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  1. Quite a few people... I'm back on there now, but when I went back to it I culled a ton of people off my friends list and left almost every group / page I was on and started fresh. That and having FBP plugin setup properly, it's not a bad place to be now. I still struggle to keep out of comment section arguments though, there's too many awful people to reply to and not enough time!
  2. The only time I see Del Sols is when they're being broken
  3. Makes it look easy, but I bet it wasn't! Bold move going slicks in those conditions... did it dry up in the end?
  4. Mine is the Hornet, which is their "hardcore" frame, takes up to 180mm travel fork. They also do the Primal, which is more XC focused, not sure what travel it takes but I think it's 120 or 130 max. I don't think you can beat them, for the price. They get good reviews, but most people comment on the cheap paint job... It's gonna get thrown about anyway so not too much of an issue really
  5. It's amazing, so pleased with it. My Cannondale was too small for me (Like most bikes I've owned, haha) and even putting size aside, the 160mm all round travel soaked up so much of my power... You don't realise until you get back on a hardtail. Only done one ride on it so far, but I was much quicker and for some reason more confident. The Dartmoor frames are a bargain too, this was about £230 shipped from Poland. My only complaint is that the paint job is pretty crap and is damaged easily, geo and build quality seems good though.
  6. Just realised I haven't posted this here yet! Built up a week or so back, 2019 Dartmoor Hornet, using half the bits off my Cannondale and a few new bits such as the Eagle X1 crankset, dropper, BB and headset.
  7. Fair to say that all the options at the moment are pretty shocking, but Boris would be a bloody circus sideshow.
  8. BMW called me on Friday, they can't find anything wrong with it. I will call them tomorrow and ask if they've driven it for long enough for things to warm up and fast enough for it to make the noise... I suspect not.
  9. I came in to comment about wheel bearings, but this last page has thrown me off, somewhat. Anyway... yeah, my BMW has just been loaded on to a truck because of a wheel bearing too. BMW don't class that as a mechanical failure, so I don't have any sort of replacement vehicle. That's fine, I'll just work from home indefinitely because all workshops are booked up until the end of June. Shitty customer service.
  10. Someone needs a new phone
  11. How many miles is that? My Eunos is pretty bad on fuel because the engine runs like shit (Pops and bangs when you let off, plenty of smoke...), but nowhere near that bad! Smiles per gallon though, right?
  12. Yeah I don't want to sound too harsh, but there can't be much going on upstairs if you're willing to leave all of that in a van outside a Holiday Inn. The bikes appear to have been in bags, so wouldn't have been a problem taking them inside either. Obviously feel bad for him, but that was next level silly.
  13. Also, mounting to the roll bar means that if it rains, I'm gonna be getting a little bit damp on the drive home
  14. Exactly why I don't have one yet haha. Cheers for the tip, I'll take a look on eBay then. And yeah I also worry that a small rubber cup will hold a bike on, but they seem to do the job - just need to make up some kind of mounting bracket for the roll bar, that might be the trickier part.
  15. Looks clean that! Is that a Seasucker you're using? I'm still looking for a good way to carry a bike on mine, I'm thinking a Seasucker on the boot and something to hold the fork on my roll bar (I don't have a hard top)