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  1. I just saw this on Crewkerz facebook page. Nothing special, not especially oriented toward trial riders it's more o commercial. But filming is nice, the spot looks great. I'd like to see more vidéos of Jack in this quality. But maybe in another king of video. And the new bike looks super nice :
  2. Very bad filming ! Almost Unwatchable ! I hope they don't do it for a living...too bad
  3. I currently ride a 20" and a 26", i ride then equally. But 20" and 26" bikes are more different than 26" and 24". With two very different setups you can in my opinion get away with boredom. So in your case, i guess one bike would probably be left away as they seem to similar.
  4. Have you even tried one ? I assume you don't, and i'm pretty sure i am right. Again, you make assumptions based on nothing tangible ... just for having the pleasure to write something i suppose. Aaaaagain it is not helpful for those really interested using this brake on rear. I haven't use it for trials on rear, but on an Enduro bike, and it feels as firm as hydros like magura or hope brakes. Even if the feeling may be different. So if you are making assumptions, you'd better write "i suppose, i assume ..." Or better if you feel as you have nothing interesting to say on a topic, dont say nothing at all .... I think we all agree you've made enougth redondant topics.
  5. The topic was initially about someone happy to share is good experience with BB7, as a rear brake for "pure" trial stuff. Everything you say is off-topic, absolutely irrelevant. BB7 being a capable disk brake for trials is a fact. It is not perfect, and i assume people can share here their flaws. But you hesitating in trying a trialzone brake and having bought so much hope brakes for god knows what is not very interesting, Or maybe it is just me ....
  6. I can't see what leads you to this conclusion. As apparently you have no proper experience with a BB7 working well. As i said using BB7 and a Hope Trialzone, BB7 with SD7 lever (or such...) BB7 seems to offer more modulation. Setting up to me is the process of making it work the best as you can. Because it is what matters in the end. And i clearly remember you asking advice about BB7 and rotors in a other topic, not followwing it and then telling as loud as you can BB7 does not work .. in your opinion. THE FACT is that BB7 coming out from the box with its g2 rotor works very well. If you haven't used it like that, you can't complain.
  7. Jitsie pads with hope trialzone works very well (Bite and hold)
  8. enlighten me please ? What's the point of saying something do not work because you didn't succeed in setting it up correctly ? It does not tell us if it does work or not. It just tell us you can't set it up. In a topic where someone tells us it works amazingly, after a year of use or so (So an actual review based on facts), it is pointless, it just add confusion.
  9. Indeed you can't resist taking your own opinion as an absolute truth, but in the same time keep asking the same question over and over again. I'm used to ride BB7 as a front brake for a very long time, and it is almost the only part i can recommand to everyone being absolutely sure they won't be disappointed. The only downside is that it is a bit heavy. But for those who really like this brake, you can make it lighter using some more expensive parts such as race linear slick cable, ti bolt everywhere and a light rotor (Some work very well with it). I am currently using one on the front of my mod with a Hope trial zone on rear. Both are way enougth powerful with plenty of bite. You can't tell it is not working good because you are not able to set it up right. Moreover, you can't say it isn't easier to set up than an hydro brake, in a way that you don't have to be carreful with fluid (Not that it is actually an issue). Moreover your not exposed to leaks, so in my opinion it is way more reliable. To conclude all your gibberish will not help anyone to make an opinion about brakes as it really seems biased to my point of view. Anyway BB7 as an mechanical brake is one of the efficient brakes for trial riding (front or rear) and Hope trial zone is too,.even if both are not perfect. BB7 with a sd7 lever offers in my opinion a bit more modulation.
  10. And thus they could have sell freewheels for crewkerz's user, maybe New GT bike to come users and maybe others in the future. So i really don't understand this "move". In general i really don't understand/like proprietary things.
  11. And the issue is that it could be as dangerous as un chain breakage in case of failure. Freewheel with pawls seems a lot more predictable in that matter. And it is more sensitive to dust or such thing.
  12. Roundagon gives less locking power than the G2 with BB7
  13. Riding BB7 for a long time now, i find that Avid G2 rotor very good, if not the best. Check i you have organic pads, it helps too. About the holes, i'm trying this (, it is a lot lighter than G2 and the loss of power is very very small. But indeed somes rotors don't work well with it. Maybe Echo is one of them. Bedding in in important too, put water on the caliper and the disk helps.
