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  1. I'm keen for October
  2. Oh damn, didn't realise. I am out of touch!
  3. I think it looks really cool. Also an interesting step for trials, be interesting to see if any other company try making full carbon trials bikes.
  4. Would be super grateful to everyone who votes for my film in this competition! www.rode.com/myrodereel/watch/entry/149

  5. Anyone had any experience with jetset rims?

  6. Hello So I am looking into organising a Premier for Won't Back Down in the Dorset area. Just wondering who would be interested in seeing it? Cheers Jack http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Trailer-Wont-Back-Down-The-Steve-Peat-Story-2013.html
  7. Anyone know where I can get some cheap avid hose for a elixir 5?

    1. JJ Leigh

      JJ Leigh

      hargroves, most stuff in there is going cheap, at least my local one is anyway... :)

  8. Looks super nice!
  9. Organizing a charity for Mr Ashton. I need ideas for when/where!?

    1. FamilyBiker


      take a look at the status above yours on the tf home page :)

  10. Only 10? I would expect at least double that!
  11. Cracking video. Even though there is little hope for his recovery I will keep on wishing that hes back on his bike in the future!
  12. I had some THE skins that did rather well and I have some Troy LEE design ones at the moment and apart from the rubber grips flaking off the fingers they have served me well.
  13. Can anyone suggest a good knee support to wear while riding?

    1. Julesfoxx


      I use a Adidas adjustable knee support seems to work wonders for me

  14. Ill be honest I have used double disk for so long I dont really have anything else to compare it too anymore.
  15. Thought I would post my finished Ashton Justice. Cheers to the guys are tarty who put up with a lot of phone calls and emails!