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  1. Sensible but allows me to enjoy a DC2 close to as it should be, but with my preferred power plant
  2. Cheers! My EK9 shell is having the k24 with a view to being my “racecar” in 2021. DC2 is having a K20 with compliant suspension and an LSD so I can enjoy it as a road car
  3. I’m finally getting one
  4. Some good natural locations up north. Higga Tor, Lee Mill Quarry, Addingham Moorside, Shipley Glen/Baildon Moor to name a few.
  5. Went to Oulton and the car didn’t break! Best it’s felt in ages.
  6. It’s a separate unit I moved into with a view to running a small business from it after work hours. I’m still doing my 8am-5pm at the garage currently. Its a right f**k up between the landlord, his son who works out of the unit with him next to us and his bird falling out with folk I know and who come to me for work. But as you say none of their business/personal troubles should be taking work from me via dictating who’s cars can and can’t be there. They’re costing me me money and quite directly too. His lass messaged last night asking me to remove a car of someone’s Ive got in there at the moment because they don’t get on... immature and unprofessional as f**k.
  7. Landlord of my unit is an immature little f**k. Fancy paying X amount for a unit and then being told I can’t have this persons car, that persons car etc.. in there for work because he doesn’t like them or his bird has an issue with the owner. Consistently parks across the front of my roller shutter and has no consideration for my intentions. Hes in for a shock at the end of the month when he’ll find the keys through his letter box and an empty unit. Going to view another one tomorrow up the road.
  8. We went to Tesco a few years back for a load of beer and the round trip won’t have taken anymore than half an hour. Plenty about.
  9. You could well be correct, I just remember that particular frame being prone to cracking/snapping at the end of that top/down tube gusset The older frames were lovely and strong
  10. Down tube next with it being an 08 model Typhoon
  11. First Cadwell track day was a bit of a let down. Car felt sluggish, and something broke before lunch that kept pulling it to the left. Bit gutted considering the effort and money I’ve just put into rectifying it’s issues but that’s the joy of motoring! I think..
  12. I liked the clip filmed on the King Edward the best
  13. New track wheel and tyre combo for the coupe. HUGE amount of brake clearance so some man sized brakes are next on the list.
  14. First track day in the coupe this year completed with no issues yesterday. New final drive and gearset is ridiculous, so good. Car feels a little bit understeery compared to last year, especially in the wet which has never been much of an issue, so I need to give the alignment a good look over but otherwise sound. Engine feels much stronger and much smoother after the head gasket too. Runs much better. Cadwell should be excellent. Aquired two Del Sol VTi’s to break down into bits too. Horrid black JDM example. 80k miles. A peach of a B16A and a factory LSD gearbox though, exactly what my EG6 would have had originally so that’s where it’s destined to end up. And a crash damaged red UK example. Low mileage at 43k, B16A2 and box and a working transtop roof should see it convert parts into currency nicely.
  15. Collected my EG6 last night. Paint needs attention but the shell is solid. K20 is out of the coupe for head gasket doing, final drive, 4th 5th and 6th year replacement and diff rebuild. Del Sol VTI arriving next month that I’m planning on robbing the B16 from to go in the blue EK shell I aquired with the unit. Business insurance in place for my unit. B16 swapped EK in for an engine rebuild over the next few weeks, EF Civic B swap is building up component wise and a few K series boxes to do. All go!