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hello ,

i am at the moment choosing my options for work experience and have had a mahoosive talk today about it by sum moron that made the whole lot of my year fall asleep, she also came up on the subject that we have to write to the company asking for an interview then we have to phone them as well, have you got any ideas on how and what the letter should contain and if you still have a copy of yours would you be kind enough to let me have a peek at it so i can get some ideas please, also where did you go for your trident qwork experience

Dan (so far ive got universal cycles - cycle king - essex ford :S)

Cheers in advance

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For my first work experience I worked for two weeks in a recording studio and mixed an album. For my second work experience I was at SuperCycles, but I had to do a case study on Onza's business techniques, Onza themselves, and just everything about them. Was well good, they're a super cool company :(


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Tell your tutor guy:

"Mark Westlake says your a tit."

Universities are starting to place a huge emphasis on work placements now. Because more and more people are doing more and more A-levels, it's one of those things that seperates the wheat from the chaff in the uni's eyes. Equally, employers will look to what you've done. If you're going into a competitive market like journalism, any hands-on experience (Such as work experience at a newspaper, etc.) would be hugely advantageous. If you've got 2 candidates, one who worked at a local newspaper and one who worked at their Dad's garage or whatever, you'd go for the local newspaper guy.

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