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My new Inpulse Blast Build

Scotty Evil1

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Had my new Framekit built up for just over a week now, so thought I would stick up some pics.

New bits are -

Frame: Inpulse Blast ( 1080/380/+60/72HA) with Inpulse BB and Headset

Forks: Inpulse Blast

Stem: Trialtech 150. Came with an Inpulse 135, trying both out atm.

Pedals: Inpulse Steel Axle caged

The rest of the parts have been swapped over from last bike, If anyone is that interested in the spec, I can stick that up later.....

Took a couple of rides to get used to it, geos a bit different from my last few bikes, but got it tweaked and set up nice now, just fine tuning from now on

The frames/Framekits are available to order via 54sport.co.uk








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love that frame! nice one!

just be careful with the 2014 maggie, ive had mine since september/october last year and i i dont even put my levers through much stress but it snapped on me the other day and ive never even knocked it either. it seems to be a common thing for them ;(

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