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  1. This is the plan really. Minus the loan if I can find premises with a reasonable rent/lease figure and rates that aren’t extortionate.
  2. He’d agreed to me doing the hondas after hours, providing it WAS only Hondas which it always has been, early last year. The irony of it is I was looking for a unit anyway because I didn’t want to take the total piss out of the use of his space and I’m getting too busy to have engines and boxes scattered all over the place here, so I was on the way to doing the right thing anyway. I’ve been looking and there’s a few units that have caught my eye. I’d like to go and start loan free if possible, I think I can do it with what I have. Will just be a year of hard graft and long hours but I think it’ll pay off.
  3. It’s a mind f**k, I’m going to use the next few weeks as a stop gap purely to get back in front with my finances and find a workshop of my own.
  4. Well he’s called me into work, I knew he would do but the atmosphere could be cut with a knife. Definitely time to sort my own place out even if it is just for after hours out of here until I get my foot in properly. No enthusiasm to work here not being able to do what I enjoy after I’ve done. There’s more to it than just not being able to work on the Hondas.
  5. Combination of things, the lad I worked with is a self centred wanker. I won’t go into the details of it all but his grounds for dismissing me are a joke. Just a bit gutted really. 6 years working there and building a bond/trust with customers that recognise my efforts and ask for me when booking/enquiring etc. Was all familiar and I enjoyed being there. I don’t like change.
  6. Jobless
  7. Jitsie/Echo are your best bet.
  8. Merry Crimbo to all. The roads are pleasantly quiet here so I’m going to wake half of West Yorkshire up shortly with a spirited run out in the Civic to see some family.
  9. Had it a little while now. Was an absolute bargain, absolutely love it.
  10. After a year of braving any cold spell we had I decided enough was enough and fitted the heater matrix I’ve had on my tool box top for 12 months into the 306. I never want to or will do one again. I’ve got Civic dash removals down to about 25-30 minutes. The 306? 3 hours. Then I broke the heater matrix hose fitting removing it. Que another 3 and a bit hours to refit the dash with new matrix fitted, but unable to be plumbed in. A kind chap in Castleford answered my plea on Facebook for said fitting, hard to find for a 22 year old Peugeot that you don’t see anymore, and gave me a replacement for nothing. Straight to the garage, fitting piped in and clipped into the matrix. I have heat and it’s utterly glorious. Civic is next on the cards, completely reversing all the dashboard chopping I did not long ago.
  11. Got a Civic I’ve bought in for breaking tonight and found it was fitted with some HKS Hypermax D coilovers.. apparently a popular choice in the day with nice characteristics and valving for use on track. They need re-charging (gas and oil shock) and from the reading ive done they need to be filled with dry Nitrogen at 85psi.. anyone know where I could have such a thing done? I’m tempted to try them over my Yellow Speeds which I feel are quite soft now.
  12. I initially thought the same, I’d have rather have another Cadwell day/value credited to my account to use when it suited me but I suppose they could have just done nothing at all. Taking it as an opportunity to try somewhere new for “nothing”. Borrowing my friends Transit to take it on though.. I don’t fancy 3 hours 40mins each way in December in the Civic anymore.
  13. They’ve booked Snetterton in December exclusively for those at Cadwell that day completely free of charge to us, so two for one sort of deal by means of an apology. They obviously knew track time per driver/car wasn’t going to be great so I think a second day for nothing is very good of them.
  14. All of the above was a waste of time for the most abysmal track day I’ve been on. 110+ cars due to a booking error, called off in the morning for fog and idiots running slicks in less than ideal conditions causing red flags and an eventual early track closure.
  15. Reminds me of a Koxx Sky, which I was always fond of. Both look great