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  1. Bouncing off the limiter at 13k. Beautiful sound. That thing is going to be a monster!
  2. I heard that's why he likes football so much. It's a game of two halves.
  3. Top up fail. Looks really nice though, wheel colour looks great against the black.
  4. How come you're selling it dude?
  5. Guitar "pick" in English
  6. Should be able to fit at least ten in there. Maybe more if you shave off their handlebar moustaches.
  7. Saw the Santa Cruz one on your IG, love that shot. The bike is beautiful too.
  8. I've only cut down on crap food a little bit and I'm not in the gym every day, but some core work at home and heavy cardio every other day is working - lost 1.5kg this week
  9. You're pretty much the only member on here that is qualified to judge my climbing. If I remember correctly, my words were "Don't worry about waiting for me dude, go for it", then about 30 seconds later you were out of sight and never seen again. I'm hitting the training hard now, did the day at FoD on Saturday, then some pretty heavy spin at the gym on Sunday. Day off today due to knackered legs, but back on the gym bike again tomorrow. Determined to build stamina and lose this beer belly!
  10. Cool man, I wasn't exaggerating about hill climb pace though Gimme a shout next time you're about and we'll sort something out.
  11. Upload it to WeTransfer and I'll stick it on YouTube if you can't get it working...
  12. Do you still ride trials? If you want to head out at all, gimme a shout dude. I'm heading to Forest of Dean on the MTB tomorrow, short notice but you're welcome to join us... If so, "pedalabikeaway" shop at 9am
  13. So weird watching this now that I live in Bristol. Back when this was released I lived in Hastings and hadn't really ventured that far along the country, so didn't recognise any of it. Now I see all the spots I walk and ride past and wish I still had a trials bike Great blast from the past this is!
  14. I call that pump track mode Looks like a beast!
  15. Yeah I also enjoy his content. His excitement for doing weird stuff is genuine, unlike some of the more famous douche bags that just do videos that open with "WHHHHHHHAAAATS UP GUYS, SMASH THAT THUMBS UP AND CLICK THE BELL(end)" - any video that starts with that is almost guaranteed to not get a like or sub from me, unless the person doing it looks genuine.