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  1. "thin ones like shimano and hope" *thin ones like shimano - UNLESS its a 203mm. Even then make sure its not a "hollow" one. Seriously just get a Hope one.
  2. Make it a rule that regardless of what brake you get, get a Hope adaptor. You'll probably never snap one, thank me later I'd personally avoid the newer style Shimano calipers like the plague. Myself and friends have snapped a few and the plastic "lighter weight" pistons are so light weight, that as you can guess, also snap/explode fairly soon. I've been using Magura MT7's with HC3 levers and either Trialtech or Magura Race pads for a year and a half or so and not a single issue apart from my own stupidity of not fitting a banjo correctly once on day one which was soon solved. Pad rock/clunking was fixed with some tape behind the pads (like every brake) but other than that, they are fit and forget as long as you take care of your stuff, like all things! Savage power and a very good balance between that and modulation too, plus I've had absolutely no brake fade either, even on the mountain bike Cheap and simple to bleed, and when done once in a while keeps them feeling brilliant
  3. Air tokens/volume spacers will help massively and I'd certainly recommend popping some in especially if it has "rockshox" written on it I run 3 up front now and no issues at all. All the travel gets used because that's how shocks work of course, but I rarely bottom out anymore and if I do its never that harshly. Front end wont feel so low either 130mm or 180mm of travel, I can ride a trek fuel ex on the same stuff I ride my specialized enduro on and have zero problems on either bike so if the 5010 works for you really well, personally I'd just keep it because they feel much more nimble and playful! Only get a bigger, slacker bike for more aggressive trails 75% of the time or if you fancy a genuine all-rounder because although they still pedal nicely it will feel a lot slower to what you'd be used to currently. I also have a Hex and it rides really well at pump tracks and dirt jumps compared to my little Skye. The geo is better for it and bigger wheels roll over stuff much nicer.
  4. Plenty of us in Portsmouth & Southampton if you are ever about
  5. Noted, I'll try move around a bit more next time and see what it looks like
  6. Tyre tap from today -
  7. Evening guys, its been a while. Just thought I'd share a video of the latest jibs from my local skate park, nothing too fancy
  8. Had one of these on a mod once on the front and compared to a BB7 they felt very similar. Not the best for hold but initial bite isn't too bad for a cable disc brake. Personally if you are going for a cable disc brake/caliper I'd go down the Avid route
  9. Really enjoyed that lads, nice to see a group ride too!
  10. Awesome stuff Jack!
  11. first kenda innertube in India!!!!
  12. Carbon cranks? brave man! Looks smart dude I like it
  13. LOOKING FOR Inspired arcade mk1 complete bike or frame kit. good condition (as good as good condition gets!) Open to negotiate a price! Let me know what you've got! :)