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  1. Up rated in tank pump to an external swirl pot/pump up to the rail. K20s have been proven to run 400+ quite reliably without need for water/meth, so a suitably sized intercooler and a chunky rad will be sufficient to keep temps down. All mapped on K Pro V4 yes, I can have boost by gear mapped in as I’ll be using a 3 port Mac solenoid, so it should still be “some what” usable. 4WD in a Civic has never really appealed to me, the characteristics/handling they have as a FWD platform is why I’ve stuck with them so long so I’d like to keep that feel.
  2. It’s a first gen GT3582R, a bit large and agricultural for what I need really. The car the kit came off was running around 430 at the wheels. Looking to drop down to a newer GTX3076R, power goal somewhere around 400whp as it’ll be on a standard engine. Oem K20A2 with the only modification being a new headgasket and ARP headstud/nut kit. Oem ratio gearbox with an M Factory plated LSD, Stage 5 paddle clutch, LA Fabrications sidewinder exhaust manifold and 3” exhaust from the turbo back. Bosch 1000cc injectors, GFB 48mm wastegate plumbed back into the down pipe.
  3. Spent a little time on the EG6 today for the first time in what seems like forever.. test fitting my impulse deal/buy that was too good to turn down.
  4. CRX went through its map session on Monday with no issues whatsoever and made bang on the numbers the lad was after. 262bhp 231nm. He’s promised me a drive when it comes back sometime.
  5. Would you recommend DanST? Only discovered recently he’s very local and could be very handy in providing me a local tuning solution for customers cars if he knows his way round a Honda. Mammoth task EP3 re-shell I’ve been on with is all but complete as of last night. Brakes to bleed, boost and AFR gauges to wire and install tonight and I can take it for a test drive and see just how useless 440whp is in a Civic. Really getting quite busy now. Lovely Civic EK4 VTI in for gearbox bearings and some wiring gremlins to sort: And another stunner of a CRX VT for a shorter final drive and LSD fitting:
  6. Had it just over a year mate! Slowly starting to take off now which is nice, means it’s making money as against it being a bloody expensive storage solution. Where are you taking to be mapped Dan? Chris @efi is supposed to know his stuff and his dyno produces some of the more realistic figures I’ve seen as of late.
  7. That’s my own unit mate, only other places I’ve carried work out at have been the garage I work at and a mates garage in Keighley.
  8. Almost ready for the first lift after the posts have been shimmed to ensure they’re 100% vertical. (Photo makes them look worse than it is) Going to use the mini, it weighs nothing
  9. It is. It saw an extensive restoration in 2018, very nicely finished.
  10. CRX is finally ready to go back to its owner. The worst part about the whole job was getting the front bumper to fit!
  11. ADVs are great.
  12. Used to change mine every 6 months, usually when it had stretched just enough to necessitate bringing the wheel back to re-tension.
  13. Rapidly running out of space
  14. I have ordered a ramp/lift for my unit. No more rolling around on the floor under cars!