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  1. I know, I just can't help myself replying
  2. 5 years old m8
  3. Passat seems to be the car of choice for your situation, but how about a Volvo V60 or V90? (Or the older equivalent, I'm not an expert on Volvo model numbers).
  4. I only use it for live, but I think you can save clips on there - it's meant for gamers really, but works well for DJ's because they don't have copyright detection stuff like YouTube and Facebook. I'd say Twitch is like a live YouTube, without restrictions. I probably don't use it to its full potential, but for what I do, it works well.
  5. Some stats for the 12 hour show...
  6. Raised £287 throughout the stream, I had hoped it would go a bit more viral and we'd reach a grand, but £287 is still a good amount. Turns out 12 hours straight mixing is much harder than I'd imagined, I really worked for that money! I guess it's an average working day, +4 hours, with no breaks and total concentration the whole time... I often don't think things through before signing myself up to them
  7. 7 and a half hours in! Come and join us
  8. Live in 10 minutes guys & girls Get involved!
  9. What's happening my dudes? Well, this is, for starters: This weekend I'm doing a non-stop DJ set for 12 hours, which will be streamed on Twitch. All details are on the event page linked above. It would be cool if you could join me for it, donations even better, but if not just come and hang out (And give the event a share, if you're feeling nice). 12 lunchtime 'til 12 midnight. It's gonna be a marathon!
  10. Short is an understatement - that thing is tiny! Still a great looking bike, 10 years on. Much faster than mine uphill too, though that's the legs that are powering it more than the bike
  11. Badass. Both bikes are cool and I love that front wheel
  12. Yeah why would you waste that opportunity? I'd definitely head out there on my own and enjoy myself if I was in your position.
  13. Is the point not more to do with the fact that the tools available couldn't have created such structures, regardless of time spent? Some of the accuracy on these old stones is incredible - some of which is difficult to replicate with the machinery and tools we have today, so think about what they had all those years ago... I've not done much digging into it, but it fascinating and I certainly don't have any answers.
  14. I just tested my channel on that site and it says I have -3886 views in the last 30 days. How the hell can I have minus views? Not that I really care, as it's just random shite on there that's not even monetised, but I don't get how that works.
  15. Live now!