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  1. I just tested my channel on that site and it says I have -3886 views in the last 30 days. How the hell can I have minus views? Not that I really care, as it's just random shite on there that's not even monetised, but I don't get how that works.
  2. Live now!
  3. Amazing! What were their reasons? Too slow or just considered unsafe?
  4. I'd say vans are more than welcome, especially troll vans like that, haha. You've gotta book it on a track day, that would be amazing.
  5. Eat a dick. Out of interest, is Lotus Notes still a thing? I remember using it about 10 years ago.
  6. So you've had two encounters with that company and both times they've put the wrong address on the package? Sounds like they're a pretty competent bunch then!
  7. Someone's been watching too much Ally Law... Not a bad video, but I'd have chopped the climbing parts down to just the most interesting bits.
  8. I have a cheap crap dropper that came on the bike and it's been replaced under warranty once, but I've never had any play in it - assume you mean travel up and down whilst riding? If so, mine and all my mates have been rock solid until you want it to go up or down. Extra weight I'm sure is a thing, but I'm not sure what the difference is, I doubt it's enough to really impact your riding. Cable routing is one thing I'd like to change with mine, though that's a problem with the whole bike to be honest, too many cables everywhere. Losing the front shifter is on the list for starters.
  9. My company will issue a statement saying I've been in an accident, they don't mention who was liable. So I can't prove to my insurers that it wasn't my fault.
  10. Just had it checked over, it's a little bent underneath apparently. Amazing how the bumper just has a few scuffs and scrapes, yet solid steel underneath is a bit bent up!
  11. Hold up a flag, see which way the wind is blowing, then ride / walk / drive in the same direction as the wind.
  12. Thankfully not, no, but it'll still affect my premium for that. Not an option unfortunately, due to working for mega corporation - strict accident procedure to follow. If it was the Eunos, I'd definitely have just fixed it myself (Though I think it would have taken way more damage, the BMW appears to be built to tank specifications).
  13. A lady crashed in to the back of my car today, which in itself isn't annoying, but my neck has got progressively more painful despite beer numbing attempts. Also annoying is how she kept going on about her premium going up next year - yeah, same here and I did f**k all wrong! I'm glad it wasn't any worse and we were both OK, but still frustrating.
  14. Welcome to the forum. I'm based in Bristol, ride MTB now, but I think there's a few Bristol trials riders still who would show you the ropes
  15. You are aware this is a bike trials forum, yeah? I notice this is your first post, so it looks like you signed up just to ask this... That said, TF members seem to know a lot about most things so you may be in luck.