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  1. Depending on budget, a really nice setup is: Zen iFi DAC KRK Rokit 5 powered speakers That's a mid-range system that will give a nice punch.
  2. It's not too bad looking, compared to some of the previous Haibike releases
  3. How much are they up though? A spike doesn't mean it's game over... could go either way still. I've had some go up and then dip slightly, then go even higher... Most coins I see as a long game, rather than buy in and sell when they spike.
  4. They all have! All five coins I'm holding have dipped a fair bit. Still in profit quite nicely, but certainly not where it was a few days ago.
  5. Same thoughts here and also I don't feel I need it. If vulnerable folk and those that want it have it, I don't see an issue - for example, visiting my parents, my mum and stepdad and nan have all had it, so the only person at risk is me. I'm fine with that. There's a weird social thing of "you're killing people", but realistically if everyone else has had it (vulnerable, elderly, unhealthy, those that want it...), it's not really an issue is it?
  6. (And yes, 140,000 coins x $5000 would easily be retirement funds lol... I wasn't referring to those coins as being potentially $5k a piece, before anyone points out I could easily retire on 700 million dollars )
  7. In a year it's gone from $61 to $1000 and is still rising, so I have no plans to take any out yet. In fact I just use it to diversify the portfolio. In the grand scheme of things, $1000 isn't much, so I'm holding. I look at it like this: some of the coins are literally worth $0.05, or less. If they go to $0.50 it's a lot, $1 it's a lot, $10 it's massive, $1000 it's huge, $5000 I could almost retire... One coin I have 140,000 of and they've quadrupled in value since I got them, but they're still worth barely anything... If they went to $0.50 that's 70 grand, $2 is 280 grand etc... And I know if I took the grand out now and then in 4 years it went to that level I'd feel sick. If they all drop and I end up taking out $200, well it's still a decent profit and I had fun doing it.
  8. I've quickly learned not to give any advice on crypto. Any posts I make on social media are "I'm doing this, could be interesting" - if people choose to do the same, fine, but I'll never tell someone they should. It's too volatile and essentially a gamble. Some of my friends made a quick buck off DOGE and ETH because of it, but I'm glad to say I didn't tell them they should do it. I do think some of the smaller coins are worth a punt if you have spare cash, but it's definitely worth researching first. I jumped in back in 2018 and lost about £200 doing stupid day trading with no idea about it all - these days I hold a select few and my stash has gone through the roof.
  9. I stuck in $61 last April, it's now at $1000. A series of incredibly lucky purchases has made that happen. Started looking at NFT's now, but not properly - lots to learn on that front!
  10. Yeah it seems a lot higher than most RH's, I guess because it looks tidy. Ideally I'd like a more modern engine anyway. I'm still just browsing at the moment, any purchase will be 2-3 months away - good to get an idea of what's about though.
  11. *Insert thinking emoji* Though I seem to recall RH's aren't great, this one looks well put together...
  12. To be honest, that bike even as it was would do me - £300 for something like that would do nicely. I'll keep an eye out for them, cheers!
  13. "Jumping" in to this thread... What's the deal with jump bike prices these days? I remember when I couldn't give away a half decent DMR, now you can't find anything half decent for less than £600. I'd quite like a jump bike to mess around on / ride to the pub on, but I don't want to spend that much really... Is there a secret stash of cheap-ish jump bikes that I'm missing?