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Crank length query

Ben Swales

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I’m umming and ahing about crank length and hoping some good old TF wisdom will help me make a decision. 

New bike coming (29”) has 175mm cranks, but my previous one (27.5”)  had 170mm. I seem to have a naturally faster, more ‘spinny’ cadence, but quite long legs (34” inseam). 

A lot of the trails I ride are quite rocky, so ground clearance is a consideration as well. 

I’m wondering whether to stick with the 175s, or replace with 170s. Any thoughts?

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I ride a Whyte T130 that has a bit of a low BB and I quite regularly hit pedals. It's currently on 175s but I've just made the decision and am going to swap to 170s to try and ease that issue. I'd say if you're going to do it maybe go for it immediately as you'll be able to sell on the 175s easier and for more dolla brand new than if you sell them even lightly used. See if you can pick up a set of nearly new 170s on eBay or similar maybe to make it less expensive overall?

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Thanks Dave. That’s the way I’m leaving, so good to hear you’ve gone the same way. 

I might see if Leisure Lakes would swap them out without charging me when they build it (long shot), but if not I definitely agree that doing it from new is the best idea. 


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