. It’s definitely not to my tastes (whatever they are) but clearly it’s to yours and it looks well made. Enjoy!