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I'm New!


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Hi :)

I'm 14 and I'm a new guy but I have been riding now for about a year. I ride an custom onza t-pro and I am looking to get into some comps but I'm having trouble finding any where I live (Devon) can anyone help?? Also not that many people ride where I live so if anyone lives around the North Devon area then give me a buzz and me mite be able to have a little ride. :D

Can anyone also help because I need to be validated whatever its called.

thanks if you can help :)


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dam no where near, never mind

Oh :( why where are you from then?

Sorry to tell you this mate but the text talks got to stop if you want to be validated. Also validation takes time and if you ask for it chances are, it wont happen. :unsure:

Oh Ok then I didn't realise

Sorry :blink:

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