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fixing my bt ninja


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Morning all been out of the game a few years now but ive always kept my bt ninja (just love the frame and how rare it is) was thinking if I should get it fixed or if it could for that matter problems are:

1 3 out of the 4 brake mounts have been drilled out and steel inserts are wedged in worked just as good as original thread but the hot summer with a grind made the frame expand so every time I used the brake the inserts came out. Question is how easy would it be to make new mounts or take them completely off and weld on some vee mounts (I want rear vee)

2 I do believe that ive cross threaded the bb and its now stuck in there with rounded cups I no im a twat for that but I was young and didn't know what I was doing. Would it be easier to cut the whole bb out and re weld a new tube in or if I did manage to get the bb out can I re thread it

3 bottom headset cup is still in the frame spent god knows how long trying to get it out but

its in there can you even buy fsa pig headsets

Thats basically it or do I just keep it on a shelf in the living room collecting dust

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Have you tried fitting a proper helicoil insert into the mounts? Or are the holes too mashed?

BB threads may be able to be recut and saved, otherwise threadless square bbs are available or get the bb tube reamed out and a steel insert fitted

Headset cup may have corroded to the frame and will be very hard to remove, could try using a hydraulic press?

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A good bike shop can retap the bb, but reaming it and fitting an insert gets a bit more specialist. There used to be Argos cycles who did that kind of thing, I assume they exist still.

You could make/modify a brake adaptor that utilises your 4 bolt brake mounts with m6 bolts assuming you can get an m6 helicoiling in there

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BETD do BB helicoils if it is beyond saving by chasing the threads through with a tap, but it's really not cheap... http://www.mountainbikecomponents.co.uk/items.asp?CategoryID=236&Name=Frame+repairs

To be honest by the time you've shipped it off to them and paid for it to be repaired you'd be a fair way to a new frame, especially once you've got the brake mounts helicoiled, if they're repairable. I know it's a rare frame, but that's only because it's old; personally unless the frame really holds a massive amount of sentimental value and as such you could justify spending the money on it rather buying new, I wouldn't bother.


The other option if you're using square taper cranks is to fit something like this:


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Cheers for the links will have a look tomorrow when I get time as far as im aware there was only 10 frames made and people was put off but the tiny cs (365) but must admit mine road lovely again going back a while just hoping these bbs have long axles because you have to have a 128mm bb (fsa platinum dh) was part of the purchase with frame

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