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  1. On a scale of mildly annoyed - pissed off, I’m beyond it. Gutted 5.1 Final Drive arrived today but two teeth on the pinion are damaged.
  2. Unexpected quiet morning = Progress. Dash out, all wiring now removed. Seam sealer to attack next along with any un needed brackets.
  3. After being sent the wrong final drive three times I’ve finally happened upon an OEM 5.1 final drive for my Coupe. Should shorten things up nicely! Hopefully find the shorter 4th 5th and 6th gears I’m looking for in time too. Hoping for a weekend to remove and split the gearbox to add both the final drive and those gears. Found a spare hour this afternoon and got most of the sound deadening knocked out of it. Next job has arrived now so it’s been pushed back up to the top of the yard again until I get another moment to work on it. Dash out next to access the remainder of the sound deadening/insulation... side cutters and test light/multimeter at the ready to do some loom lightening.
  4. I’d have said so from memory, we did one on an older (2001) TT around two years ago that had a pressure sensor fault that ended up needing a replacement unit and I recall having to get that coded in. Honda news: Enquired about a unit down the road. Just too much coming in to have sat at work and use his space, don’t want to take the piss.. Following to do before Christmas: - EK Hatch B16A engine conversion - EK Hatch B18C4 Turbo conversion - EP3 3rd gear crunch to fix along with an LSD to fit, full suspension re-fresh, service, timing chain and clearances - EP3 3rd gear crunch - EE9 (1989) Civic engine fit (B16) - CRX VTEC (The supercharged one) wants a K20 fitting now instead.. this is the time consuming and costly one. - DC2 Gearbox rebuild - Kswap DC2 engine rebuild and refit along with gearbox re-fresh - EP3 for an LSD fitting More people in the pipe line waiting for quotes and a timescale.. all Hondas. Various engines and gearboxes in various states of disassembly/assembly I need to finish and get sold. I was really hoping I could strip the coupes wiring back to the bare essentials before adding in switch boards and butchering the dash in time for Cadwell on the 26th but I don’t think I’ll find time this side of 2018 never mind end of August if I want to have a life outside of cars on a weekend New engine is on a stand waiting to be stripped for bling internals but again, maybe next year. Busy busy.
  5. ABS module likely kaput with those codes I’m afraid.
  6. To echo my earlier post: Oulton Park yesterday. Had been told it’s just a longer, faster version of Cadwell. Few nerves with it being a new circuit and not being sure what to expect, especially after sighting laps and seeing where it could go badly wrong (Shell oils corner for one, banked hairpin braking into entry down from 120mph with zero run off ahead). Entrance into Druids is up there with Coppice at Cadwell for me, flat past the water tower and hard on the brakes, ace I had a little trouble finding brake balance in the morning with lots of the fastest braking zones being quite rough and my Coilovers lacking decent rebound adjustment, a play with bias and timing solved that in the end. Long right (Denton’s) after the start finish straight required you to be foot in all the way round, or go slow, not wise to lift as one Clio owner found out.. Shell oils banked turn nearly had me regurgitate my full English after 6 laps. Was lovely to have a garage to keep everything in, one huge bonus over Cadwell. Overall the car was fantastic. I could do with upping my stopping power and adding some ducting to the front brakes. I’ve ruined my front pads staying out too long at a time and I really could do with looking into a sorted fuel system to help prevent surge when low on fuel/under braking. I do need to fit my final drive and 4th 5th and 6th gears too, there’s more in it down the straights and out of corner exits with the power it’s got that the standard ratios and FD are holding back.
  7. Managed a whole track day with no mechanical issues whatsoever! I’m both incredibly pleased and suprised at the same time
  8. The DC2 isn’t mine unfortunately. It very nearly was.. looked underneath this afternoon to inspect condition and it’s poorly shame as it is VERY fast. Hilarious in me wondering what some increased air density in the form of a turbo would be like on the civic..
  9. Boost
  10. VTEC
  11. Cheers Mark, I’d not made a huge deal of it as I wanted to see how I got on. The CRX is about done. Just needs aligning. Customer had a quick test drive earlier and is over the moon. Took the Civic to Cadwell on Thursday. Lasted the morning until it spewed all it’s oil out of the cooler
  12. Cleannnnnn CRX VT in for some serious drive line problems sorting. First “big” Honda job since I’ve set up my own side line solely for them. Keen to make this car the drive it should be as against how it is now.. awful.
  13. Civic. Cusco rear wing, cut rear bumper (race car yo), front lip, front splitter, K Tuned billet shifter. The shifter is possibly my single favorite addition on the whole car. Just a properly nice bit of kit that feels fantastic. Cadwell (again) in just under two weeks away, before which I’m hoping I can find time to fit my new 5.3 final drive and a lighter flywheel. Also need two tyres. Expensive hobby this.
  14. Car looks great @dann2707! Id imagine the smoke was just the result of a bit of a flame/pop on over run/limiter? Minor issues considering how long it’s been off the road.. easy fixes too. Will try join you at Cadwell this month too.
  15. Wouldn’t mind a cheap MX5 as a toy for summer!