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Tannus Armour for Trials?


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I was browsing around while waiting on my new trials bike to arrive and I found the Tannus Armour inserts for use with tubes. Are these any good for trials riding? Anyone have experience with fitting them or with the durability? Thanks

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I've used them on my MTB and they were okay. Max pressure of something like 30psi otherwise you crush the foam, although that seems to happen anyway over time even at low pressures.

I also found it made the tyre feel a little wobbly and vague, but it might be worth a go still. I never got a puncture so I guess it did its job! :)

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I used one on my rear wheel in combination with tube. I posted a thread on this forum, to share my experience.

Now after several months, I noticed many drawbacks: high rolling resistance, lack of protection from hits coming sideways, no extra protection of the sidewalls (I used light tires - schwalbe table top - the side walls did not last long and they do not give enough support, so I prefer tires having a heavier casing without insert)

Depending your type of riding, you may be OK with, but I won't recommend these for street trial, due to the rolling resistance.

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