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Neon X-Ray Updated (being rebuilt atm)

D Rock 45

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Hey all its been a wile since I last posted a pic of my trials bike and its completely different from what it last was. Thought I'd give duel disc a go so turned a front brake into a rear since the lever is flip flop now just waiting on my wheel to arrive. Will get more pictures when its built.

Almost ready to go just need to fit the disc change the sprocket. Busted a chain whip trying to remove the old one


Hubs: Onza sealed rear Disk
Try all H disk
Rims: Onza diamond pro
Try all
Tyres: Echo cut side nobbles
kenda small block

Avid elixer 1 brakes
140 rear special solid disc
160 front Echo TR

BB Neon carbon
Cranks Trial tech
Freewheel Echo sl
Chain KMC S1 colour
Bonz Stem
Trial tech high risers Bars
Superstar stem spacers
Echo TR cage
Clarks Green cable
Inspired grips
Neon X-ray Frame
Echo urban disc only forks





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interesting, I have a very beaten ( dying pistons n stuff) Juicy 3, and it still works, even after the pads and disc was bathed in oil!( thanks to a dying Hs11 :/)

Not the greatest, nor silent, but it works somehow :D

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Will have to get me some cranks and blow the cobwebs off the because for a ride when the weather is less shit haha

What you done with the limey frame...or did it die?

Sams was brand new so could have been faulty out of the box, to be fair to avid the code 4pot I had ages ago was a beast (Y)

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Yeah its dead 2 cracks appeared in it one near near the bb shell and one under the headset tube, creaked a lot.

Will have to come to wigan one weekend need to get back into riding more my self

I've have minor faults with the avid's but nothing to bad. One was over bled and one I bought had no bleed in it, got a free brake out of it and got to keep the one they originally sent out

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