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  1. Nice one, amigo! Isabella Amelia, you are indeed the guy.
  2. I'm sticking with my initial reply - if your area has no opportunities, move to the nearest big city that does. You don't even have to live in the city, just near enough to work there.
  3. If Barrow doesn't offer opportunities, move further afield? Hastings didn't have much for me, aside from friends and family, I moved to Bristol 7 years ago and everything is better now - I have a proper career and there's tons of opportunities here. A lot of my friends have visited and said they're jealous or I'm lucky, but really it's not that difficult to move somewhere new. A fair bit of the career side was lucky, but the life I'm living now is just hard work and making the decision to change location. Either way, hopefully you get sorted soon dude.
  4. Agreed - Miele Complete C3 here, great piece of kit What has my life become, discussing vacuum cleaners on the internet
  5. Edam, at a guess... is this weird spam? I mean, strange thing to post as your second post.
  6. Can't see attachments unless you sign up on there - as I'm 99.97% sure I'll be getting one, I'll have a look at joining later
  7. Red has left the building. (Driveway / parking space)
  8. I'm planning on getting as late a model as I can, at least 04 FL. And I realise I've been unlucky with mine, but my Eunos had 3 oil burning 1.6's, I'm familiar with engine swapping now
  9. Pretty top notch roof repair going on there, such pro I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get one of these once we have a house, they look like fun and the usual problems they have seem less life threatening than the MX-5's love of rust. Pre-cats seem to be the deadliest issue.
  10. Skoda Octavia / VW Passat estate? The 2005-ish ones would fit the budget and they're pretty bombproof...
  11. I'm playing a Twitch event today for charity. My set is at 6pm, until then we have 44bdk spinning breaks:
  12. Started off nice, then when he started riding I felt sea sick, why have they edited it like that? It could have been nice and flowy, but instead they decided to make it look like someone had zoomed in and dropped the camera a few times.
  13. Nice one dude! Yeah I can view it, all 9000 pages I'll have a read through tonight in more detail, but I noticed a guy say he was 6ft and struggles to fit... I'm 6ft 2, so that could be interesting.
  14. @dann2707 on your MR2, how difficult is it to see the condition of the rear subframe? I'm potentially viewing them soon and I understand that's an area prone to rust, so I want to make sure I give it a proper look over.