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  1. That 360 off the stairs was biiiiig!
  2. Not sure if this will work, but my profile is public so it should do. After six months of sitting there dead, I replaced spark plugs and battery on Red. Will it start??
  3. One of our offices is located in Bath, so yep I've been there a few times with the MTB. There's no proper trails, but up towards the race course / Lansdown hill there's some climbs and downhills, but it's generally foot path / dog walking areas and not dedicated biking stuff. Plenty to ride in the area, but you're best off heading to the Mendips, Wind Hill, Ashton Court / Leigh Woods or, ideally, south Wales (Bike Park Wales, Cwmcarn, Forest of Dean). If you can put up with someone who's very slow on the climbs, I'd be happy to show you some places with a few of my riding buddies...
  4. That's a nice setup, I reckon it'll be pretty damn loud in there though, so that system might not have enough muscle still. Looking cool though!
  5. Thicker soles, definitely. The more support you get from the sole, the less it'll hurt. I used to ride in trainers for long days on the mountain bike and they hurt until I got some pretty rigid 510's.
  6. Wish I had the space and skills to do something like that. My car would definitely benefit from being turned upside down and having lots of crap cut away and fresh shiny stuff welded in. Hoping to MOT it next month, having been SORN since October, but I fear the rust may prevent it...
  7. Yes, and we're all saying that you cannot compare them. They are not in any way comparable.
  8. Honestly not sure if you're trolling... If you smoke 40 a day and someone drinks 40 a day, I'm sure the Red Bull would kill you first - however, that's a properly shit comparison. They simply are not comparable. Anything that is bad should be done in moderation, but smoking is bad in every way and is addictive, hence people smoke 40 a day. Red Bull itself isn't addictive, though you may like caffeine and sugar, that doesn't mean you need to consume Red Bull. I actually don't even know why I'm typing this, I'm not sure your comment was serious.
  9. Yeah, but that's not solely down to extreme sports stuff. They had a good ad campaign for years when it first came out and plenty of manual labour folk use it to get them going, as do field based office people like me (I don't actually drink it, but I see plenty who do when I stop for fuel). Sure it's played a part, but 6 billion cans isn't all down to their sports stuff. Also, regarding cigarettes, that's a different ball game I'd say. I think it's wrong to promote smoking, because it's known to cause cancer and is highly addictive. A can of Red Bull now and then probably isn't doing you much harm, certainly not as much as 20-40 a day ciggy habits. I don't see it as being unethical with Red Bull, but if it was addictive substances they were promoting I'd have a different view.
  10. A had a hospital appointment today for something that I had worked myself up about, convinced it was going to be bad news. Thankfully I've been given the all clear and told to come back for another check up same time next year.
  11. Surely it's just a motorised 20" size bike? I agree it looks small, but that somehow makes it look more fun. Yep, I'm holding out for smaller battery packs and hopefully a reduction in cost when more people are buying... hopefully the negative opinion on them will die down too, so I don't catch too much stick up in the hills of Wales
  12. That DOB looks like great fun! I'd quite like an e-bike to be honest (Yep, I know, I'm ready for the flaming), but they're still £££££ so I'll be using my legs for a while longer
  13. That's actually a great idea. I'm gonna set one up shortly
  14. Awesome video, trash music though.
  15. Have a super 2019, you slaaaaaags