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  1. I narrowly avoided that fate too dude, one of my team volunteered instead. Sorry you didn't get so lucky As Luke said, your recent stuff has been really nice looking, I'm sure you can get something going there. Push it on forums / groups and see what happens!
  2. I have no idea how people can balance like that, hats off sir, that's impressive!
  3. On Facebook there's been a clear divide in terms of what we should be doing, so I thought I'd ask the question here, as people seem to be a bit more rational on TF compared to FB... If you're in the camp of "People having beers are selfish c*nts and people who had haircuts are tw*ts" (Not my words, but actual quotes from FB yesterday...), how do you think we should be playing it? I think a lot of my friends on FB are expecting it just to blow over, so we should wait until it's gone - that's not going to happen, is it? The way I see it is that we had lockdown to "flatten the curve", not to stop the virus. I think it's inevitable that we'll all get it at some point, we just wanted to avoid flooding hospitals, which we achieved... Of course we still need to be sensible and limit the spread as much as we can, but we have to come out and do normal stuff sooner or later and I think delaying it will just delay whatever is going to happen (Second wave, etc...). I also still believe that there won't be a second wave, I reckon most people have already had it and not even noticed, but time will tell on that one. Either way, there's a hell of a lot of pandemic experts on FB at the moment, perhaps BoJo should have just employed some of them to handle the issue
  4. That's the problem with the news, they find the very worst things and convince people it's the reality. I went out for beers yesterday in Bristol and we struggled to get in to most places, they were letting very few in and they were being sensible about it. We were sort of expecting total carnage and it was nothing like that, civilised, quiet and distanced...
  5. Every year me and three mates go camping at an airshow. For the most part, it involves sitting in a field with a few beers, BBQ and camp fire, talking shite for a few days and forgetting all other responsibilities. As expected, the airshow is cancelled this year. Sucks, but not the end of the world because we can just book a normal campsite and it'll be almost as much fun - same shit, fewer aircraft nailing it overhead. I made all the enquiries, did all the searching for a suitable site etc... and nobody will commit. I've been stuck in my flat for four months, whether they come or not, I'm going somewhere.
  6. If we're talking piano music, this would be my top submission:
  7. I miss MIKE BECK too dude He's dropped to page 3 of the Videos section.
  8. Surely it would be lower cost to replace your bars than to have a custom machined stem?
  9. There's a lot of that in the MX-5 scene too, haha. "Mine made 143 on the dyno, all I've done is put a filter and exhaust on!" - it made 115bhp 30 years ago That MR2 is gonna be a blast to drive, it'll be a rocket with 220bhp!
  10. Finally sorted Red, it was the Cam Angle Sensor... tried a few other bits and bobs over the past few weeks, having no time or motivation to properly look at it. Need to tweak the timing slightly and it's good to go
  11. Is it as clean as it looks? I love those, they're getting hard to find in decent condition now.
  12. I've explained the same thing to a customer 6 times now. I've explained it in every way I can, yet they're still not getting it. It gets to the point where you wonder if they're just trolling. Other than replying "Please see my previous six emails", I'm stumped on how to resolve this one
  13. I agree, it's a massively disproportionate use of force. Survival instincts should tell you not to steal a taser from an armed cop though, given how trigger happy a lot of them are...
  14. Looking good, though poorly planned, you'll never get a dishwasher under there.
  15. Suicide by cop, really. Totally different to kneeling on someone until they pass out, when they've not resisted.