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  1. Unit move complete. Over the moon to have all my cars back under one roof and with plenty of space to spare too! Second lift is on order and hopefully fitted by next week. One very tired, but relieved Samuel. Between 6 of us (trying our best to keep to the rule of 6 job were all currently landed with) we managed to move everything out inside 4 days. We made an excel inventory of everything I’ve got down to individual parts, totalling 357 (not including part quantities). I’m amazed that it all fit inside the old place!
  2. Been a while. Business is busier than ever so I’ve had little time to progress on the EG. Was due to go to paint but I’ve found some other areas im not overly happy with so it’s been put back to have the areas in question addressed. Had a little Del Sol VTi I bought in for breaking, all but gone now, followed by a trip down south to collect a Civic VTI turbo to break too. On Friday I finally found an engine for the Honda Beat I’ve had here since September too, which is all up and running again and almost ready to go back to the owner. Potentially moving units in the coming months to expand the business and take on more work, eagerly awaiting a confirmation email to say it’s going ahead before I had my notice in to the landlord where I am currently. Following a relatively successful first year trading as “KDN Honda Works”, I bought myself a little present today: DC2 Integra Type R number two! Won at Mathewsons Auction on Friday, the price I’ve paid has caused quite a stir amongst the owners club on Facebook but I’m happy non the less. 55k miles (mix of KMs/Miles) no rust but requires a re-spray. Looking forward to getting it back and cracking on.
  3. EG is finally making bigger steps towards being a finished project. Brackets for the Wilwoods needed some modification to clear the disc. Ideally it would have been nice to utilise a spacer behind the disc to obtain the correct offset but this would have made an already tight set of TD 1.2s and a 225 width tyre a nightmare to squeeze under standard arches without a mahoosive amount of camber. The engine is sat back in the car with Jenveys attached; one to check ive re-welded the gearbox mount back in the right place, and two to start getting an idea of where the new fuel lines will fit along with the fuel filter. The engine is coming back out in due course to allow the bay to be painted, and to come back in bits to be rebuild with the ITBs in mind I have so far acquired: - Brian Crower Stage2 Camshafts w. Adjustable vernier pulleys - Skunk2 Valve Springs/Titanium retainers - Skunk2 H beam rods w. ARP Hardware - Wiseco 11.7:1 Pistons/Rings and pins - OEM head gasket - Supertech flat faced valves - Supertech valve guides - Fidanza two piece flywheel - Exedy Stage1 clutch - ATI Flui-Dampr crank pulley - King race bearings big end and mains - TODA billet oil pump gears and shims - Baffled sump - Walbro 255 in tank pump Management is via a Hondata S300 V3 ECU. Gearing is by means of a DC2 gearbox with the following: - MFactory 4.982 final drive - M Factory short 4th and 5th gear - Spoon 1.5 way plated LSD Hoping it can see somewhere in the region of 220-230bhp at a peak 9500 rpm. The ITBs should help make some power low down though I have spoken to Jenvey and they’re able to provide custom length trumpets to help tune air resonance should they be needed.
  4. Anyone on here with a motor traders policy? Any recommendations re who to use.
  5. Bought a present for the B18
  6. The shifter makes me nauseous. They’re next to perfect oem, why people change them bemuses me. love how he stops to top oil up
  7. Not a “cheap” car, but I’m going to view possible Integra no.2 tomorrow night UKDM, mostly original and looks in decent condition, price is right too
  8. DC2 is reverting back to a B18C.
  9. More CRX goodness. I must get all the white VTs in here. Left car is a B18C4 with a Jackson Racing charger. Pricing an engine re-fresh and charger rebuild. Right car is a very healthy NA B18C4 with some internal work for a 4.9 final drive fitting, gearing alteration and a plated diff fitting.
  10. Up rated in tank pump to an external swirl pot/pump up to the rail. K20s have been proven to run 400+ quite reliably without need for water/meth, so a suitably sized intercooler and a chunky rad will be sufficient to keep temps down. All mapped on K Pro V4 yes, I can have boost by gear mapped in as I’ll be using a 3 port Mac solenoid, so it should still be “some what” usable. 4WD in a Civic has never really appealed to me, the characteristics/handling they have as a FWD platform is why I’ve stuck with them so long so I’d like to keep that feel.
  11. It’s a first gen GT3582R, a bit large and agricultural for what I need really. The car the kit came off was running around 430 at the wheels. Looking to drop down to a newer GTX3076R, power goal somewhere around 400whp as it’ll be on a standard engine. Oem K20A2 with the only modification being a new headgasket and ARP headstud/nut kit. Oem ratio gearbox with an M Factory plated LSD, Stage 5 paddle clutch, LA Fabrications sidewinder exhaust manifold and 3” exhaust from the turbo back. Bosch 1000cc injectors, GFB 48mm wastegate plumbed back into the down pipe.
  12. Spent a little time on the EG6 today for the first time in what seems like forever.. test fitting my impulse deal/buy that was too good to turn down.
  13. CRX went through its map session on Monday with no issues whatsoever and made bang on the numbers the lad was after. 262bhp 231nm. He’s promised me a drive when it comes back sometime.
  14. Would you recommend DanST? Only discovered recently he’s very local and could be very handy in providing me a local tuning solution for customers cars if he knows his way round a Honda. Mammoth task EP3 re-shell I’ve been on with is all but complete as of last night. Brakes to bleed, boost and AFR gauges to wire and install tonight and I can take it for a test drive and see just how useless 440whp is in a Civic. Really getting quite busy now. Lovely Civic EK4 VTI in for gearbox bearings and some wiring gremlins to sort: And another stunner of a CRX VT for a shorter final drive and LSD fitting:
  15. Had it just over a year mate! Slowly starting to take off now which is nice, means it’s making money as against it being a bloody expensive storage solution. Where are you taking to be mapped Dan? Chris @efi is supposed to know his stuff and his dyno produces some of the more realistic figures I’ve seen as of late.