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BB7 slips and has no bite

Clerictgm mk2

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Don't know what's wrong with my BB7. I've set it up ideally by the manual.

My setup is BB7 with standard pads + echo TR 180 rotors + FR5 levers + odyssey linear cables. And brake works like SНIT! It slips at up-to-fronts and gaps to rear plus there are almost no bite. I don't know WТF is wrong with this brakes. Echo rotors are so ugly or what?

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Riding BB7 for a long time now, i find that Avid G2 rotor very good, if not the best.

Check i you have organic pads, it helps too.

About the holes, i'm trying this (http://www.kcncbike.com/products.php?product=2011-Disc-brake-rotor%252dRazor), it is a lot lighter than G2 and the loss of power is very very small.

But indeed somes rotors don't work well with it. Maybe Echo is one of them.

Bedding in in important too, put water on the caliper and the disk helps.

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