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  1. Had it a little while now. Was an absolute bargain, absolutely love it.
  2. After a year of braving any cold spell we had I decided enough was enough and fitted the heater matrix I’ve had on my tool box top for 12 months into the 306. I never want to or will do one again. I’ve got Civic dash removals down to about 25-30 minutes. The 306? 3 hours. Then I broke the heater matrix hose fitting removing it. Que another 3 and a bit hours to refit the dash with new matrix fitted, but unable to be plumbed in. A kind chap in Castleford answered my plea on Facebook for said fitting, hard to find for a 22 year old Peugeot that you don’t see anymore, and gave me a replacement for nothing. Straight to the garage, fitting piped in and clipped into the matrix. I have heat and it’s utterly glorious. Civic is next on the cards, completely reversing all the dashboard chopping I did not long ago.
  3. Got a Civic I’ve bought in for breaking tonight and found it was fitted with some HKS Hypermax D coilovers.. apparently a popular choice in the day with nice characteristics and valving for use on track. They need re-charging (gas and oil shock) and from the reading ive done they need to be filled with dry Nitrogen at 85psi.. anyone know where I could have such a thing done? I’m tempted to try them over my Yellow Speeds which I feel are quite soft now.
  4. I initially thought the same, I’d have rather have another Cadwell day/value credited to my account to use when it suited me but I suppose they could have just done nothing at all. Taking it as an opportunity to try somewhere new for “nothing”. Borrowing my friends Transit to take it on though.. I don’t fancy 3 hours 40mins each way in December in the Civic anymore.
  5. They’ve booked Snetterton in December exclusively for those at Cadwell that day completely free of charge to us, so two for one sort of deal by means of an apology. They obviously knew track time per driver/car wasn’t going to be great so I think a second day for nothing is very good of them.
  6. All of the above was a waste of time for the most abysmal track day I’ve been on. 110+ cars due to a booking error, called off in the morning for fog and idiots running slicks in less than ideal conditions causing red flags and an eventual early track closure.
  7. Reminds me of a Koxx Sky, which I was always fond of. Both look great
  8. Update on’t Honda. Cadwell Tuesday next week. Cars been stood for 3-4 months since Oulton last and was pretty grim so I set to reassembling the interior and tidying some bits and bobs up. - New Hybrid Racing intake and filter - Replacement PBS brake pads - New rear ARB links (rose jointed) - Brake pipes clipped down inside - Bit o paint inside - Rerouted shifter cables - Flush through brake fluid Re-insured, feels like a rocket after driving the 306.
  9. Most comfortable lever I’ve used on any bike to be honest, the Hope Tech levers on my Orange aren’t as nice as these haha I’m pretty impressed with it as a whole, it’s been a long time since I’ve ridden a mod of my own, probably close to 6 years if not 7 so I was unsure but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. The fact it fits in the boot of the car without having to take an Allen key to it or deflate tyres to remove wheels is the biggest positive I’ve seen so far
  10. Had my first proper hop about up Shipley Glen after work. Despite my last few bikes being 24”/stock this is pleasantly good fun! Still managing to do a few old moves I did a few years ago. The trialtech levers are possibly my favourite thing on the bike. Very nice to use! Trialtech components are prominent throughout the bike which is very unlike my old bikes and it feels very solid. I’m made up with it.
  11. Yeah Adam said the same thing when I called up earlier to add them to my order. New hoses and fittings throughout with the exception of some pre-loved slave cylinders now so I’m hoping for good things. Looking forward to it.
  12. Leaky. Trialtech levers coming
  13. Used a racing line piston in the rear brake, feels great and visually no leaks after a bit of a hop around. Front is leaking from the crossover slightly but feels okay, looks promising. Just have to try get a good brake on these trial tech rims now..
  14. This, even some of the more “tame” looking sections at Shipley Glen are mind boggling in person. He rides with precision and ease like no one else. Truely too of his game. Hermance and the likes of are good but Jack makes it all looks like child’s play.
  15. Wonder if standard Magura pistons would be okay? Got one racing line piston and two Nylon Magura pistons.