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Looking at going to college (courses start in September) but i have no idea what I want to do in the long run so i don't know what course to do :/. I have thought about doing engineering but not really sure what to expect from it. Has anyone done an engineering course before on here that could give me some advice ?



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At the moment I am at Electronic Engineering, level 3 at first year, and as a guy who love computers and electronics it is awesome! and I can go to Uni from here so does several Level 5 courses, like computer software/hardware, Electonic Engineering L5 and what not

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My advice would be, to do something you already know a little bit about and something you have interest in. I went to college to study motor vehicle mechanics, and from day one everyone was talking a load of jargon I knew nothing about, which made me hate the course and I went on to do kitchen and bathroom fitting and level 2 plumbing, which was a lot of fun, but unfortunately I couldn't find a job after I was qualified. :(

What sort of things are you interested in, what hobbies to you have other than trials?

Are you a lazy person in general? Do you like to get your hands dirty or are you more of an office type worker?

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Ok thanks guys and im not that lazy haha, Just now im working as a landscaper with my dad but i hate it. Outside trials I do swimming, photography (wouldnt like a career in that though) and i like to tinker with things. But trials is my main thing i guess. Also I live in scotland and the college i want to go to is in england so i dont know If im able to get in or not with the grades i got in my exams. Is a 1 in standard grade equal to a "A" in GSCE ?

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Do you like to see an end product to your work, do you like to work alone or part of a team, are you good at talking to people or do you prefer to crack on and get on with your work.

Personally, I don't mind a bit of hard work, but I hate being told what to do, I like to work independently, but can work as a team. I hate it when someone with more aauthority tries to undermine me. I like to be left to do my job. I can talk to people, but I do get slightly awkward when I'm asked something I don't really know about.

I think tte perfect job for me would to be some kind of tradesman, like a plumber or plasterer. Although the job im in atm it pretty good, because I do what I need to do, don't really talk much, I'm left to crack on, and when I'm done I just go home.

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