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TNN pads


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Hi there,Does anyone knows if only green TNN pads are suitable for smooth rims (like site description says) or every pads they offer are grinded rims for?

Sorry for this maybe stupid question,but i did not find any information related to this.

And also,what is the technique to be put together  refills and backings?Glued or there is something else?

Have a good time.

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Super glue the pad material into the backing. Just make sure to be quick before it dries and only apply super glue to the base/bottom of the backing, avoid spreading glue to the side walls because the pad will get stuck to it and you’ll have a hard time trying to push it all the way in.

Re pad material - as far as I know all of the tnn pads are intended to be used on a ground rim for best performance. You can experiment with the depth of the grind. LGM (green) and ADM (black) compounds seem to be the most popular ones. Or at least I haven’t heard about any other. If you’re looking for softer compound to use on a smooth rim, I’d recommend trying the jitsie blue pads or heatsink yellow pads. 

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Thank you.I am going to try to put Heatsink yellow ones on TNN backings.I read somewhere here that it is possible to but they need some modification knife with.Currently use Jitsie but wanted to try some  different pads and have backings in spare.

Thank you once again.

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