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  1. How do salaries compare?
  2. Has anyone else been inundated with spam calls since starting the buying process? I get flooded with calls from fake mobile numbers and random towns around the UK, they're all real people trying to flog random shite / offer stuff without actually telling you what they're offering. I had a call from Nairn earlier, which I gather is a small town in Scotland. The chap was "Dan, regarding the funds"... He wouldn't actually explain what the funds were, nor did he know my name, other than "Mike", as that's what I answered the call with. I went from "Sorry, who is this?" to "f**k off" in about 5 seconds. Usually I'm polite on the phone, but I'm getting several of these calls a day... It's getting to the point where I just don't answer now and they'll leave a message if it's legit. Very annoying.
  3. Obviously it doesn't apply to everyone, but house prices on the south coast are generally rising because London high earners are buying them, which drives the prices up. I know this for a fact, because Hastings is being flooded with them - quite a lot of my DJ mates there have moved down from London and still commute there for work (Well, they did, before the shit show of 2020 came into play). Hastings is the prime example, very few locals can buy in the nice areas now, they're all moving to the outskirts where houses cost less. If you look at house prices by area, you'll see that the closer to London or Brighton you are, the higher they get. The same with Reading area, because it's an easy commute to London. London is why the south east is expensive. Same as some of the crazy prices in Cornwall, rich Londoners are buying up places in the nice seaside towns. Don't just take my word for it, here's some actual stats on average salary...
  4. Generally the house prices follow the wages. The people that are buying the super expensive southern stuff work in the city and earn a shit load. Same for me, my rent and general living costs in Bristol are twice what they were in Hastings, but now so is my salary... it all works out the same in the end, pretty much, unless you're in a minimum wage job, then it makes sense to move north and save some cash.
  5. That is awesome news, happy to have been a tiny percentage of what he needed
  6. Next set is 18:00 on Friday, my first set for the new crew, it's a 24 hour raid train
  7. Yeah I meant half an hour from where I currently am, rather than half an hour into Wales. Still riding the MTB, though haven't since October due to poor health... when I did ride, Cwmcarn, FOD, BPW and others were the favourite spots, so it'll be nice to live a bit closer to those too
  8. A little village near Caldicot, quite a change of pace compared to the centre of Brizzle - can't wait
  9. It's more a case of having nothing else to do, to be honest. And yeah, I'm clearing out some old crap, so it makes sense to box up the rest while I'm there... Stuff I don't use often anyway.
  10. Our searches came back today... now we're just playing the waiting game, hopefully for not too much longer. I've already packed a fair bit of stuff, quite keen to move now!
  11. I got head hunted by a DJ crew today, they have some big numbers in terms of viewers. My Twitch channel has really taken off lately and I think it's about to get even better Hard work pays off!
  12. He lives in Tunbridge Wells, pretty high prices around there. I saw houses up in Hull last year and was amazed at what you can get compared to prices in Bristol. Almost like 2 bed here gets a 4 bed up there... madness. That's why we've gone for Wales, a 30 minute drive over the bridge gets you another bedroom or saves you £30k.
  13. Yeah I think everything being old hold for months and then the reduction of land tax / stamp duty has meant the market is flooded at the moment. Our house had two other people wanting it...
  14. I'm always a bit put off when they say "Needs finishing, minor stuff..." - surely if it's minor stuff, you'd finish it and sell it for more? That does look cool though, I wouldn't mind a project that's almost finished and I could tidy up, as long as it wasn't hiding any major issues.
  15. Cost and time, really. Also with my Eunos being a total pain in the arse for a long time, I'd like to buy something I can get in and drive, with a bit of tinkering to improve. I wouldn't mind building one from scratch at some point, but for now I'd rather just get something I can take for a blast