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Mating TR caliper with Deore lever


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Has anyone on here tried to combine the Echo TR caliper with a Shimano Deore / XT / SLX servo wave brake lever?

Seems like this combination could be cheap as chips considering these levers cost like 15 pounds in retail. I'm also guessing such a combination could result in a really powerful brake. Whether the caliper will be happy with higher pressures is a matter of testing.

Edit: if anyone has any information regarding the mechanical and hydraulic advantage of the Shimano brake levers, could you share? Are the Deore, SLX, XT all the same or not?

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My deore m596 brake is absolutely solid at the lever. The bleed is perfect. No point getting the more expensive models, they do the same thing, look nearly the same. Probably weigh a bit less, but that's it

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Cheers. If they give the brake a spongy feel then the mech/hydro advantage must be quite big. I'll give it a try, the M445 levers are like 9 pounds each. Seriously, how silly is that price?

I used them on a 24 at a trial in the snow last year and they were amazing.

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