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  1. You can still transmit it when vaccinated though, no?
  2. No it isn't. For you it is, for the rest of us it isn't. If you think "we" aren't having it purely because of the potential side effects, I suggest you read the thread again.
  3. That's the main selling point for me, I hate climbs. Another selling point is seeing my friend do 3 days riding in Wales and he wasn't totally wrecked after it - you can ride further / for longer. You do sacrifice some of the feel on the way down as you say, but being able to ride all day is very appealing.
  4. He's been diagnosed with Glioblastoma which unfortunately in the UK is pretty much 0% survival rate - it's more about how long, not if it can be cured. Apparently the new treatment in Germany and the US is very promising, but treatment alone starts at £40k, then you've got all the associated costs, travelling there weekly or staying there. Glioblastoma is different to other brain tumours in that it grows tentacles, so it's impossible to remove it all, but from what I've heard this new treatment is a vaccine that trains your body to attack the specific type of cell, far more effective than chemo / radiotherapy. It's just horrendous. Glad to hear your friends brother beat it, always nice to have news of positive outcomes.
  5. I guess this is the most relevant thread for this post. My 15 year old nephew was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour, had most of it removed and analysed and we had the awful news that it's Glioblastoma - there's nothing available in the UK that can save him, but there's new treatment in Germany that has a chance. We're trying to raise funds to get him there, but the target is very high. This news would be crushing at any time, but for a 15 year old kid it's just terrible. I'm not great with words at the best of times, but I'm totally lost for them at the moment, I don't even know what to say to my brother really. Awful doesn't do it justice, but it's the word that springs to mind every time. I'm spamming the link everywhere I can, in the hopes that it goes viral.
  6. In a couple of years, we'll bring back sixpence, thrupenny bit and other hard to pronounce forms of money.
  7. Weird spam, unless someone genuinely signed up just to slag off a scooter company.
  8. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what he means. You get bad reactions when you say it on social media, but a massive percentage of articles that scream about 20 or 30-something year olds being in intensive care feature a hugely unhealthy patient - not in all cases, but the vast majority I've seen are like that. The kind of people that do zero exercise, eat all the wrong stuff and get out of breath climbing one flight of stairs. Of course a respiratory illness is going to hit them hard. The number of younger, fit and healthy people that have had a serious illness from Covid is tiny. It's happened, but it's tiny. So yeah, I agree, let's focus on making people healthier in general, then we won't need as much hospital intervention. I'm sure a lot of serious illness / death from Covid could have been avoided if the people were generally fitter and healthier, it's not always their fault, but sometimes it is. This is also a pointless debate now anyway, as clearly you're massively pro-vaccine and that won't change, same for the other side of the debate.
  9. I'm hoping to get one next year. I love MTB, but like you I'm really not a fan of climbing - I'm not super fit and don't really have time to commit to getting fitter (In the specific way that helps climbing). I think they're great, I had a go on my mates one recently and I'm sold! Just need to find a decent one for a reasonable price and most importantly, one that's in stock...
  10. Block his drive / block his car in and put a note on it saying you'll move the car when he comes and apologises.
  11. It doesn't stop you from spreading it.
  12. Why were they deleted?
  13. Don't try and tell me I'm the only one that buys meds from Pets At Home!
  14. To be fair, looking up a drug name and seeing whether it's designed for horses or humans isn't rocket science... It probably even says it on the packet.
  15. Bit late, but I used to live in Bedminster - you can park on street at the weekend there, look at William Street / Whitehouse Street area, it's about a 5 or 10 minute walk to some of the spots Luke mentioned. It's free at weekends and after 5pm in the week