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  1. That metallic paint is stunning! I wish I had the tools & skills to produce my own frame, such a cool project.
  2. Absolutely this! It's been very awkward talking to colleagues and I've not really gone any further than "I chose not to have it for a number of reasons". We are definitely the minority, but I feel strongly enough that I won't let that force me into having it.
  3. Ah that makes sense, what with the Delta variant... Seems I missed everything from D to O then.
  4. A "new strain" has magically appeared just before Christmas, which happens to be "far easier to transmit". It's OK though, "Pharmaceutical companies say they can tweak the vaccine for effectiveness against the new strain". We can all have our 14th booster in January, that's something to look forward to. If it carries on like this, we'll all be micro-dosing the stuff before we enter shops. And a bit of tin foil for you: Omicron is an anagram of both Moronic and Oncomir. Not suggesting there's any links, but it's an odd name choice nonetheless
  5. I wish "Like" was actually "Agree", because I don't really like it...
  6. I just read in the news about Austria now making it mandatory. Wow, super ethical. How long until that idea spreads?
  7. The fact that people have had three(!) jabs this year and the numbers were still climbing raises some alarm bells for me...
  8. I have nothing else to add, but since you aimed the question of why at me I wanted to reply. Ali and Adam have nailed it really, exactly my thoughts and probably worded better than I would have done.
  9. 100.6 here It's almost like I live on chocolate, beer, pizza and curry...
  10. Same here. I'm not being vocal about it other than with likeminded people. I did have to tell my company a few weeks back, but everyone was OK with it and didn't question it (I guess they can't, really). There's a lot less anger / hate directed at the unvaccinated now, so I think the hype is dying down finally.
  11. Raised a complaint with the insurance company because it's taken 7 weeks so far. Chap emailed me today to say I'll have a response within 8 weeks. Facepalming so hard right now. Avoid Adrian Flux folks, they might seem good with pricing, but clearly no good when it comes to a claim.
  12. The garage that had my new tyres ready called me today, they're getting rid of their tyre bay so I had to grab them. I now have a broken car and four new tyres in the garage. It's coming up to six weeks since I got hit, not really any closer to getting a working car. Fed up to say the least. Good things come to those who wait...
  13. I've had the same pair of 160mm Pikes since 2015, they're due a service but have been a solid, reliable fork!
  14. I was driving it to Cardiff for an MOT, after doing loads of work on it over the last couple of months... It was finally ready to be driven!