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  1. Did a track day, removed short box with plated diff in favour of one with a helical lsd and oem ratios. Turning into a very nice road car.
  2. That’s 1:35 of my life I’ll never get back
  3. On my way to vote now. While I can’t stand the man that is the face of Labour I’d say I’ll be doing the same.
  4. Nothing exciting. Integra received a well deserved clean after a trip to Hull to collect some rear seat belt buckles on Saturday and refit the rear seats. Happy to say that while the inner quarter plastics were off (for the first time in my ownership at least) there’s no evidence of any rust around the arches or down behind the sills. Much more bearable with the rear seats back in, far quieter. Only need to fit a helical LSD to one of my standard ratio gearboxes and I can replace the short box with the plated diff for something a bit more road friendly. 70mph at around 4800rpm does get a bit tedious..
  5. Interior mostly out. K24 mocked up with inlet/ancillaries and box to mount next week so I can work out which radiator I’ll need to use and how I’ll mount it. The Skunk2 inlet protrudes a fair bit further than the RBC I had used previously. The position this manifold leaves the throttle body in is exactly where the outlet for the top rad hose sits so an alternative is needed.
  6. Stripped and inspected another K24 that I collected the other weekend. Head gasket failure was the reason for removal from the Accord it originated from but happily the deck of the block is still true/flat. Crank is immaculate also, a great base to build the replacement power plant for my old Civic Coupe. I nicked 99% of the running gear from it to get the Integra going, I’m hoping to have it back together in time for summer track days and the Nurburgring next year
  7. Sorry to hear of your old mans passing. Alzheimer’s is an awful thing. My nan, bless her, suffered quite servere Alzheimer’s/Dementia in her last few years, she too was in a care home for the last 6 months of her life. Still quite mobile/had her senses about her and was still physically able for her age but couldn’t remember who any of us were. She tried to and you could see she the recollection was in there somewhere. It was awful to see such a lovely woman completely lost. She passed peacefully in her sleep about 6/7 years ago which is the best way we could have “hoped” for. I miss her dearly.
  8. They’re stamped +20 It looks to have been re-bored but without measuring them I couldn’t say.
  9. Just gets better. Pistons are brand new and bores are immaculate. Intrigued to see what cam it has fitted.
  10. 1025wb +70bb 350mm cs One of my favourite mod frames in years gone past. Had two or three and loved how they rode. Short back end but with a long enough wheel base/reach (stem dependant) to not feel cramped. Im fairly certain they were all the same wheelbase with little to no change in geo between the Ice 1 and 2
  11. Equally as good.
  12. Started emptying the mini of the parts it came with and had a good prod round it. 50 years old this thing and I’ve had civics in worse condition. Astounding how good the shell is. Inner wings/bulkhead and front panel are all solid, the “boot” looks as if it will come up as new with a good clean. It seems any corrosion that has come about is largely superficial and all on the exterior as a result of it holding water. That said though all the gutters around the roof are solid with any corrosion being surface. Amazed.
  13. You’ll be pleased to know I’ll be keeping this one as should be mechanically. It has a 1275cc GT lump fitted that was supposed to have been re-built and had a fancy cam about 20 years ago.. hasn’t run since. I was going to try get it running ASAP but I’ve had a quick nosey under the valve cover and it looks like it could be best to strip/clean/assess and re-assemble before doing so. Carburettor probably isn’t up to the job without a rebuild either. Really looking forward to getting into it. The shell is fantastic and needs relatively little attention. Subframe/suspension/bushes and ball joints are all still as new.
  14. I love it already.