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  1. Guess who's back, back again, Ella's back, back again...
  2. You're 9 years too late, Ella, you massive spammy ball-sack.
  3. Problem found: Intake manifold gasket I have a spare to fit, but that's a job for another day. So glad I finally found the issue, it was starting to drive me nuts.
  4. I checked the PCV valve earlier, I hadn't done that before. Not that. I've heard the cam belt whine when it's too tight, this sound is different - with a tight cam belt it gets louder with revs, mine goes away under load. I'm starting to think the manifold gasket is shot, but then when I sprayed stuff around it there was no change in revs as you'd expect with a leak.
  5. I know when it's time to give up and pass it to the experts... Now. I've tested everything I can think of and still can't stop the whistle. It's definitely not alternator or PAS related, but being so high pitch it's difficult to pinpoint exactly where it is. If anyone has any final ideas before I get a garage to take a look, I'd be massively grateful. It has a high pitch whistle from the engine bay which climbs in pitch slightly when you rev, then at about 3000rpm under load it stops. Car drives OK, but the whistle drives you nuts after a while, it's loud and very high pitch - must be hell for dogs I drive past
  6. I've only had about 20 mins of day light each day after work, so progress is slow, but here's where I am so far... -------- Checked: -------- Intake Manifold - Tight Fuel Rail - Tight Alternator Belt - Tight, Loose & Off Crossover Pipe & Hoses - Tight Throttle Body - Tight Idle Valve - Tight --------- To Check: --------- PAS Belt / Pump - Injector Seals - Starter Motor - Sanity -
  7. Nah I live in Bristol mate
  8. Would that noise not change with the revs though, as it spun faster?
  9. OK one more question. I've tried Google and other sites, with no joy... A squeal from the engine bay, that DOESN'T change with revs or clutch movement. What could cause that? Surely an air leak or loose belt would change pitch / frequency with revs? I took the car out for its first test run today and it developed that fault, loud enough to be embarrassing! Plan tomorrow is to check for vac leaks with brake cleaner and play with the belts, but wondered if anyone had any other ideas.
  10. It was the release bearing, sorted it today. Dropping the box and putting it back in is a total b*****d. No doubt easier with a four post lift, but on the QuickJack it was a task - still better than normal jack and axle stand setups... Anyway, after a lot of swearing and getting coated in gear oil, she's all sorted
  11. FB Purity extension for Chrome is great too, that was one of the main things that made my return to FB bearable. You can choose what type of photos you want to see (eg, tick to hide baby photos) and you can filter posts by keyword, so I rarely see anything about Boris, Brexit, May, Cameron etc... The odd one slips through the net, but generally the feed is clear of it. Also unfollowing those that post the most controversial crap helps too. And in some cases, just unfriending if we don't ever interact and I don't see them in real life.
  12. Haha, totally forgot they used to be called that - at least when I lived in Hastings, they were referred to as that. Now I'm an adult and know more about bikes, I find it as annoying as you do
  13. I'm doing a live mix on Twitch, probably for an hour or two, come and say hello
  14. We've bled it twice already, using a pump, but yeah maybe it needs more bleeding. Would the release bearing make the clutch bite slightly at times, even with the clutch pedal pushed in? It's done it a couple of times, just like a little lurch forwards as if the clutch was engaged, but the pedal was fully down...
  15. So, drove the car home last night and generally it's great - engine idles perfectly, steering feels tighter now that the rack is polybushed and it no longer does pops and bangs, with copious amounts of smoke. Also, because I flushed the coolant system, including a jetwash inside the heater matrix (Accompanied by many large brown chunks of crap falling out), the heaters are once again red hot. On to the slight negative, the clutch makes a horrible noise. Now, the clutch and release bearing were new not so long ago I'm lead to believe (Bought from an ex-member of this forum in good faith, no reason to think it was mis-sold!), but nonetheless there is an issue that needs diagnosing... When I press the clutch in, around half way it makes a bit of grind / squeal and sometimes with the clutch fully pressed down it'll make a constant squealing noise. Initially it was a little hesitant to go into gear, but generally it's driveable, albeit loud. Does this sound like the slave isn't bled properly, or the bearing is on the way out? Before I fitted the engine, it was all bolted together and hasn't been taken apart and previous owner reports no issues, so although everything leads me to the bearing, I find it difficult to believe it would suddenly play up when first fired up in my car... Is there anything else it could be?