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  1. Mark, you missed the point where I said I wasn't directly comparing it to flu... I'm aware it's not like it, I've had it and it's nothing like flu. The only comparison I made is that I believe it'll come back again, but probably not as bad as we'll have some immunity / resistance to it. I also don't think we can share percentages at this stage. I've seen all kinds of numbers, but they're all based on the number of cases. The number of cases is not accurate because a tiny percentage of people have had testing. Since I went public with mine last week, lots of friends messaged me to say they'd had it but didn't want to tell people... Of course, none of us can be 100% sure we've had it until there's a test, but the point is that if you have 10,000 confirmed cases, you could have 250,000 that went untested, or even more. Therefore any death percentage will be far from accurate. Once they get the testing out to everyone, or at least to a massive percentage of the country, I think we'll see numbers that are far lower than 3%. Still, regardless of percentage, it's going to be a massive number and I'm not trying to downplay the severity. Estimates seem to be creeping down thankfully, so hopefully it'll be much lower than the experts first feared.
  2. But this is all guesswork at the moment, nobody knows what it will do.
  3. Exactly what I'm getting at. We won't see a huge peak again, but it might act like flu and come back again... Because we're all more resistant to it, there won't be a ridiculous surge in cases.
  4. Exactly, I doubt we'd see a peak like this again, but I suspect it'll come back around to a certain degree. I've had flu 3 or 4 times in my life, so the theory that you're immune after one go doesn't stack up... You'd be immune to that strain I guess. Like I said, I'm no expert, that's just what I think could happen.
  5. I wasn't comparing it to flu directly, I was saying that I think it'll recur like flu does annually. It's from the same family of virus, after all. I'm aware death toll and the illness itself is not comparable.
  6. In theory all the businesses that are closed will re-open and will re-employ people, but in reality many will have gone under and can't simply re-open their doors once we're allowed out... Many bigger companies will recover quickly I think, but the impact of this will last quite some time for the smaller guys I would imagine. I'm worried about some of my family too, but you need to try not to think too much about the "what ifs" - all of these things could happen and time will tell, but try and stay positive. The number of deaths from flu each year is pretty massive and that's with a vaccine, I think realistically this is what we'll see from this virus in the end too, once this initial spike is done. I'm no scientist though, that's just my guess...
  7. I think it was expected and is due to get much worse before it gets better... I don't think this was a surprise. Hopefully the peak doesn't end up as big as they first expected though!
  8. Too early to say really, I still feel a bit knackered, but no worse than getting over any other illness really. Still have a cough, but very infrequent now. Sore throat has gone. I had it very mild, so I'm not expecting any lasting effects... I think it'll be people that were on respirators and stuff with really buggered lungs that'll have after effects, if anyone does.
  9. I don't think anyone really knows. Lots of people guessing at the moment, based on other viruses, but I think time will tell on that... I hope it doesn't come back though.
  10. I think we'll see the peak in a week or two, then most deaths / recoveries over the next 5-6 weeks. Probably over the worst of it in July / August.
  11. I think it's similar to "I'd like a large cake" or "I'd like a large wedding cake" - suddenly £30 becomes £300. We had the same with company cars at work last year, our company takes out hundreds of leases a year, yet people could get better deals if they went cash-for-car and did their own leasing... How can someone leasing one car get a better deal than a company that leases hundreds? In our case it's the convenience of having one company manage our fleet, so we'll almost pay anything to have that.
  12. I've seen lots of people question this. He's the prime minister. He runs the country. Of course he will take priority over "lower" NHS workers. I don't particularly like him so I'm not defending him, but it seems obvious that the PM will get top rate treatment if he needs it. I'm sure if he deteriorates he'll be in the top private hospital as well... People would question it if he was left in a waiting room to die too, you literally can't win with the public.
  13. What I heard was that it's 80% of declared profits, over a three year average. And yeah, those that have been a bit naughty on their returns will be a little short of cash I think!
  14. My friend just knocked on the door and by the time I got there he was gone, just food left on the doorstep. Don't blame him. I feel really exhausted now, still mild but definitely getting worse.
  15. Yeah I had a look earlier too, no slots for delivery or collection, anywhere! Thankfully my mate up in Filton is a legend and has done a full shop for us - dropping it off and running away shortly. I've told him to grab a bottle of rum for his trouble, done us a massive favour.