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New Rider, bike option!

Dan Jonez

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I'm new here and to the world of Trials. I'm currently living in Portugal and looking at bike options (There are very few here)

I fancy getting the hang of the sport as a new way to train balance and bike control. I'm not planning to get to a competitive level and would like a bike that I can ride fairly easily from spot to spot around the City. My original budget was around £300 but it's flexible as long as it's a good investment. The only bike I have found so far is an Inspired four play 24", it looks to be in good condition and the guy selling it is a really good bike mechanic so it's no doubt been looked after. I was hoping to get some advice on the price as I have no idea what's good or bad. The components it comes with are below (My best translation!)

I really appreciate any advice on the price and whether this bike is suitable for my needs. It's advertised for 630 euro (£500)



Rear Hydraulic brake - Echo SL with Magura and trial tech pads.

Cranks - Try-all SL

Forks - Inspired team

Seat - Inspired

Pedals - Inspired

Tires - DMR Moto Digger.

Echo SL.
Travão traseiro hidráulico Echo SL com bombitos Magura e pastilhas Trialtech.
Cranks Try-All SL com pinhão Echo SL.
Caixa de direcção Aerozine.
Garfo Inspired Team.
Selim Inspired.
Pedais Inspired.
Guiador BONZ high rise.
Pneus DMR Moto Digger


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