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  1. You’ll be pleased to know I’ll be keeping this one as should be mechanically. It has a 1275cc GT lump fitted that was supposed to have been re-built and had a fancy cam about 20 years ago.. hasn’t run since. I was going to try get it running ASAP but I’ve had a quick nosey under the valve cover and it looks like it could be best to strip/clean/assess and re-assemble before doing so. Carburettor probably isn’t up to the job without a rebuild either. Really looking forward to getting into it. The shell is fantastic and needs relatively little attention. Subframe/suspension/bushes and ball joints are all still as new.
  2. I love it already.
  3. One must complete a CLS YouTube binge to find it. All worth watching anyway.
  4. I think Joacim certainly has the “explosive” aspect behind him. He managed to make the 160cm sidehop that Jack pedals into look fairly effortless from a static start. It’s a close one for sure. If anything can come from the progress (or backwards step if TGS is your thing) is that while maybe we’re not seeing some of the biggest moves we’ve seen, the style and tech in what is being done is among the best executed there has been.
  5. Just acquired a 1982 Mini Clubman estate. Going to try getting running over the next month.. anyone here handy with them? It’s a 1275cc GT lump, would be nice to have some pointers and tips.
  6. A snap or two from Cadwell last Monday. The Integra drives great.
  7. I’m 100% in for a TF track day.
  8. Progress. Fluids, exhaust and some wiring to sort tomorrow/today and I can take it for a spin!
  9. One Integra Type R in my possession Engine mounts in, rad mocked up. One or two more bits to aquire and I can get the 24 in and running.
  10. 1:08 is so brilliantly excecuted. Good watch
  11. Sensible but allows me to enjoy a DC2 close to as it should be, but with my preferred power plant
  12. Cheers! My EK9 shell is having the k24 with a view to being my “racecar” in 2021. DC2 is having a K20 with compliant suspension and an LSD so I can enjoy it as a road car
  13. I’m finally getting one
  14. Some good natural locations up north. Higga Tor, Lee Mill Quarry, Addingham Moorside, Shipley Glen/Baildon Moor to name a few.