  14. They have made some nice stuff in the past, like integrated tensionners, when almost no one was doing it. But it would be nicer if they use some standards.
  15. Weight is important. A lightweight bike is really "pleasant" to ride. But look how big Carthy and Hannes Hermann are going big with this bike ... They are better, especially Carthy, than a lot of riders with lighter bikes. This was an option, but not available with all dealers apparently ....
  16. As i understand, it is not how ISIS splines are supposed to work, So a two pieces cranckset would have been better. And i really don't get why echo uses their own splines instead of shimano splines like crewkerz for cranksets and hubs, or Ozonys for hubs. This is not really user friendly.
  17. Magura MT7 !
  18. I don't think there is a decline in popularity. But i have to say my judgment is biased as i'm french, i'll explain why. Here people seems to be more intrested in comp riding than before. I realised that looking at the following video : In it you can hear the manager of the resort where the comp took place say that trial is in his opinion, the most "visual" and fun to watch discipline of the mountain bike. Especially because the heights of the obstacles make it very impressive. I'm not at all in comp riding, but i must admit, on some competitions here in france there is a lot of spectators. Anyways, yes trial is boring, aren't every sports ? Don't you think surfing, skiing, downhill, base jump, racing cars, tennis, blabla.....aren't boring unless you are in it ? And for sure for someone who is just passing by, trials is certainly not the most boring to watch. Moreover, i don't see the point in opposing constantly the "different ways" of riding trials. I mostly ride natural on my "pogo stick" bike, but i enjoy flipp riding, akrgig riding, Danny Mac riding or the Coustelleirs, Hermance and so going big. When riders are good they are good ! In my opinion, as a rider when you get a bit bored, just change the spots you ride, the type of bike you ride or so. And not matter which bike you ride, you can be creative and produce something interesting, but it requires some efforts. And it is just a personal opinion, but what is the most boring in trials, is people constantly complaining about trials was better before : hans rey was so good, so fun,...Ryan Leech was so good, so fun,...blablabla... Just take your bike, make it live again if you can, or be creative !
  19. Could have been nice if only it was using "Shimano type" splines ... Moreover, this, used with isis cranks does not seem that coherent.
  20. This bike is incredibly stiff, if you are looking for stiffness, this is the bike you need. Even not being a very good rider, i can appreciate how effective this bike is, and i can realise how much power is loss in each movment with bikes using ISIS Bottom brackets or such. They've also done a lot of small improvments over the Quark 2 : Insert for the tensionner, rake mount and tyre arch, 1.5" steerer ... In my opinion, this bike is THE most "modern" bike trial on the market. This is a bike i highly recommand. And Again Customer support is the greatest. I had to deal with Christian in the past, to me he seem very passionate about what he does. Quick Specs : - Crewkerz Cleep long (1090/380/+65) frame and fork. - Crewkerz Wheels - Brakes : rear hs33 ("old" style) + 185mm BB7 front brake - Tires : Der Kaiser, speed king 2.1 - Maxxis ultralight tubes - Cranks/freewheel : Crewkerz, splined. - Try-All single cages pedals - Titanium, alloy, nylon (hs33 crossover "clips") bolts almost everywhere - Crewkerz Stem - Trialtech Carbon bar. Approx. Weight : 9.4kg, which is not so bad i think using a bb7 and a der Kaiser
  21. I hope this will help. My "old" quark2 had the same clearance, i never had any issue with it.
  22. inthesystem > I agree with you on what you said above, but i can assure you that the clearance is quite good. I had qui a lot of frame in the past and the clearance was not that good.
  23. I don't have one, if i clearly understand what you want, but i'll try to take one ;-) Considering the der Kaiser as a "big" Tire, there is plenty. Your impression is probably coming from the fact that pictures don't do justice to that point. There are 1 to 2 centimeters of clearance everywhere, i think you can call that plenty. :wink2:
  24. What are those pedals' spindles you're using? Echo spindle with try-all body? How does it work? I thought it couldn't work together...
  25. I had the same issue. But i have the "new" ones now, they are a bit different. I think/hope that this problem is fixed...