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  1. Includes free champagne? Have fun dude
  2. I try and avoid old posts, it just highlights how much of a bellend I was as a young chap. I cringe at my chav days, I really do.
  3. OK I take it back, I just read some of the comments about that 13 year old... Christ. JonMack wouldn't have gone near her because of the lack of definition in her hips, nowt to do with the fact she's a child.
  4. Most of the people in there commenting on 14 and 15 year olds were that age themselves, but yeah, taken out of context it looks like
  5. And, if you want to feel old, one of the first posts says "She's 15" - which means she's not far off 30 now. Time has flown by so fast.
  6. The number of people that have commented on the 1 slot thing, saying stuff along the lines of "They never used to have 2 slots", is driving me nuts. Yes, they didn't used to have 2 slots, so what? We do now. We didn't even have cameras full stop, so should we just not take photos? It's such a backwards comment. Fact is, 2 slots is standard now and for very good reason, so Nikon not putting them on that camera is a daft move that will lose them customers.
  7. I'd say the M8 was better, maybe not in terms of spec, but it was built like a tank. I dropped it quite a few times and once even managed to drop it and kick it whilst fast walking - only a few little scratches on it! If the tech wasn't out dated, I'd buy another one.
  8. Live now dude!
  9. Yep, Apple and Samsung have really got to the top based on good marketing, there's plenty of good alternatives. I've had an HTC one M8 and then the M9 (Older models now) for my last two phones and they've been just as good if not better than the equivalent Samsung units. My work phone is an iPhone and I don't like them, personally, though that's just my preference.
  10. I went for a job elsewhere, got the offer, then told the office gossip, knowing it would get back to the director. He gave me a hefty payrise to make sure I stayed. It was my own fault really, I asked for Hastings wages in Bath, before I knew how fooking expensive Bristol is in comparison to Hastings.
  11. I saw the new one at a Ford show recently - bright yellow and half a million quid (If you can get one, that is). Looked really nice and still quite similar to the original, which is unusual for newer cars. Also saw a new NSX on the road recently, they're damn good looking. I think I'd be scared to drive cars like that on the road.
  12. Nice run of luck there dude! Surprised the exhaust place sorted that out so far down the road (pun intended) and 15% pay rise is massive - we tend to get 1.5 - 3% a year.
  13. The best thing is putting a part in a huge hydraulic press (Not sure on ratings, but we have some at work that are about 15 foot tall), only to find the part in question has some sort of cir-clip, which means rather than pressing out, the entire part explodes into loads of bits.
  14. What's the stain on the bonnet? Something went bang at some point, I assume!