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  1. Made a start on the box tonight. New bearings and speed sensor drive pressed on and 5.1 crown wheel torqued down. Bearings hopefully to land on Friday morning so I can shim it all up and have it assembled in time to fit on Saturday. Had the cam cover off the K24 this afternoon too and it’s impressively clean under there which looks promising.
  2. Looks cool that Dan. Almost looks like it belongs behind a bar as a drinks/glass store, not a garage.
  3. That’s a fair head of hair! Congrats mate
  4. Picked up what will be the new heart for the Coupe this weekend. Its a K24a3 as removed from an Accord Type S. I’m planning to rebuild this as a “forged” high compression NA engine that should make somewhere in the region of 270-290bhp though the magic figure I’m aiming for is 300 or near as damn it, while doing so on unleaded. Also got chance to get across to Scunthorpe and remove the head from a friends high compression B18C. He’s only just fitted the engine and unfortunately he’s been met with a plethora of oil leaks and a rapidly pressurising cooling system. Cue one spurious, and failed head gasket. I’ve got a rather nice gearbox to build for another EP3 this week with an M Factory differential and a 5.1 Final Drive I’m looking forward to getting stuck into too.
  5. I bought the EG The asbo cannon exhaust is not included.
  6. Summer should see the purchase of an Integra too
  7. Quick update on what I’ve been up to with regards to Automobiles. As some had seen on the angry thread my agreement with th gaffer went tits up with regards to working on the Hondas after hours. All being well I’m on the final stretch to my own unit now, but in the mean time I’ve very kindly been allowed the use of another garage on evenings and weekends to continue my work. The chap with the Civic Jordan I look after came forward asking for a K swap. Gathered the appropriate pieces of the puzzle, and got it done over a weekend. The B16 from the Jordan was sold onto another local chap who asked me to fit it for him too. The Jackson Supercharged CRX is back for a health check and alignment. I have another K swap Civic that is awaiting a 3rd gear synchro, an EP3 waiting for an LSD and shorter final drive fitting and two B series Civics for turbo converions and one engine rebuild. Im going to view a lovely japanese import Civic EG6 SiR 2 tomorrow evening as a treat to myself. I still need to break the UK CRX Del Sol VTi I have too. Things are looking up.
  8. Forgot how good of a watch Sellero was, mint
  9. I had my first proper pedal out on the new bike last week/weekend. Rides a beaut and I’ve not completely lost it either. Much happier on a 26”. Back in the gym as of this week too. Might try a local trials comp or two if I can get some fitness back.
  10. 15 minutes from Shipley Glen/Addingham Moorside for me properly good natural riding.
  11. Cousts or ADMs for me.
  12. Turns out there is already an established garage/mechanic on the site I was looking to lease a building in and the site owner, understandably I guess, is reluctant to let another start up in effort to prevent any friction between him and current tennant. Was a 5 minute bike ride from home/was on the way home from “work” too. Bugger
  13. Biting the bullet and taking steps towards sorting my own workspace out. Phone call with estate agent regarding property arranged tomorrow.
  14. Had a run out to Tegiwa Imports yesterday. Was a bit too late and missed some nice Hondas. Had to leave before I spent too much on new bits I don’t really need. Was nice to give the civic a good run out.
  15. My Try-All carbons started to creak before they let go. Just inspect them regularly for any signs of abnormal marks/distress in the lacquer.