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  1. We (Howden joinery) have been closed down now, all transport stopped for the most part, apart from the odd bit that’s already booked in, all shops shut, all factories closed at 2pm yesterday. I was told to remain available for work incase we get subcontracted out to supermarkets. But with my GF being an intensive care nurse I’d rather not. Deffo getting paid this month, don’t know what is happening next month yet, wether we get full or 80%. Time will tell. I’m glad we’ve been stopped because the staff on our shops weren’t taking this thing seriously at all. Total lack of distancing
  2. Mines 29", with 2.6 tyres. It's got an insane amount of grip and rolls amazing. Can ride this far harder than I could ever ride my old cube fritzz 160hpa
  3. Now then gents it's been a while, new steed alert. TL:DR, my foot is bolloxed. Can't play rugby, American football or anything like that anymore. Can't do massive climbs or DH stuff anymore, or trials. So I bought this, £2695 down from £3895. It's a 2019 focus jam2 6.7 nine. Uses the Shimano e8000 motor/battery/di2 running gear. It's got me back riding again, having fun, knowing I can ride all day and not be in pain when I get home. I much prefer singletrack and XC stuff now, not into going silly anymore. Tops out at 16mph, but the power/assistance levels can be adjusted through an iPhone app. I get about 25 miles out of a full charge, it's a 378kwh battery. Most bikes, such as a Levo come with a 500kwh battery now, so they have more range but are quite heavy, where as for an ebike this is fairly light
  4. I always wanted an ozonys curve. Loved the look of them. Had to settle for it's cheap ass Nottingham cousin, the onza Limey 3
  5. And here's me with a big standard 73mm threaded bb and Shimano zee cranks, with an xt bb. And got 'burns on the hex. All this shite that's been foisted on us by Spesh, trek and Giant does my head in
  6. Out of all the stuff I've had/built, the green hex I've got now is the best riding trials bike I've had, it can do all the stuff I want it to do and not leave me with the back and wrists of an 80 year old bloke
  7. Yorkshire Dale has one, crewkerz freed I think, green thing that's a lot shorter than a normal tgs barge
  8. Yeah I agree the paint job is shite, it's not staying
  9. Acquired this last Sunday. Bargain for £670. 2013 Saracen Myst, Boxxer world cups, fox DHX rc4 factory series rear shock, avid trail 9 carbon brakes, superstar wheels, zee gears. Handling is nothing like a normal mtb, have to ride it from the rear wheel MX style, and it just floats over stuff and can take a proper hit. Went and had a test at leeds bike park yesterday, off to Greno Sunday to have a proper go at some rough stuff. I'm planning on doing the 2019 Yorkshire mates race series, pretty much a no frills bit of racing for a laugh, and a few uplift days here and there
  10. The one I had was an Alex Dark version, engineering was spot on. Worked perfectly
  11. I recently bought a Planet X pro carbon with he new full ultegra groupset on. Never had a full carbon road bike before, bought it for fitness mainly as sitting on my arse driving all week aint doing me any good. That and a prop's physique as well. It's so fast it's unreal. Biggest ride to date is 46 miles, rode to Gainsborough, had coffee and crumpets, and rode back. I don't need 50mm carbon wheels, but I really want some
  12. That looks ace
  13. Jitsie levers mate. Tried em on adam morewoods bike. Like an 04 but a 2018 evolution made from ally and not that plastic shite
  14. Most of the countries decent trials riders have ridden the roaches. It's not a new spot. A very good one though. Higgor tor is closer for us Yorkshire folk though
  15. Ridiculous