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24'' front rim for rear?


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since I'm planning on building a new rear wheel I was wondering whether I could use a front rim (Echo TR for ex.) on the back? The reason is that I am running a Maxxis Highroller and don't know whether it would fit my Because Simple on the rear when mounting a 47mm rim. Currently I am running a Spank Stiffy which is 40mm.

What do you recon? Would an Echo TR 39mm be stiff enough on the rear? I weigh around 80kg.



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Hm... if that is so, are there any differences between an Neon Single Wall 47mm and a Trialtech Single Wall 47mm rear rim performance wise?

Heard the neons don't hold a grind for shit and brad johnsons was machined really badly, there was one point where like 1mm of material was left between 2 cutouts.

Trialtech rims seem pretty decent.

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If youre thinking double wall get a tr.

Not sure what you mean by hole sizing, do you mean drill/cutouts?

Well, I'm looking for a rather light but strong wheel. I was thinking of using DT Comp spokes, an Echo TR hub and a rim; just don't know which one yet. I don't care if it's single or double walled, as long as it holds up to my non-trial skills. :D

I ran some

Why don't you anymore?
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