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Ashton Justice


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This bike is so close to being perfect in my eyes now. Just need standard trialtech bars instead of the high rise ones and it will be exactly how I want it, depending on how I get on with my new front brake. I just need to actually ride the thing now.

Pictures came out a bit funny, I think from the white background. I might take some new ones if it stops raining.



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very nice bike.. like mine :wink:

is that rhino lite rear + front??? they are very lite but are they strong enough?? especially the rear one?

lite xl pinned and welded on the back, normal lite pinned on the front. Yeah they are strong enough, especially considering the quality of some trials specific rims.

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why do you want lower bars though?

As it's my only bike, I want it to feel right as a trials, street all rounder. Also the headtube is quite long and the BB is low enough on these frames that it automatically makes the bars feel a bit high. Highrise bars just makes it too high for the more focused trials riding. Brilliant for manuals and bunnyhops, but for tapping, gapping and such.... not so good.

I have had it built with regular TT bars and after playing around with lots of different setups over the last few months, it felt the best for what I want as a happy medium. Just need to find a black pair to make my colour scheme complete.

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